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  1. Watwheels

    4G Toyota Yaris

    Th front anti roll bar is just behind the steering wheel and on the dash. Quite unusual. The small dynamic force engine I will be very fuel efficient. The current 2.0L (RAV4) and the 2.5L(Camry) versions are already very fuel efficient for their engine capacity. The direct shift cvt dunno will be the 8sp or 10 sp. Most likely the 8sp one. This cvt is a hybrid of planetary gears and belt drive combined. It neither feels like the typical cvt "rubber band" experience nor does it have any cvt whine. You can even floor the first gear as it is a real gear pinion before it shift to the virtual gears cvt belt drive.
  2. The VEP dunno will take them how long to implement. Tiagong is when your grandchildren have children. LoL... Flying car maybe when your great great grandchildren have children.
  3. Watwheels

    2020 BMW 2 Series Gran Coupe (F44)

    Oh, I thought the 2 series coupe is RWD. They come up with so many sub-models it's hard to keep up. The coupe is RWD but grand coupe is FWD....aiya, most importantly ppl must see the big "BMW".😂
  4. Watwheels

    2020 BMW 2 Series Gran Coupe (F44)

    I think it's still cheaper to build FWD cars. Slap on the badge...Kar ching$$$$ 😂 That's why the "BMW" must be big big on the engine rocker cover to distract ppl.
  5. Watwheels

    2020 BMW 2 Series Gran Coupe (F44)

    Looking at the engine layout it looks like a FWD. Yah boy. Saw in Google the 2020 2series grand coupe is riding on a FWD platform. Yikes....you know what BMW purist will say. Only the higher trim performance models run on the xDrive AWD.
  6. Aiya, as if you dont know. The talented lecturer come from China and has the most potential to spread his talent to his NUS male students so that they too have a lot of potential to excel in life. So the master potential lecturer will be spared from all punishment. 🤣
  7. Watwheels

    What's Your Utility Bill Like and how to reduce it

    I was looking forward to see ways to reduce power consumption but seems like must spend power efficient devices or new tech that supports power efficiency. They are no cheap. examples from Googling. Make your refrigerator more efficient. ... Apparently by adjusting the freezing temperature to around 2 degreesC. Install LED-type fluorescent light bulbs. ... Install automatic light sensors or timed sensors on outdoor lighting. ... Install solar-powered landscape lighting. ... Unplug electronic devices when not in use. ... Buy EnergyStar-rated appliances. ... Insulate your home to prevent heat loss or intrusion. Dont make sense to spend more in order to save on power bill.
  8. How come the car that got hit parked in such a weird position?
  9. Paging @Mustank. Where's your jealous kitty pic?🤣 Ok. I found it.
  10. Watwheels

    2020 Lexus LC Convertible

    Is this the soft top version or hard top version? Will it be the next SC430 (worst car in the history of the world by bbc top gear)?😁
  11. Seriously I dont consider rioting, vandalism and assaulting others as fighting for rights & freedom. By offering the nobel peace prize totally sends out the wrong message globally. The HK govt and the HK people need to calm down, get together and talk things out in order for HK to move forward. Change do not come overnight. Need patience need time to work things out. Mod already declare the rioters as winner of the 2020 nobel peace prize? Something not right.
  12. Watwheels

    Speed limit 4 PMDs, bicycles to be cut to 10kmh on footpath

    Come on lah. By now SGN already know their pattern and only choose to appear at night. Wayang only. Stand around and catch what in the morning?
  13. Is it really a better design? With the shelter now partially covering the walkway after widening it? Ppl will comprain again when it rains. You know, why alter dont alter properly. It's a never ending BS. I agree it's a waste of resources.
  14. Watwheels

    The all new Lexus UX

    What you are experiencing is the transition or shift from a gear drive to the belt drive. If you saw the video I posted earlier you will see the "fork" shift from the gear pinion to the belt drive. I know at certain low speed you will experience the shift but when you floor it you dont feel it at all. It's a short coming but it isnt critical. The 10sp direct shift cvt is quite efficient, right? When you are cruising at 100km/hr what is your engine speed? Approx. 1500rpm right? Most cars running at that speed the engine rpm is around 2000rpm.
  15. Watwheels

    The all new Lexus UX

    For Toyota's 10sp direct shift cvt the first gear is transmitted thru a real gear pinion to eliminate the lag of the cvt belt drive. See video demo. (ignore the Japanese English. I dunno why they would call it a "launch gear". Their ang moh can be rather confusing.) The rest of the 9 gears are virtual gears or programmed gear ratios. Gearbox is the hardware . You also need a software to run it. Engineers are able to program the virtual gears using software. But whether it's a planetary gearbox or a cvt gearbox it's still transmitting power thru a series of gear pinions and onto the torque converter. CVT gearbox are also mated to a torque converter like a planetary gearbox. So for Toyota they have combined the cvt and the planetary gearbox to reduce the cons and improve on the pros of the two gb. A planetary gb is what ppl here called the "conventional auto" gb.