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  1. Boringchap

    iPhone 11 - launching 10th Sep 2019

    My north face jacket taking a shower.
  2. Boringchap

    iPhone 11 - launching 10th Sep 2019

    I got my phone on the first day. The camera has blown me away, especially low light photos and videos. The camera can see more than the human eye can see, in low light. I used my old iphone 8S Plus and then the new iphone 11 pro max. Some footage from Holland Village, at night. Post more later.
  3. I enjoyed learning new facts. Saw this on Facebook. If the facts are wrong, please highlight.
  4. Yeah. Seeing scuffles in Hong Kong shopping mall. Those pro Beijing are not in masks. Anti-Beijing in face masks, for obvious reasons - https://youtu.be/zaHfambbGHo
  5. Boringchap

    Let's talk about airport lounges

    Oh? No idea. I haven’t been following Emirates. This time round flew with them because of certain reasons (connections, cost) and was told that complimentary chauffeur transfer was provided even for business class ticket.
  6. Sunday 8 Sep 2019. Protest action continue. Lots of marching, singing the American national anthemn. They want Trump to come save them. Huge mass of people at Chater Garden.
  7. What really irks me is that in recent weeks, the protestors in HK have gone about vandalising and destroying a lot of MTR (their subway) property, not just security cameras but signages, ticket machines etc. Many, many recorded acts of such vandalism, as you can see from the samples below. They even show the world a new way to ride the subway. Jump over the gates. Terrible.
  8. Yes, the night of 6 Sep (Friday), the protestors were out on the streets creating havoc again. I read they started the fire using some bin to slow down riot police. See this. That's not all, they were like laying seige to the Mongkok Police station, until Riot Police reinforcements were called in. And all this while, got expats watching the fun, after having their dinner somewhere near Mongkok.
  9. The protests seem to be never-ending. It has gotten to a stage whereby the "citizens" will issue press statement or hold press conferences. And students are protesting too.
  10. Boringchap

    Let's talk about airport lounges

    Flew on Emirates Business for the first time. They provide complimentary chauffeur service, which was a useful perk. A Merc E250 came to pick me up for my journey to Changi (Emirates flies from Terminal 1). I spent some nice time in the Emirates Lounge at Changi, the food was pretty good.
  11. Would opinion turn against these protestors?
  12. Boringchap

    National Day Parade 2019 #NDP2019

    No problems. That said your earlier comment is factually correct - “he has gotten millions from past positions...” Before 2011, Ministerial salaries were substantially higher.
  13. Boringchap

    National Day Parade 2019 #NDP2019

    ESM Goh no salary leh. Only got MP allowance.
  14. Boringchap

    National Day Parade 2019 #NDP2019

    This year, the mobile column returns to the Padang! A definite crowd favourite! A lot of metal was exhibited. Leopard 2SG led the charge. 10 awesome tanks. 120mm main gun. Oh, I was told the Leopard is air conditioned too. The tanks were bought from Germany, and refurbished. The Hunter Armoured Fighting Vehicle was also unveiled. It had been hailed as the centrepiece of the next generation army. Locally designed and built! Fully digitalised, the Hunter will replace the ageing Ultra M113. Armed with a 30mm cannon and anti-tank guided missiles, the Hunter features an automatic target detection and tracking system, improving the crew’s ability to detect and engage targets. It is also the Army’s first AFV to be equipped with an integrated combat cockpit, which allows its commander and gunner to both operate the vehicle with a common set of controls. The anti aircraft Aster missiles were also unveiled.