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  1. Philipkee

    COE Bidding – 1st Round of January 2020

    COE gonna crash and I might just buy the honda city
  2. Philipkee

    I'm a nurse. Ask me anything about nursing

    OT you have many roles. Generally they are not interchangeable once you are fixed in a role but you learn all roles Admission nurse - you receive the patient from the ane or the ward. You job is to make sure all the details are correct and patient is fasted and so on. - you will either call the patient to be sent from the ane or the ward. Or you instruct a receptionist to do so. Depends on hospital. Anesthetic nurse - Assist the anesthetist in drawing out drugs, intubation and setting of IV. Monitoring of vitals during the surgery. Usually a very boring job with bursts of activity before and after the surgery. Scrub/circulating nurse - these roles are interchangeable BUT a scrub nurse is more highly in demand. The scrub nurse is the one who actually is gowned in sterile gear and assists the surgeon in the operation. The circulating nurse helps to keep track of all the equipment and opens up new equipment as necessary. The circulating nurse is not scrubbed up so she is not sterile. So this nurse can get extra equipment or pick up dropped instruments and such. Usually they rotate among themselves. Rare for someone to be scrub nurse throughout or circulating throughout. Recovery room nurse - you receive the patient from the OT. Your job is to ensure that the patient recovers and does not turn bad after surgery. After the patient is stable and usually signed off by anesthetics, you can call the ward or get a receptionist to call the ward to fetch the patient. OT is a controlled environment. It's rare to have patients rushed in without prior notification for surgery. It happened before but in private sector and even then the surgeon was the one rushing patient in so it wasnt exactly a surprise. Hope this helps
  3. Philipkee

    I'm a nurse. Ask me anything about nursing

    Hee. Let me answer. From my ex students, around $1800 - $2000 a month as of about two years ago for diploma in nursing. Degree it depends cos most people with a degree in nursing and just started out in nursing have the degree from NUS and the pay scale is different. Generally as a nurse in the ward you have - basic salary (everyone has it) - shift allowance (you have it if you are doing shift duties. You might be office hours or maybe on one month orientation on office hours so you might not get it then). Shift allowance is broken down into three. All three have different amounts. A) three rotating shifts. B) two rotating shifts - morning and afternoon shift but no night shift (maybe you are based in a day ward or have medical condition). C) permanent night shift - but I heard hospitals are phasing them out so depends on where you work. - meal allowance - it's only a few dollars for every afternoon and night shift you work. IIRC none for morning shifts or office hours. Hope this helps
  4. Philipkee

    2020 5th Generation Honda City

    So I got more time to think
  5. Cos there will still be a bottle neck at the other end? It's like a case where I let everyone rush up the us but the bus cannot move because of traffic. It just makes the passenger feel a bit more shiok having boarded faster but delay still there. Or you cut out only to stop at red light. Not too sure about tuas but if every counter is open in causeway traffic builds up and some cars cannot even leave the booth because of traffic that is built up cos there is only one lane leading to the bridge. You open every counter in tuas and yes you can clear faster since design is different but you only end up getting stuck at Johore side.
  6. Philipkee

    2020 5th Generation Honda City

    Anyone got experience in this car? Like sit in it in thailand or rented one in thailand or wherever? I went to Honda showroom today the SE say it's coming and the current Honda City is going to be phased out. I told the SE still thinking maybe I wait for new model if review are good. supposedly there is a deadline of june 2020 if I still want the old model of Honda city. Don't know if it's TRUE or salea tactic. I told the SE i still thinking
  7. Boring mundane jobs dont suit everyone also. It seems easy money but it really saps at your energy to chop chop chop the whole day. Automation? I dont think it can work. For walkers? Yes. For cars, I doubt it cos machine cant really see how many passengers are in a car. I think it's been automated for singapore passports (walkers already). Why it cant be for all I am thinking it might be because of different passports (different countries might not be biometric for example). We are not like in USA where neighbour is canada. A good comparison will be USA and Mexico land border.
  8. There was an uproar when this happened. https://www.google.com/amp/www.asiaone.com/health/nurses-highly-skilled-pm%3famp
  9. Same for truck drivers. The more trips the more they earn. Any accident they are penalised. So they rush. Cos MOST do not meet with accidents. One occured. The driver is jailed. Fine. But an accident has occured (unless the driver drives into the sea and injures no one and damages nothing). And we all suffer. But because incentives remain, the same thing happen again and again. Same for grab if I am not wrong. And so on.
  10. I wanna make a comment based on nursing. Nursing pays higher than Grabfood with more stability. Yet people dont want to join it. So hard meh? I think not many people want to join uniformed services cos the perception is low pay plus shift and workload and still get complaints. Ground staff pay is not very high but it gets compared with ministers or super grade officers. Workload is trivialised. Let's put it this way. It's like people saying singaporeans have a good life, even those picking cupboards - compare it with the villagers in Myanmar.... And how many qualified staff can you hire? You want to open 10 more counters for outgoing in one area means you need to hire fifty more staff to make sure all 10 are covered for three shifts plus their off days. And that's for one area only. Those who have scheduled shift workers who work 24/7 with no real down time will know why you need to hire 50 just to man 10. Numbers are exaggerated a bit cos staff can be stretched. But its around there. So man power is an issue and increasing pay is not the solution - people complain more if they knew you got a pay increment.
  11. Philipkee

    High cost of living in SG

    True. But if he did so, he's hardly the exception. Even in the west that promote accountability. I only learned from a senior nurse one thing. He believed in something so much (helping a staff) that he told management straight in the face that if help is not given, he will resign immediately. And management's balls shrank. I learned from him. Did it once also. Management's balls shrank also. Maybe we need more people to do things like this Hehe. But I only did it once. I still want a job.
  12. What about nursing? We are professional also. But never figured out if we are one of the PMETs
  13. Experience. We have forumers from all walks of life and occupation. So they may have seen and experienced things not everyone has seen. Hence, their posts.
  14. I mentioned before. But not sure which forum or thread. Cos we know ourselves. We dont know the other person. So if I lean over a wall and look at your garden, I know I am admiring the flowers and indirectly complimenting you so I take offence at you being offended. If you leant over the wall and looked at my garden, I think you are trying to case my house to prepare for robbery so I shoot you. Point here. I know my motives. Hence I ascribe my actions with the purest of motives and intentions. I dont know your motive. So I subscribe the worst motive and intention to your actions. And we can see this in parliament. Where PAP assumes that what they do is the best for us and anyone questioning is trying to find fault for no other reason than to find fault. Thats how they justify their own actions and how they justify avoiding answering questions asked by opposition. And it's not healthy.