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  1. Unltd

    Monster Jam [truck] on 7th Dec 2019

    Hahaha, I came in looking for pictures or description of a monster jam, basically monster traffic jam. This is a car forum after all. Hahahaha nice title!
  2. ERRRR.. I dunno where you got your facts from, PAB had already been banned from footpaths. Ebikes if you are referring to Power Assisted Bicycles are not slower than PMD, also arguably it is not safer. I do agree what needs to be fixed includes infrastructure, social grace and definitely step up enforcement, that $7m should have been spent on stepping up enforcement and confiscate the devices of those flouting the rules. With cameras everywhere, it is not an impossible endeavor.
  3. Unltd

    If Name different between Passport and Air-ticket

    Yeah, what I would expect, name must match your travel document to be safe... the passport
  4. Dunno what era you living in.... straits times classified to find a job? 🤣
  5. Unltd

    If Name different between Passport and Air-ticket

    Generally airlines are pretty strict about the names, what you had stated is you gave partial name instead of full name. For air tickets that’s a pretty big no no. You need to follow the name as per your passport, if it’s too long and truncated that is a different story and airlines can understand. In your shoes, if I can’t get Expedia to change/update my name, I would rebook if the flights are important. This is unlikely to have happened if you went via a regular agent, cause they would have requested for your passport copy to confirm the details are submitted properly. Well, lesson learnt..... I wouldn’t put my last dollar in thinking I can convince airlines to accept my partial name, they are very strict now with all the air security incidents happening since 911
  6. I personally find this very unbecoming, very weird, like someone got up on the wrong side of bed. 1) we allow PMD in without proper checks regarding the safety or speed years ago 2) when it takes off, we proclaim car lite and encourage public transport and deem it as last mile transport 3) food delivery takes off and people [who may be unable to get out of the house] get cheap food delivery 4) bad behavior is clamped down and illegal riding, speeding, modification and overweight PMDs are caught 5) due to fires, non UL2272 is banned, told to convert to UL2272 with incentives 6) shops were fined and clamped down for illegal modification and non UL2272 sales 7) incentive of $100 to dispose of registered non UL2272 devices, which took off pretty well Looking at the above, if you were an average person/family or food delivery using a PMD and you started early, you first would have bought a PMD that doesn’t comply (spent a few hundred to around 2k), but due to it’s convenience you continued to ride and listen to the authorities change to a UL2272 scooter (lost the first scooter and spent a few hundred to around 1.5k) happily thinking finally action is taken to rein in PMDs that are non compliant and catches fire, also the enforcement actions taken encourages you to think that Gov is going to allow but take proper enforcement actions against bad riders, then suddenly after complying to all of the above and listening to the authorities, overnight it is banned. Not to forget that there should be a big % of delivery riders who bought the PMD as a tool and are paying on installment thinking it would help their food delivery [meaning they can barely afford it but use it to make $, so in anticipation of that took installment plans with high interest rates], the neighborhood parents [mainly mothers] who bought a PMD that can ferry their kids to and from school instead of paying the high prices of bus services or walking a distance that is a little too far to walk, yet too close for public transport. 🤪 If you were a responsible PMD retailer, you thought finally, we have rules and regulations that are set in black and white to sieve out the bad hats and backyard shops, sales were going well, some of the responsible PMD retailers are providing interest free loans to help users, and because of shipping rules regarding devices with batteries, have ordered compliant PMDs in the truckloads in anticipation of replacing those non compliant PMDs. The news that 80% of registered PMDs are non UL2272 compliant, what is the underlying reason? If you were a non UL2272 complaint user, first you would probably want to use your current non UL2272 PMD until EOL and/or because complaint UL2272 models which are suitable is always sold out, as the shipment is still incoming. Are PMDs now even more dangerous than power assisted bicycles which has no speed limit and are not allowed on footpaths? Could the authorities have just allowed PMDs on the roads instead of footpaths instead? I guess it’s because the population for PMDs is high, so they are afraid if legally allowed on the roads it would cause more accidents, but to effectively ban PMDs without any recourse due to a minority of PMD users who are inconsiderate, is this the right way? Finally, for those who are flouting the rules and illegal stuff, does this change things for them? They were underground, played cat and mouse, and would continue to do that until they finally get caught, or they find the next new toy that gives them the trill of the game. This time around, those who own PMD and are compliant, follow advisory, are nice and polite on the roads would really be played out. Will the authorities properly compensate these people who are played out? I am not talking about those who skirt the rules, modify their scooters and ride illegally.
  7. https://www.todayonline.com/singapore/pig-dna-found-cuttlefish-and-prawn-balls-nus-researchers Jialat man, no doubt it is not marked as Halal but how can we have food that is labelled differently from what it is.... the only one which I can accept so far it “bird’s nest” which you buy at Pasar Malam, we all know that is actually jelly la... hahaha
  8. Unltd

    Mercs: property news & updates

    Hahaha, yeah nowadays everything also must read carefully, worse still, when writing, must write even more carefully.
  9. Unltd

    Mercs: property news & updates

    It says free delivery, not free roti....
  10. Unltd

    1.5m condo owner scold security guard

    What talking you? https://stats.mom.gov.sg/Pages/Unemployment-Summary-Table.aspx
  11. Unltd

    1.5m condo owner scold security guard

    If you are a PR it is resident, not citizen. citizen holds the passport and for Singapore has to give up his other nationality as we do not allow dual citizenship
  12. Unltd

    1.5m condo owner scold security guard

    I can hear raffles heaving a sigh of relief cause of this incident. LOL
  13. Unltd

    1.5m condo owner scold security guard

    Many countries accept their previous citizens back without much fuss. And many such citizens know it, hence we see many temporary citizens. For those countries, you can simply apply back and renounce your other citizenship.... hence the drawback is you simply can’t hold 2 passports at the same time, but you can do what you want in the new country, and have a backup to return.
  14. Unltd

    1.5m condo owner scold security guard

    The last sentence.... puts quite a few foots in peoples mouths, the question now would be, if it is accurate, is he newly minted and if so how did he pass the “microscope”
  15. Unltd

    1.5m condo owner scold security guard

    Wah seh.. you @all....