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  1. maybe a lot of traditional rituals that breach the rules at Mandai crematorium. i find that a lot of such rituals only done when a person is dead, 1 year later nobody bother not even qing ming or anniversary, so what the hack!
  2. Jman888

    Haze Updates 2018 / 2019

    heng no more haze these few days, if not those representatives from msia and indo duno where to hide during the Singapore Summit
  3. Jman888

    What Did You Makan Today PT 6

    near the paint shop. not bad, chicken soft and tender and got salted fish, chao tar part very crispy.
  4. Jman888

    What Did You Makan Today PT 6

    clay pot rice at clementi Ave 5.
  5. Jman888

    Haze Updates 2018 / 2019

    today got blue sky
  6. Jman888

    YOLO - SG to Europe in a $11K van

    they get sponsored just to enjoy life?
  7. Jman888

    Haze Updates 2018 / 2019

    walau mask leh, you wear and breathe from it, better not use lah, go guardian or Watson's to buy new one.
  8. Jman888

    Haze Updates 2018 / 2019

    these delivery guys probably think horsayliao got haze people can't go out for makan sure order delivery, end up everyone so concern about their health and not order. Then they have no income and those stalls and restaurants no business
  9. Jman888

    Movie Releases - 2019

    i was deciding between the jap anime and ne zha, but chose the former due to timing will catch ne zha another day.
  10. Jman888

    Movie Releases - 2019

    watched the japanese anime 'Weathering with you' last night, the same director, producer and production team that produce 'Your name' 3 years ago. Both are good, but still prefer 'your name'. i dun usually watch anime
  11. Jman888

    Haze Updates 2018 / 2019

    hazy F1 not first time liao.
  12. Jman888

    NFC-enabled smartphones to make payment

    if your phone has NFC, you can link to your credit/debit card. Check out SimplyGo apps. https://www.straitstimes.com/singapore/transport/simplygo-by-tapping-your-credit-card-or-phone
  13. Jman888

    NFC-enabled smartphones to make payment

    now can link phone with nfc to cards, why still need NFC sim?
  14. Jman888

    Sharing of Good Lobang Sale

    price increase when haze come, i bought the S2 at $139.
  15. posted before in another thread