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  1. Friendstar

    Mitsubishi Outlander

    It is impossible to sit 7 in the X trail. For the money I go for outlander. Same reason why people buy avante
  2. Friendstar

    Man Chope Parking Lot Using Body

    Will u folks get angry? Very ugly behaviour
  3. 5 mins longer "only". In his mind, it's still reliable.
  4. Friendstar

    Kia Stonic

    Just to add. He went over to CNC and the service advisor told him this is common in dct and must learn to either stop plus neutral at jam OR go. Don't creep which will overheat the dct. I think he has learnt how to live with it.
  5. Friendstar

    Kia Stonic

    Guys. My friend stonic dct overheated while at causeway jam. He had to pull over and wait for it to cool down. Frustrating for him as it was late on a Sunday and theres work on Monday.
  6. Friendstar

    Hyundai Elantra or Kia Cerato

    Totally agree. If a budget conscious friend asked me for advice, confirm I recommend avante. Indeed it's vfm. Unbeatable. Deserve best selling title. But I personally won't buy cos of the looks. It's really ugly. I tot it will grow on me. But I'm wrong. Just a comparison, in this 1.6 BnB segment we have 1. Civic 2. Mz3 3. Altis 4. Cerato All these look damn solid. Somehow the avante looks very skinny at the front and the avante word at the back spoils the rear . To give an illustration, such word design is used in Ferrari, Porsche and rightly so. A Hyundai? Hmmm
  7. Friendstar

    COE Bidding – 2nd Round of June 2019

    Ouch. Quite painful leh. 15k pa depre
  8. Friendstar

    2019 Hyundai Avante (Elantra Facelift)

    I'm sure you did your sums and are happy with the purchase and hence, have mentioned many times about your amazing deal. What im painting to everyone here is the other side of the equation. Overall 7+k pa depreciation for the most basic BnB Korea car is hardly anything to shout about, and that's if you drive this avante to the end of coe. And yes. U chose Hyundai because u did a full cash and theres no penalty. I read this like 8 times. And yes. U "upgraded" from a manual to an auto (though u were previously exclaiming how great a manual transmission was and the fuel savings it brings)
  9. Friendstar

    2019 Hyundai Avante (Elantra Facelift)

    He lost a lot from his accent. He bought it at 90k and I believe he sold Ard 40k+ U have to see both sides of the equation
  10. Income tax amortizedInsurance Property tax. Parents allowance. Treat parents birthdays? Conservacy fees Weddings? Baby showers? Birthdays? Medicated products? Example. Hair. Face. Body. Bones. Muscles ... Colleagues farewells. Contributions? Etc Food + groceries 750 per month is extremely conservative. Considering that diapers. Milk powder. Organic food. Fish etc are expensive. I personally find your 1400 impossible.
  11. Friendstar

    Mitsubishi Attrage.

    Relax. Drive for another month or so. It will stabilize.
  12. Friendstar

    Mitsubishi Outlander

    Be prepared for them to quote you a figure that will shock u. Say u bought at 100k ropc. And for 1 year u expect realistically maybe 80k. U will be surprised a figure like 60-65k will pop up and they will further say subject to viewing. It's an insult.
  13. Friendstar

    Singapore Reckless Drivers part VII

    Oops. Clipped is a wrong word. Clipped connote damage. My situation is literally just folding of mirrors. But yea. Point noted. To report
  14. Friendstar

    Singapore Reckless Drivers part VII

    Guys. A check on this incident I was on CTE trying to overtake and the red taxi behind refused. So he sped up and our mirrors clipped. No damage except his mirror got closed and he had to wind down and open it. Does this constitute an accident that needs reporting? My opinion is no.