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    Do you trust the police?

    Why does he need to give an excuse? He's not asking for confidential information. All he wants is a copy of a document that he is being forced to sign. Not gonna disagree with you but one time I also believed in it. It's not confidential info actually but the person turned around and gave the document to a newspaper reporter. So was a big hoo haa. For this specific case I dunno what is the SOP but I also guess people are more cautious now because people like to take photos and put on Facebook. Not saying right or wrong. No idea the SOP but years ago I was allowed to keep my copy of a police report when I reported regarding a spam SMS from a loanshark. So not sure why this case is different. It is plausible they look at the person and decide it might be more troublesome to give the report. But that is kind of unprofessional if that is the case cos it's not for the police to decide on this.
  2. https://www.straitstimes.com/asia/east-asia/hong-kongs-emergency-law-how-far-can-it-go I am 90% sure she can. The only issue is the economic implications and what will PLA do in such scenario. That's why it's a tough decision but one that should have been made. My two cents.
  3. No. For three reasons. 1) He might have other motives for inaction. For all we know he is eating popcorn like the rest of us. But it's more likely his advisors told him the political cost of HIM intervening in Hong Kong is more than the cost of him just watching from the sidelines. I believe he is watching closely from the sidelines and his advisors are telling him the politically best option. Like verbally supporting Carrie instead of firing her. 2) Let's assume what I think might have happened actually happened. He told carrie lam to do the needful and she is still waiting for instructions. It still doesn't make him an idiot. BUT it might call into question qualities expected of any future CE of Hong Kong which might also change how they are selected for that role. 3) Let's assume I am wrong. Xjp don't have good advisors and he is actually clueless. Maybe he is really an idiot as well but we will never know it cos I doubt he is going to be so stupid to say something in public and confirm it like saying he has no clue how to settle the issue and he still doesnt know what to do with carrie lam(our private thoughts notwithstanding). The only likely way we will know if he's clueless is if the riots really go out of control and a) Hong Kong actually declares independence and/or b) the riots spread unchecked into china.
  4. Then in short, carrie is an idiot.
  5. Cos in terms of context, this is considered a national emergency situation. And I think, correct me if I am wrong, judges are considered of high rank and allowed to exercise discretion especially in situations like this. Of cos talk is easy. I am just the rank and file. I follow orders. But judges are supposed to be different cos of their rank and of cos if they breach protocol (let's say detain rioters until a trial instead of releasing on bail), they need to get the Chief Justice approval or someone up there. Of cos if they did it and approval is not given, then they still follow black and white. But I assume we would have heard of it by now. If you see my other posts like CE should have done this, judge should have done that, i am of the belief high rank and pay comes with responsibility to make diacretionary decisions (and put head on chopping board if its wrong decision). Figurative chopping board. If its gonna be a literal one, I will also just follow black and white excuse brains.
  6. There is a part of me that wonder why the judges dont worry about that. I believe they do live in Hongkong and they need to travel to and from work. And the rioters seem out of control. Either the judges still think the rioters are still controllable (will never attack a judge, for example) or the judges have really lost sight of reality. And as rioters get more and more radical and out of control, who is to say they won't even eventually turn on the pan democrats? Either everyone is still in delusion or they know that despite the seeming radical and random behaviour, there is still a commander in firm control overall. Dont misunderstand. I am sure there is a leader or black hand behind all this. But as riots get more radical, things may just spin out of control, if it is not out of control already. Like an arson who set fire to his neighbour's house. He is in control on place of fire and amount of fuel but an unexpected wind spread the fire and the entire neighbourhood is on fire, including his own house.
  7. And the current leader is China. So Hong Kong should also accept ultimate authority now comes from China. AND I was thinking carrie Lam was asking XJP what to do and he say up to you. I will support whatever you do. And Carrie Lam is thinking so what am I supposed to do? So XJP announces his support for her action and Carrie Lam is thinking do what? Some people you really need to tell them Step A do what, step B do what or they freeze. Just never thought I would see this in a CE. I dont think China is silent in the sense that it told nothing to Carrie Lam. I think China is silent in the sense that XJP tells her "do the needful. I will support". And leaves it at that. And she does not know what to do next. And she doesnt dare to clarify or decide on her own. The funny thing is XJP might be wondering why no action so far and maybe think Carrie Lam got a trick up her sleeve when all Carrie Lam is doing is wondering what does XJP actually want when he say do the needful. Hence all the words in the press but no action done. I think this was after months of rioting. Not in early stages. And Carrie Lam might still be wondering do what cos XJP never tell her specifically to do what. It boils down to the fact that maybe she really has no initiative and/or no courage to do it without explicit instructions. Like I say stop the riots by any means and you freeze cos I never tell you step A, step B. XJP can tell her stop the riots by any means but because he never say start martial law, she freezes cos she dont know if that was what XJP wanted.
  8. My bro has a different take. Cos historically Hong Kong leaders have been taking orders. Either from the British or China. They have not been originating orders of their own. So now when China is silent, no one knows what to do. It is not so much as competency than no one has every given orders before on their own and not give orders on behalf of another leader. It will also be interesting to see if such things happen here among rank and file workers and students.
  9. Just yada ing but what if they occupied the hospitals instead? Hospitals tend to be near major roads (though maybe not as strategic) but they will have more support if the hospital staff were also protestors or support the protests plus occupying the hospital will put even more pressure on the govt plus the police cant throw tear gas in...... I hope hospitals have increased their security WITHIN the hospitals and not just on the roads outside.
  10. July to August and maybe sept. Declare that the HKPF has the right to use deadly force to disperse riots. Any illegal protests where participants refused to disperse after the police told them to will be regarded as a riot and treated accordingly. Oct onwards, instead of a mask ban, declare a state of emergency and a curfew. The problem is that this will also mean the economy will be thrashed but from what I understand, the situation in Hong Kong is not much better now anyway. I can foresee some legal challenges by the legal department or judiciary. But IMHO as long as Carrrie has the support of China in her acts, she'll be fine. Of cos if China said no curfew or something then it sucks to be her. I think at this stage, a state of emergency must be declared and curfew imposed. I am not sure but it seems the judiciary is blind to what the protestors are doing at the moment which is almost unbelievable. Could the judiciary be suspended as well? I am trying to imagine what Roosevelt would have done if after Pearl Harbor attacks the congress refused to declare war and the vocal population still demanded peace. Tldr, it seems the situation is unbelievable to the point of comical if it were not tragic.
  11. Some say the food is better than when the canteen was functioning before the riots. Some even say better than what they are serving in the army right now. Actually nothing wrong. That is why we practice diplomacy to prevent them from turning off the tap and why we have a strong SAF to turn the tap back on if they actually do off it.
  12. Many Singaporeans have done so. Actually it would be interesting to know how many Hong Kongers have migrated/work oversess as a percentage of the entire population and compare it with Singapore.
  13. I guess china value respect for authority. Not sure if its extreme. History plays a part in this. Historically china has always been under one sovereign or another. Except when under chang kai shek and I am not confident in saying he is not really a dictator as well. As for tourists I guess it cant be helped. You have a populous and wealthy rich neighbour connected to you by land (same country as well). I guess malaysia might be saying the same thing about singapore. People in Hong Kong do benefit from the tourists as well (those in the industry) so its not exactly one sided in the benefits. But why resent? It's kind if like resenting the fact that I have too many customers in my shop.... I do understand the issues with overcrowding. As far as I know, nothing is stopping hong Kongers from going to China to take advantage of space there. So the resentment is not merely the large numbers of china tourists but more like they want to be separate from china and they want Hong Kong to be their safe space. They might not hate china citizens initially but as they come in ever larger numbers, it's like their safe space is being invaded and hence the resentment on top of the fact that they do see themselves as superior to mainland chinese. My two cents.
  14. I take your point. Democracy also has its flaws. So it should not be throwing stones at communism just because of an illusion of choice - I am talking about democracy NOW and not years ago. Western society seem to be sliding into chaos also, hence my criticism. Personally I believe in a monarchy system as long as the monarch and his successors are smart, capable and love the people and country. idealistic but that's my stand. Would I prefer democracy or communism? Definitely democracy. BUT having seen the flaws of democracy, I wont criticise communism. I just yada here. peace.
  15. Localism in Macau I dunno and dun care. Only went there once - unless they start rioting like Hong Kong. One question. Why do you hate CCP? I am not a fan of CCP. But every govt democratic or otherwise, has it's dark past or secrets or even current ones. So what makes you hate CCP or are you against many forms of govts in the first place?