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  1. Someone told him to wear on the head that doesn't think...and the rest is history.
  2. badlammy

    A New Chapter - Skoda Singapore

    I agree with your parents and in laws actually. Go for Mercedes.
  3. badlammy

    Doesn't LTA check its contractors' work?

    I snapped this some time back too. Not sure if it's deliberate. Along upper serangoon road, but road sign is back-facing the traffic. Weird if it's meant for the opposite traffic.
  4. badlammy

    A New Chapter - Skoda Singapore

    Did you ask the SE? If yes, which SE so lousy? 🤣
  5. badlammy

    2020 Fiat Tipo - Will we see this in Singapore?

    Saw one in the flesh in 2017. Looks exactly the same.
  6. badlammy

    A New Chapter - Skoda Singapore

    Words no use...not sure whether it gets communicated.
  7. badlammy

    Mother of ALL JAMs in at Checkpoint

    Just wondering. For speeding, if they waive and stop you, then say the camera caught you, can they be trusted? Their camera process the number plate so fast and their TP know immediately it is you out of all cars that passed by? Even LTA don't trigger summon notifications immediately.
  8. badlammy

    Those having steamboat over CNY, for awareness

    Agree, I wanted to point that out too...my rectangular glass top has multiple rest points including the middle.
  9. badlammy

    Bak Kwas Worth Queuing Up For This CNY (2020)

    This one need to go Saturday evenings. I bought 2 Saturdays back, queued for 30mins.
  10. badlammy

    1.5m condo owner scold security guard

    CNY coming...hope no reenactment.
  11. badlammy

    Mazda CX-30

    Heard they are made in china if not wrong. Unlike bose on Audi.
  12. badlammy

    Best fried chicken in singapore

    I just tried the fried chicken wings at Bai Nian yong tau foo. They are seriously not bad!
  13. badlammy

    Feedback on Safe Driving Course

    The best way is drive safely and don't incur anymore demerit points. I said don't bother because I remember the T&C says if you make another traffic offence, the deducted points will be reinstated on top of your new offence, something along that line. That's why best is still not make no more mistake and let it reset after a year.
  14. But phv drivers are taxi drivers, part time or full time. Don't understand why some are in self denial mode. No difference to me at least.