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  1. Throttle2

    Watch Part V

    For older watches, you are right. but for all these rather new stuff, not unusual to have. moneymax, maxicash etc... can see some of these with box and papers
  2. Throttle2

    Watch Part V

    Pawn shop in the suburban area of singapore.
  3. Throttle2

    Weird thing happened to me-Need feedback

    Told you to put on a good disguise before stepping into KTV, you just dont listen muayhahahahhaha
  4. Throttle2

    Watch Part V

    Lelong 16570 polar *sold* 16523 black inverted 6 *sold* 16660 gloss patina *sold*  16710 pepsi tritium *sold* All above sold, my Sep and Oct is secured. Wont go hungry. Now thinking of selling a 16710 Blackberry patina. Superb condition. Need to go holiday in Nov Dec. help plse
  5. Throttle2

    Hdb income ceiling revised 2019

    You are so right........I have been punished for years. They dont let me buy new HDB near my parents and claim grants 😪 But in the end, many people still flipping BTO and taking our very hard earned tax.
  6. Throttle2

    Watch Part V

    So i was right. Nobody likes AP. Rolex rules! muayhahahahahaha
  7. Throttle2

    Merc lady driver driving against traffic

    Chey, that Merc is probably cheaper than @weez911 ‘s watch.
  8. Throttle2

    YOLO - SG to Europe in a $11K van

    Hahah good one
  9. Throttle2

    YOLO - SG to Europe in a $11K van

    Wah lau, not always lah, just mostly In this case, i am right, paiseh you can ask the rest lah muayhahahaha
  10. Throttle2

    YOLO - SG to Europe in a $11K van

    You just missing the point of YOLO it isnt about roughing it out it isnt about not roughing it out it is about doing something you are likely to only do once in your life, which will risk the very existence of your life whether physically, or financially. good weekend Soya Big Boss dont whack me please
  11. Throttle2

    YOLO - SG to Europe in a $11K van

    Yolo is on taking the time off to take a long trip, got nothing to do with staying in hotel lah for safetys sake they should stay in hotel mah. you think YOLO means low budget meh? some people fly across a few continents on first class without getting out of the airport, also Yolo 😁😎
  12. Throttle2

    Watch Part V

    AP 15400 black dial from 2014 condition swee but time for service full set for sale cheap! lelong ah.......
  13. Huat huat huat ah! Muayhahahahahahahaha
  14. Throttle2

    YOLO - SG to Europe in a $11K van

    Wwwooooohoooooo sifu @enye has taught you well