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  1. Mkl22

    Ho Ching wants everyone to own a HDB flat

    Then later New HDB, PR and foreigner also can buy! Win liao.!
  2. I think will drop as the expected drop in coe quota is not that much.
  3. Me me. I like Tahoe too. Went there skiing twice.
  4. Mkl22

    Do you earn S$7,500 gross a month

    Pay to repair lor. Still the cheapest RWD 3 pointed star. matters to quite some people out there. Face face face! Hahaha.
  5. Still.... the Lexus IS an idiot. Wonder what make and model the cam car is.
  6. Mkl22

    Let's talk about airport lounges

    Don’t really like the PVG air china lounge. Food is so so. But no choice. At least it’s quite big and can find a corner to chill a little. Still quieter than the main departure hall.
  7. For every big shot, there is a bigger shot. Social media and shame. unless one is a Rich hermit and don’t give a shit
  8. Mkl22

    Comments on Mazda CX5

    I think it’s due to CBU for cx3 and CKD for cx5
  9. Ultimate selling price still matters. To move cars in CatB when you aren’t merc bmw Audi you need to be lower in price. So when coe drops, you somewhat maintain prices to get some profits back.
  10. Mkl22

    A New Chapter - Skoda Singapore

    What do you expect? All uncles driving a bus.
  11. Mkl22

    2019 Honda Fit / Jazz (4th Generation)

    I Still Quite some current Honda Fit stuck at the PIs.
  12. Mkl22

    EV demand pok

    Yes yes exactly my point. lots of articles out there are half truths. Keep predicting the doomsday. To propagate their own agenda. and in case I get suan again. I’m not saying climate change is not a concern.
  13. Exactly! don’t want Malaysia to fall, else there will be civil unrest and it will spread over. just progress super slow can liao. Just keep doing the 3C’s for them is best. Convince, confuse, then con!
  14. Mkl22

    Mother of ALL JAMs in at Checkpoint

    But you can have Diesel pickups that have speed limits like cars.
  15. Mkl22

    EV demand pok

    Fossil fuels will not run out in our lifetime. used to read when I was a kid that fossil fuel will run out in 50-60 years. Haha. We are Still chugging along......