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  1. RIP But i find abit overrated except for original branch. Always have to tell them boneless or they give u bone at Northpoint one. Nam Kee at Upper Thomson Rd (no 'Wee') still better
  2. yishunite

    New Kia Niro Hybrid

    Can try Aestmod at Geylang. He did many Kia including my Cerato and owns a Sorento
  3. yishunite

    Will SG auto qualify for WC 2034 as hosts?

    Sg/asean wont get it cos sg too honest to stuff $$$ in brown envelopes to win the bid... case closed 🤣 but really they can only get it if fifa expand the wc to much more teams then force them to fight out for one slot... in which case sg will also get dump out but still have to host the games Main reason they wanna do it? Use taxpayer$$ to build infrastructure, pte corp to take all the profit
  4. Anyway ban on ads is wayang only... remember last time they ban cigarette ads then companies like Dunhill branch into fashion and start advertising their clothes with exact same brand as the cigarette... next u just see Coke ads for the zero/diet drink only lor same same ppl will still pick the one they prefer once the idea planted in their head Sugar tax is much more likely solution... now just putting some test balloon out there
  5. Lol those donut shops must be shitting their pants 🤣🤣🤣
  6. yishunite

    Do you earn S$7,500 gross a month

    I wish 😅 I was refering to the 3.5k salary in the quotes... my salary was slightly less than that 😭
  7. yishunite

    Do you earn S$7,500 gross a month

    If u save for 5+ years u can easily afford any car u like... A good bonus and done, easy. During the 2008/9 time i nearly bought a 1yo scirocco and my salary then was ard there. But I got 5 mth bonus the prev year and 3 mth in financial crisis year (2008). Easily could afford dp when COE was so low The only catch is u not gonna be saving anything for the next 6/7 yrs
  8. Taxpayer fund infrastructure, commuter given price hike... no outlay for shareholder/management who just get $$$$ despite rubber stamping the mismanagement of yesteryear that we taxpayers are all paying for still The biggest lesson of global financial crisis is privatise profit and distribute costs to public. Ez win for corporate profits. Best become a shareholder now while the poor suffer
  9. yishunite

    Garmen tackling fake news trolls beware

    This reminds me i need to setup my course on how to spot scams... $1,888 only great deal!!!
  10. But the funniest thing is Shan decide to talk abt this the week we find out our chief fintech officer is actually working with a fgn govt on stuff that obviously involve cyber security and we have no idea what passes between them And suddenly the govt stance on fgn influence is all like naive teenager
  11. Stupid policy based on stupid premise The outside world is always influencing us whether its culture music politics etc. U wanna magic wand that can let thru foreign influence like kpop but not foreign ideas like democracy freedom etc. good luck Heck look at conservative religious followers everyday in whatsapp grps they spreading foreign influence from rightwing nutcases in the US the hard truth is the only antidotes to foreign influence is (1) our society being so much better than the other countries that there is no attraction to their way of life (2) a population with such strong critical thinking its able to sift out peddlers of falsehoods on their own (1) impossible to achieve (2) will be the downfall of gahmen at same time 🤣
  12. Who is paying for this super overpriced bridge? Us izit
  13. Ppl still go to pc shows? Online deals are usually same or better, many available all year round, dun have stupid queues or carpark dramas... Srsly is there anything that is only available at pc shows exclusively?
  14. yishunite

    2019 MCF Revamp!

    Slow, buggy and takes forever to scroll the front page and threads. This place is dying for a "lite" version. Sorry to say i hardly log in anymore its so painful
  15. yishunite

    COE Bidding – 2nd Round of August 2019

    Remember for atas brand their volume already super low and market very small. If they give up a genuine buyer its a huge chunk of their sales and commission. Id be much more worried abt NG if i bought low margin high sales volume car like hyundai than jaguar and even then id say 90% chance komoco not so stupid to throw away a sale just coz u didnt fall for their carrot trick