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  1. Danielyap

    Scam in SMS and Phone Call

    Hi guys, pls be vigilant. DBS/POSB may call u and requesting for some actions from our part. DO NOT action. Just hang up. I have just received such calls, hanged up and checked with DBS/POSB abt this, they informed that it is a SCAM! So pls be careful on this.
  2. Danielyap

    Durian Sellers - recommendations and to avoid

    Bro, can enlighten me where is LYP cos my place MSW at Woodgrove cost about $20/kg. Thanks 😊
  3. Danielyap

    Crazy weather in Singapore ?

    Sama sama, just started raining at my work place in Jurong side
  4. Danielyap

    2019 Hyundai Avante (Elantra Facelift)

    Elantra N-Line Wonder will it come into Singapore https://thekoreancarblog.com/2020/01/27/hyundai-elantra-n-line-spied-for-the-first-time/
  5. After hitting her head, she must be seeing
  6. It's ok bro, we're here to learn
  7. Bro, The Volvo is an escort car (from the police) to escort the Mercedes (Minister's car) that is on their left side. If you see clearly, there is a blue blinker on the left side of the roof. I had encounter them before, their job is to clear the road for the Minister's car to filter to the next lane.
  8. Danielyap

    How many kids do you have? local singaporeans only

    Same like you, 1 boy and 1 girl Both my wife and me, we married young in our early 20 and have our kid in our mid 20. Yes, our life revolve around our kids in their early childhood days. My wife stopped work when my boy was born and continued with the second one too as they said the first 5 years of the child life is important. That where they learned the value of life when you teach them. She stopped work for more than 10 years till our kids when to secondary school and then went back to work. But when you looked back all the sacrificed and love you poured into their life, it is worth it. Now our kids are in their early 20 and working and time when we look back to the old photos, we laughed together and related those funny incidents what they did when they were young. I wouldn't said that being a parent isn't easy but all the sacrifices and love you pour into their life and now you see when they grown up, they appreciate and respect you. The last few years, we went holiday together as a family and we enjoyed each other company too. Those of you who has 1 or more kid who is/are still young, enjoy them and pour your love around them but please don't spoilt them (like give them what they want), you need to be firm but lovingly and explain to them. To all the parent in this forum, enjoy your child or children and you wouldn't be regards.
  9. More to come when Grab Food riders change from e-scooter to e-bike
  10. Danielyap

    Happy Chinese New Year

    Yah, I know what you mean .... Like last year Christmas eve, I left at 12.30pm due to finish my work but last year New Year eve, i worked till almost 4pm due to last minutes workload came in. So that why I said got give like no give at all 🤦‍♂️
  11. Danielyap

    Happy Chinese New Year

    From my company email Dear colleagues, We are pleased to inform than, subject to work exigencies, all staff will be granted a half-day off on Friday, 24 Jan, the eve of Chinese New Year. Wah lau, got give half-day like no give at all. So it all depend how the company performance on that day
  12. Danielyap

    Petrol Price Movement in Singapore

    SPC was the only major player to resist the latest hike, with its prices remaining unchanged as of Tuesday afternoon. https://www.straitstimes.com/singapore/transport/pump-prices-up-3-cents-after-killing-of-iran-top-general?utm_source=emarsys&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=ST_Newsletter_PM&utm_term=Pump+prices+mostly+up+3+cents+in+Singapore+after+killing+of+Iran+top+general&utm_content=07%2F01%2F2020
  13. Danielyap

    Petrol Price Movement in Singapore

    so is the same as SPC still at $2.35 Those has yet to pump better pump today before the price go up