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  1. Sorry but was your Hokkien song "ai pia". Sounds funnily accurate, like the singer encouraging you. Solli my hokkien sucks.
  2. Philipkee

    2019 MCF Revamp!

    Dont understand. Like let's say @Angcheek writes @RadX says my ahem very small I can be angry in support of @Angcheek so why is it negative? I cant be putting a thumbs up as a show of support Or can I?
  3. Philipkee

    Start review of caning in schools

    Off topic but when i was young, there were lots of those sword fighting shows (now it seems it's all love affairs) between this sect and that sect in ancient china. So me and my young bro and cousin would like to pretend we were sword fighting heroes. And we would take the canes from our parent's room and pretend they were the legendary swords and so on. Then we would fight each other. So we had a lot of cane marks (if you were a lousy sword fighter since you couldn't block it). Those were the days. I wonder if kids still do that... And after each session we would watch the next sword fighting episode to learn new techniques. Our parents ended up spending more money replacing the canes... Back to topic. Our teachers also caned us but looking back I think there was abuse cos I remember teachers would stuff chalk into talkative student's mouth. Thinking back i think THAT was dangerous. That was in the the early 1980s when I was still in kindergarten.
  4. Bro. You must understand. I only know buy low sell high for investment. I always thought crash means free fall to 0. Lol. No wonder people say economy not doing well but sti over 3000..... That's y I not like you and your shifu come out do business. I sure bankrupt one
  5. Sorry. Maybe I wasnt clear. Before the riots it was about 30,000 points. It's now 25000-26000 points. When I meant freefall I was thinking of down to 10000 points for example. 10% drop doesnt seem like a lot to me.... So since the hang seng is holding steady, can I assume that the market also assumes Hong Kong economy will also be steady in the coming days or months? @Enye Calling your shi fu as well
  6. Cant be. @Jamesc would have bought a ticket for a flight in the other direction and boarded that aircraft. In the unlikely event that the woman changes her mind, he is still safely away.
  7. @Throttle2 Since you are the financial guru here I wanna ask you one question. Everywhere I read it seems that Hong Kong economy is in turmoil.. Then how come the hang seng index is not in free fall but holding steady? Doesnt make sense to me. Solli I noob at this. I always thought the stock market is an indicator for economic health...
  8. Philipkee

    YOLO - SG to Europe in a $11K van

    Point is, there must always be a risk assessment done. When you posted this I remember when I went to israel. I talked to a fellow volunteer about my trip so far and that my money was stolen in amsterdam. Me: And my money was stolen in Amsterdam Volunteer: Well, be careful next time. I guess this is your first trip Me: Actually I have been travelling a lot prior to this trip over the years. Volunteer: But I guess you never faced a tough time or trip like soldiers Me: Actually I served 2 1/2 years as a combat soldier in the army as national service Volunteer: But you were never a boy scout. Their motto is "be prepared". Me: Actuallly i was a cadet scout during my school days Volunteer: It gets better and better. WTF WTF So sometimes I read the posts on their trip and I remember....... lol. Time flies. 2004 until now.
  9. Philipkee

    Brexit ? No-deal on 31st October

    I dont know about the national suicide part. I believe the referendum was called because Cameron was confident Remain would win. The issue is this. We say Brexit is national suicide. Maybe yes and maybe know. Now imagine a different scenario. An opposition majority is elected into parliament and now there are calls for a second election because the people who voted the first time "got it wrong and were misled". You see where I am going with this? So that is why Brexit must happen. Otherwise the whole thing of voting and universal suffrage is a joke. You are given the vote to vote freely. But you must vote according to my wishes. Otherwise you were misled and to prevent national suicide I ask you to vote again. And again. Until you get it right.
  10. Philipkee

    YOLO - SG to Europe in a $11K van

    Hee. Advertise that thread again. But one reason why I want to show it here is cos how I planned the trip and everything is stated here and it's only 30% of all planning. My point is that before every long trip there should be a lot of planning. People dont wing it just like that. They will APPEAR to be winging it because they dont want to bother listeners with the boring parts and they also dont believe in over planning. The problem is when people read about these trips and they think it's all about winging it and they really decide to just wing it without planning...... Like my trip I planned the route since 2004, actual planning in mid 2017 and trip in 2018. I didn't wake up one morning and throw letter of resignation to my boss and buy a one way ticket to china.......
  11. Philipkee

    YOLO - SG to Europe in a $11K van

    I read the trip with interest as well. But more from hardwarezone. My thoughts are that they are not really prepared and they should turn back. Assuming they have all the time in the world, when I mean turn back I dont mean give up the trip (though there is that as well). What I mean is retreat to a safe environment and re plan and recuperate and move on. They dont strike me as planning for contingencies as well. Examples on what I am talking about. I draw reference from my round the world trip last year since it was on this forum. 1) safety - do they have solar chargers for handphones? I read they have but unsure for what purpose. Cos you need to consider the possibility of running out of fuel so no generator or car battery will work. What about emergency locator beacon? What if there is an emergency? They might be thinking of Thailand being safe but what about Mongolia? Russia? What is their contingency if they need emergency aid and they are out of range of handphone or internet? Dont forget they plan to drive in very remote areas. 2) Visas - I hope they have prepared everything 3) Budget - I hope they have planned properly. I had literally three times my planned budget on standby in the form of credit cards when I travelled. 4) Travel insurance - I hope they have planned properly. You might have bought an annual plan but each trip there is a time limit. You cant just buy one annual plan and travel one year one shot and hope everything is covered. 5) Place of retreat - safe places to re plan. Example would be the hostels in the cities along the way. Cos you are in a safe and controlled environment with food and lighting and you can plan. If you are on the road, you have to be on the alert and you cant plan in peace after a good sleep. I wish them all the best but I feel that unless they stop and recoup as opposed to keep bashing forward, they will fail in their trip.
  12. I think you need to consider that the CE if Hongkong is placed there by Beijing and you cannot apply normal singapore standards there. You dont simply resign if they dont let you do so. You might say just walk away. What can happen? China might have threatened that if she resigned, it means the govt cannot handle the situation. Therefore the PLA and PAP will come in shooting. And they will blame it on her cos they were forced to do so since she has proven the govt has failed. And they appoint a harsher CE. So people died, she still gets blamed, and situation is now worse for all. So what benefit is there for her to quit? Not even a clear conscience cos all deaths are now pinned on her by China, fellow Hong Kongers and maybe even the rest of the world cos the alternative is to blame china and lose the business. Of cos things might be different. But you are playing for very high stakes here.
  13. Dont junk me but when I read of the riots and beatings done by the rioters in the name of democracy, I am reminded of the minister who said "Gang rape is democracy in action" - or something like that. Some one in hwz says something like HKers have been brainwashed that in the name of democracy, everything is permissible. That's why they keep rioting.
  14. To add on, there is actually not much freedom even in USA with regards to free speech. My observation there is people practice a lot of self censorship over there. And their priorities are different. In America you are free to scold the political leaders - and people consider this to be freedom. Comment wrongly regarding race or sexual orientation issues and you are in big big trouble. So there are lots of things you cant say even in america. It's just that we value the right to criticise the political leaders and we take that as freedom of speech, conveniently forgetting there are other OB markers. In China and Russia people can disappear without a trace. In USA? I dont know but they still have Guantanamo bay to house "dangerous criminals" which is beyond normal legal oversight. So who knows actually? Every country has its problems. I just find westerners very double standard. One standard for them but another standard for others.
  15. Philipkee

    Multi-city flights booking

    Budget airline you can buy individual tickets. What's the objective of your trip? Ever considered open jaw? I have done these before in my life. Singapore to israel. Free stopover at amsterdam. I stopped there for over a week and got a return ticket to Helsinki from amsterdam. Royal dutch airline so the second ticket was cheaper. Singapore to Perth. Return from Sydney. I took an internal flight from Perth to Brisbane and a bus/train from Brisbane to sydney. Of cos there are the big trips. Singapore to Toronto. Return from New York buffalo. Travelled over land from Toronto to New York. And others. Won't bore you with all the trips