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  1. I do apologize for the choice of word as it was meant to scold that particular driver and not generalize lorry drivers esp the well behaved one. My position is lorries should keep only to lane 4 and 3 and not enter lane 2 unless traffic is heavy in all lanes, else it cause 70km/h bottleneck at lane 2. Even during 6pm rush hour on PIE I can see lorries at lane 2 causing bottleneck already. In the video it may look like 3-5 car length but when doing the speed limit or"slightly more" it only allows for a few seconds of reaction time when lorry max speed is 70. Lastly let's not digress on whether turn signal was used or not, since not everyone use it all the time (plus lane 1 was clear without anyone to notify in advance).
  2. Ceecookie

    Petrol Price Movement in Singapore

    Esso and Sinopec 95 also at $2.32 liao. Not sure abt Shell and Caltex.
  3. Just encountered one stupid lorry registered with Eng Kim Tyres Enterprise Pte Ltd entering lane 2 without yielding to faster cars behind (which is me). If the boss of that company is reading this post, pls tell ur lowly educated worker driver to stay off lane 2! PS: Part of audio muted due to in-car conversations.
  4. Ceecookie

    Volvo 1 for 1

    Not to burst bubble but heard it's actually those old cars people actually trade in to wearnes when they buy new car. So don't keep ur hope too high.. Probably abt 10k+ paper value
  5. Ceecookie

    4G Toyota Yaris

    Agree the interior design is at least 5 years behind all other brands. If Toyota offer this Yaris with a 1.0T engine and manual transmission, it will definitely be a potential hot hatch. Of course, BM typical mgt means this will unlikely to occur
  6. Ceecookie

    Prius+ vs Touran

    Take good care of the DSG gearbox to prolong it's lifespan (there's another thread with tips). Also recommend u change the transmission oil at lower interval compared to service interval.
  7. Also met idiots like the POS honda fit before. But luckily I have a turbo to easily smoke them after blasting the horn 😆
  8. Ceecookie

    2019 12th Gen Toyota Corolla Sedan

    Actually I was referring to detuned engines offered by the manufacturers as part of their basic line up for global market. For example the GLA180 and GLA200 share the identical 1.6t engine, but tuned to 116~ hp for the former. For toyota, their 1.2t engine already fit to cat A so turbo is not an obstacle. It's just BM opting for the cheaper 1.6 NA engine option for more profit.
  9. Ceecookie

    2019 12th Gen Toyota Corolla Sedan

    The lack of road space is a common excuse for not wanting more powerful car. The truth is sg road on non peak hours are still capable of supporting short burst up to 100+ on a normal road. Of course got people still buying attrage or other cheap city cars. It's because they either don't mind driving slow crap or can't afford to get a decent cars. Anyway back to topic - even with 130hp cap on cat a cars, I don't see turbo cars being an obstacle here. The engine can be detuned to 100-120 horse which you see some 1.4-1.6t engine from basic merc and Volkswagen models. The only reason for toyota offering 1.6 NA today is the lack of interest to kill this 10-20 year old engine standard
  10. Ceecookie

    VES 2018

    Ves rebate is basically discount off ARF. With lower ARF, PARF will be lower too. So long term discount wise actual will be 50% of the upfront amount
  11. Don't be worried about extended usage of the horn. My personal experience is that long blast (min 5 seconds each time) are more effective because the ruckus created draw extra attention to the other car akin to shaming. IMO very brief tap are not effective in certain places (esp carparks) because some cars like Mercedes have options to use horn as door lock confirmation, which make people de-sensitive to it.
  12. Ceecookie

    Freezer door seal

    Ask your fridge manufacturer whether they still have replacement stock in local warehouse, or if can ship to sg.
  13. Ceecookie

    Kia Stonic

    Ask Cycle and carriage to check your coolant system for any leaks or low level
  14. Ceecookie

    How problematic is VW's 7 speed DSG?

    Let me guess, is the same old DQ200 gearbox 😂 ---------- VW recalls 80,000 cars over DSG transmission problems Troubled tech could bring VW-Audi-Skoda owners in for a second recall to remedy loss in power, preventing cars from restarting. David McCowen news.com.au OCTOBER 16, 201910:12AM Nearly four million cars owned by Australians are to be compulsorily recalled due to faulty and at worst deadly airbags. Volkswagen and Audi will recall about 80,000 cars built between 2009 and 2015 to address a potential transmission flaw. Dual-clutch transmissions marketed as “DSG” can suffer what VW describes as “an interruption of power” before going into a low-speed limp-home mode. Once the car stops, the brand says “the car cannot be restarted except after attention by a qualified Volkswagen technician”. The issue affects older cars as opposed to the latest models.Source:Supplied The problem stems from a hydraulic pressure accumulator housing component that was manufactured incorrectly. VW Golf, Polo, Jetta, Beetle, Passat and Caddy models are affected. Skoda vehicles including the Fabia, Rapid, Octavia, Yeti and Superb are affected. Volkswagen says about 23,000 cars may be affected by the issue — and that it wants to check a further 40,000 cars to be sure. Audi will take similar action with 14,000 vehicles. Audi’s TT is included in the recall.Source:Supplied Volkswagen Australia executive Jason Bradshaw says VW decided to take an “extra step” to keep customers safe. “While we know that some 23,000 vehicles may have this incorrectly manufactured component, we cannot be certain of identifying these by Vehicle Identification Number alone,” he says. “We want to physically examine them and those with a potentially faulty component can have it replaced. “Volkswagen Group Australia could have carried out this part replacement in a service campaign, but we decided that a recall better served the interests of clarity and communications with customers and the media.” VW says the issue is not related to the 2013 recall to check transmissions in 25,698 vehicles made during 2008-13 that required the replacement of the mechatronics unit, but that “some vehicles involved then might also be affected now”.
  15. Song bo... Excess for blue sg is up to 5k 😂