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  1. For your safe drivng style, just stay away from R Lane. Your style is the kind that I always undercut and needed to chiet and smell my smoke.
  2. In a controlled move with a flick of the signal stalk, its still safe to change lane. I would still give way to faster vehicle on the R lane.
  3. Hamburger

    Rip Kobe Bryant

  4. Hamburger

    Rip Kobe Bryant

    Oh dear oh dear..... John denver name sudddenly came to mind. Rip to a great LA Lakers.
  5. The point is why not give way to faster car. I was doing 210 but yet I gave way to a porsche that became bigger in my rear mirror in split second. Tell me if I should have stayed on the R lane in the similar scenario.
  6. Embarrassing shrew scored more goals. Time for the boys to wake up.
  7. When I chiet a road hogger, he is behind me and history. He can honk or high beam me for my action, I don't give a damn.
  8. Be it whatever road, the moment I spotted myself blocking faster vehicle, I move from the fastest lane. Why? 己所不欲 勿施于人 I would also hope that the font slower car would give way to me if i am behind him. It's that simple,.
  9. Told you guys that hoggers are like roaches. No matter how you argue, they will still continue to hog. So dont waste your breadth.
  10. Mmmmmmmmmmm......... Only a full lock tyre will produce such amount of smoke. I think.
  11. I have no issue with speedster. They smoked me and bid bye bye to me. Hogger on the other hand, is like a 小强, kept crawling in front and irritate me.
  12. Hamburger

    Lacquer for Rims

    Radx Carbon82
  13. Hamburger

    Who like dogs?

    可怜, left behind cannot go back. Will the dog get axiety issue?
  14. Hamburger

    Myanmarese neighbour's food

    Bamboo shoot as in 卢笋? Some jap ramen put this and the soup taste changed totally. Really smelly cannot eat.