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  1. Cheesey74

    LTA Vehicle Inspection

    I think internal is ok but those external one will be heng suay liao, for me i fail my motorcycle brake light test cos i change to led bulb, llst change back to incandescent then pass re-inspection. That's why till now i dun dare to change my car external incandescent bulb to led, if fail inspection or even catch by random LTA enforcer kena fine, sibeh not worth it..
  2. Cheesey74

    CNY Cheapest Abalone Location

    Just realize china abalone is quite affordable nowadays, saw Hock Hua selling 3 for $40 ish, anyone ate this china abalone before, taste ok?
  3. Cheesey74

    What did the pig do to deserve this?

    Wtf..... these antics from tiongkok really knew no bounds.
  4. Cheesey74

    I'm a nurse. Ask me anything about nursing

    This is very informative, esp. breaking the bond part, din know the penalty is so hefty, thanks for sharing.
  5. Cheesey74

    RIP Former Chief Justice of Singapore, Late Yong Pung How

    Trust me bro.. just put this guy to ur ignore list n u can surf mcf in peace. i know cos he's in mine since last year. He shld be the most cynical + negative old bird here.. just let him rant in peace lor 🤣..
  6. Cheesey74

    Sugarbaby $3k range

    Find me a wall to ram my head pls... Really throw sporean face away.. this kind of sugar baby standard.
  7. Ok, thanks for the heads up.
  8. Later will go lunch with buddy n catch the eclipse, once in a lifetime event, got time chin cai go see ba..
  9. Cheesey74

    Nostalgic Singapore Car Photos from the 90s

    Wow.. great retro stuffs, thanks man.
  10. Cheesey74

    About the new Hyundai Accent 1.4 litre

    Quite true too cos i do get ard 13-14km/l when driving at 120-130km/h on msia nsh. All in all, quite a good sturdy budget car with a reliable il4 dohc 16v engine, simple n easy to service/maintain, bring me all over msia, dun even know why peeps will choose to buy the 3 pot Attrage when they can get the Accent for slightly more $$$, guess most prefer the interior spaciousness of the Attrage.
  11. Cheesey74

    About the new Hyundai Accent 1.4 litre

    I thoroughly enjoy my Accent after 1.5 years of ownership, the only negative aspect i find is it's high fuel consumption, ard 10 or 11 km/l at most based on 80% normal 20% highway driving,
  12. Cheesey74

    Where are you now...

    To me the biggest missing feature is the ability to search within a thread in the old format, the new cannot search leh or am i missing something?
  13. Cheesey74

    YouTrip Mobile wallet

    Need staff to activate then pay inside the cashier.
  14. Cheesey74

    YouTrip Mobile wallet

    Nope, so far all paywave transaction in msia petrol kiosk for me.
  15. Cheesey74

    donation scam ?

    That's why i hesitate to donate to all these youth fundraiser cos really too much scam ard, hence best is to donate directly to the organization.