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  1. Ceecookie

    2016 Mercedes E-class (W213)

    Yea, the "budget" C class a decade+ ago was the C180 Kompressor Sports Coupe series. At that time, Cat B was only 20k or less, so not a lot of people were concerned about larger engine. 😆
  2. Ceecookie

    2017 Hyundai i30

    Or KMC might order the 1.0L engine with mild hybrid, as 120hp is not far off from the currently detuned 128hp 1.4t engine.
  3. Ceecookie

    2016 Mercedes E-class (W213)

    Hi, you can email Daimler to ask about the engine information. They are courteous and should forward u to the technical team. https://www.daimler.com/contact/ I wrote in to them before to join a tour of the Sindelfingen factory back in 2018. Hehe.
  4. Ceecookie

    2016 Mercedes E-class (W213)

    Interesting, now they offer widescreen LCD dashboard as standard for E200. Previously E200 only had analog dashboard. For E180, if they deleted the Multibeam LED option, can shave another 10k off the basic car cost. Though that'll make the car look like taxi trim lol
  5. Ceecookie

    New car discount/price/promo

    Engine oil can last the final 1.5 year without apparent effect to the engine? Like increased noise or poorer fc
  6. Ceecookie

    2016 Mercedes E-class (W213)

    Were anyone contacted by C&C SE on E180 launching later this year?
  7. Ceecookie

    Chevy Malibu 2016

    Haha funny thing is the Malibu looks like the Epica, itself a rebadged Daewoo Tosca 😂
  8. Ceecookie

    2017 Hyundai i30

    In the case of Daniel's, it is 2 years of FREE servicing package, NOT the 1000km, 5000km and 10000km free labor voucher. So it is worth it to keep instead of getting additional $1000 discount
  9. Ceecookie

    2017 Hyundai i30

    Free servicing should cover the base cost and any parts changed during servicing. In your case, since they only offered 1k~ discount, I would keep it since the savings compared to outside servicing is minimal. Any parts that failed due to problem and not wear and tear is covered by the 5 years warranty instead 🙂 Yes, a facelift is due later in 2020. Revised front-end, digital speedo cluster (like the Santa Fe) and widescreen headunit. Likely to arrive in SG in around late 2021.
  10. Ceecookie

    2017 Hyundai i30

    I remember KMC have some paint samples on display, u can drop by and ask to see the Fiery Red sample. Latest batch's door handles are in body paint, no longer chrome. Depends how much discount they dangled for removing servicing package. Outside servicing cost $100-200 per 10k. I rather take the discount than the service package IMO
  11. As mentioned earlier, they are for traffic flow/EMAS accident monitoring, not for speed or TP enforcement
  12. Yes you are correct. Can spot illegal parking. Because those cars are stationary and licence plate easy to read. Unless the owners are using some tiny or illegal fonts
  13. Those cameras are meant for road monitoring and not speed enforcement. Speed camera require powerful shutter speed and flash unit, which is lacking. As u can see, they did frame-by-frame analysis of the speed and can only estimate between 126-165km/h where a proper speed camera can easily get the actual speed. Meaning if there's no accident by speeding car, the footage wont be retrieved for investigation. Dont make people paranoid thinking those cameras can issue fines 😂
  14. Ceecookie

    [Spyshots] 2020 4th Generation Seat Leon

    Sedan version is also coming out soon to replace the Toledo. 👍
  15. Agree with people here, the 130hp cap for Cat A is ridiculous. It only encourage automakers to offer inferior and outdated 1.6l engine into sedans just to slot them into Cat A for better sales.