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  1. Mkl22

    Tourador Tyres

    Some made in China and China brands aren’t that bad. I have been biased. But have since be slightly corrected by one that performs rather decently.
  2. Mkl22

    2020 Audi Q3 Sportback

    Unless you are in Malaysia where you need to travel long distances. A typical puncture is a slow leak. Just pump it up enough to bring the car to a tire shop. Very very will one ever experience a catastrophic tire failure. that said, you need to be aware of a puncture in the first place, which is why a tyre pressure monitoring system is useful, if the car doesn’t already come with one. a jack without a spare is useless.
  3. Mkl22

    Audio Shop Recommendation

    Soundproofing is nothing more than sealing up the door cavity to make it like a speaker box for resonance. I am doubtful if the mass loading of the outer door skin actually does that much. Door skins are not that flimsy. Maybe a couple of strips to shift the resonance would be good enough. No need to plaster to entire outer door skin. Why add weight more than necessary. For the majority of Japanese cars the replacement of the waterproof sheet does help to seal the door cavity better. for most contis with the “waterproof sheet” made of a more substantial material. I tend to think that the effects will not be as pronounced. for me it’s just mass loading and sealing, whatever sticks and doesn’t “melt” in heat, and has some weight is fine. real soundproofing are those foam and stuffing type of material and not those sticky bitumen type of stuff. Which are called sound deadeners.
  4. Mkl22

    MAZDA 6

    Did you mention if you have the car camera on in parking mode? If so, then it is the cause.
  5. a stupid one, in any case. no loss if return IC.....
  6. dont see the point of your example. COE 2years ago vs now also very different. majority of the cars 4k or less are also coe renewed cars.
  7. Mkl22

    What Did You Makan Today PT 6

    oriental fettuccine.
  8. Someone sent this to me. Belgium has it bad! https://worldnewsdailyreport.com/belgium-health-minister-puts-ban-on-non-essential-sexual-activities-of-persons-3-or-greater-in-indoor-areas/
  9. should have applied the same rule of paying for treatment in FULL, if found to have not declared!
  10. investigations won't happen. the other buggers take the easy way out and just up the price. Deep seated culture of "whats the problem of collecting more"
  11. Mkl22

    Petrol Price Movement in Singapore

    Some say Malaysian petrol is so cheap and thus so lousy! Add water, add kerosene, add whatever. poor Malaysians..... their car blowing up left right center cause Kenna Cheated by cheap petrol. To each his own too!
  12. Mkl22

    KIA Stinger GT

    singaporean mah. "my car more expensive" i drive as i please...
  13. Mkl22

    W212 owners, please check-in

    Just buy back stock. Less hassles. If it breaks again which is likely 10years down the road. Probably you won’t have the car by then.