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  1. Macrosszero

    Someone say we copy Jewel Changi Airport

    Lay down a pre-emptive accusation of copying first, lest they be accused of copying instead.
  2. Macrosszero

    MAZDA 6

    The brands that the authorized distributor manages in Singapore are Rolls Royce, McLaren, Porsche, Mini and Mazda so what do you think?
  3. The birds can have the space. From the sounds of it, every driver knows the hidden cost of the cheap parking space there is a carwash that you would inevitably have to go for after you are done. When the cars leave, and the flea market comes...... all I can say is, bring an umbrella, and not because you are protesting and there are riot police but because you don't want to be heading for the restrooms washing off bird poop. Hope the authorities have a plan for the bird problem.
  4. Macrosszero

    Singapore Reckless Drivers Thread VII

    I largely agree with you, but despite right of way, I avoid driving faster than my eyes can see despite having right of way. As a result my habit around parked cars is to guard my foot on the brake pedal. I narrowly avoided this exact situation last week when a child dashed out in between parked cars. I braked, sounded the horn and the expat soccer mom stared at me instead of taking her child in hand......
  5. Macrosszero

    Unusual or Rare Cars - Part 2

    Fiat Stilo Schumacher
  6. Macrosszero

    Unusual or Rare Cars - Part 2

    Its quite outdated thinking to assume that diesels are a low-SES choice.
  7. Macrosszero

    Singaporean driver paid RM28k in fine in JB

    Want or don’t want only. They got so many overzealous inspectors at VICOM they surely can send some over to Woodlands and Tuas. Want or don’t want only - call one GeBIZ contract and the service will appear. Else only know how to bully kakilang and close one eye to outsider!
  8. Macrosszero

    Singaporean driver paid RM28k in fine in JB

    Its high time that the LTA paid attention to the heavily-tinted Malaysian cars, motorbikes with bent license plates and tiny license plate characters with super tight spacing and irregular fonts, as well as straight pipes driving and riding around Singapore with impunity. Even if you don't want to enforce Singapore vehicle regulations upon them, at least turn them away at the checkpoints.
  9. Macrosszero

    Weird thing happened to me-Need feedback

    In the worst most devious case scenario could be shopping for car theft syndicate. License plate + chassis number to purchase key and immobilizer coding. I think that is very unlikely though.
  10. Western-style democracy is faltering not because of its principles but because of disruptive methods that subvert those foundations.
  11. I could be completely wrong on the underlying principles but it appears to me that the protestors want the kind of the deal that the UK government (whatever is left of it) hopes to achieve with the EU - trade perks and concessions without the need to comply with requirements of EU membership, in areas such as open borders for example, and we can see how wildly successful they are! Of course, the key difference is that the UK has sovereignty but all Hong Kong has is SAR status completely at the charity and mercy of the Central government. So at this time, all they can do is protest and riot......
  12. If DT can’t be bothered about Puerto Rico which is a US territory, what do you think about Hong Kong’s chances?
  13. Waving the US flag and singing their national anthem is , forgotten you’re HKie and live in HK? Calling for their bigoted joke of a Prez to come save you? Do you expect the First Marine Expeditionary Unit to land and take over Hong Kong, starting WW3 along the way? First time I see people so eager to be re-colonized......if they like the US so much they should migrate there lah.