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  1. Smallpox, Measles and Chickenpox used to be very infectious viruses and caused widespread panic as well. As soon as the vaccines are developed and everyone gets a shot of it for each disease, nobody now pays attention to them anymore. Why are ppl still into surgical mask, a thin piece of disposable designed for hygiene application for healthcare workers? It's not even clinically tested against viruses. "Some kinda protection is better than none" mentality is exactly that false sense of security ppl have. Hoarding mask is helping no one. The behaviour of any virus is the same. It invades a healthy cell in our body and multiply and spreads itself. Antiviral vaccine has the potential to slow this behaviour, stifle the virus multiplication such that our body's immune system is able to fight it off. It's more sustainable than any unproven mask out there. You guys can hoard as much mask as you like. I will just give you the look and roll my eyes.
  2. You might as well accumulate your own stockpile of mask at home so that when another virus come you have ready stock and self sufficient. Otherwise hoarders out there will be ready to pounce whenever a virus appears out of nowhere.
  3. Watwheels

    skills credit courses

    The schools I think most are govt affiliated ones. Money is left pocket out, right pocket in. To them is can help and can generate income. Win-win for them. If you get what I mean.
  4. Watwheels

    skills credit courses

    I'm sure there are a lot of relevant courses in your line of work. But the thing is let's say one day I got retrenched cos my line of work is no longer relevant. I have to choose wisely so that it doesnt happen again. LoL...It can get quite sad.
  5. Watwheels

    skills credit courses

    But then again are there any other helpful solutions other than this? Sometimes want to help can be challenging. It may do more harm than good. LoL...it's not easy.
  6. Watwheels

    skills credit courses

    Thanks. Now I see why. The credits given is peanuts when I looked at the course fee. I'm not expecting full sponsorship but I think it's really not enough even if companies were to sponsor some of the course fee. LoL... Looks more like benefiting the schools rather than individuals.
  7. Watwheels

    skills credit courses

    Yeah. That's why I'm asking who had that experience and maybe share a little. Because from many ppl point of view is no one went ahead to do this on a more serious note. The courses they went to is like learning a new hobby. Just want to know more. I thought it's cater more for individuals than for companies? Looks like not many go for it. Or courses that take up more time and cost.
  8. Watwheels

    Changing halogen to LED

    Better to monitor the higher temperature halogen bulbs tend to generate. Osram Night Breaker although can generate higher colour temperature the usage life is also shorter than regular halogen bulbs that are not so bright. It's the pro and con of this brand of lightbulbs. From past experience I notice the heat when I touch the headlight assembly. On rainy days condensation is formed inside the headlight assembly. So I switched to aftermarket LED lightbulbs I bought online. It's much cooler and no forming of condensation in any weather condition.
  9. Watwheels

    skills credit courses

    Question here is who actually got retrenched and use the SFC to learn another skill and kick start another career? No retrench of course wont get to use it cos you are busy working mah. Is it a waste of taxpayers money when you are not retrenched and have the time to go use the credit?
  10. So if there's a strong solar flare coming from the sun and destroy all the satellites...means no more ERP?🤪
  11. So the discount for EV is $17K-$20K depending on OMV. An EV's OMV is already more than $30K means ARF 140% of OMV or more for luxury make. This is already taxed so high. Got EV that has OMV below $20K? The Tesla battery pack already cost how much? LoL... Road tax is depending on power rating of the electric motor. On top of road tax there's an additional fuel tax make up fee of 1st year $200 (this is the so called early adoption) 2nd year $400 (what is this called? Getting ready to pay more, all you suckers) 2023 0nwards pay full $700 yearly (song song gao jurong) On the other hand hybrid cars road tax will reduce by an average of 29%. EVs and Hybrids have a higher basic cost. Higher cost attracts a higher tax. You dont have to be a Math genius on this. Not much difference for EV what. Still Tax Tax Tax. KNS. All these taxing havent even factor in COE. The $20K discount is bluff children lah. Tax so much liao, what is $20K? Buy a lowly OMV less than $20K small engine petrol car I think can save more. Somemore dont need to wait to charge the car like EV, just pump petrol and go.
  12. IMO they need this lesson to eat humble pie.
  13. Watwheels

    Budget 2020

    Some highlights on the budget. https://www.todayonline.com/singapore/mof-team-clocked-extra-hours-so-budget-2020-could-include-covid-19-support-measures-not
  14. Watwheels

    Holden is back!

    IMO business wise there is no attachments and is not personal. It's down to what is written on the agreement.