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  1. Akula

    Michelin Pilot Sport 4

    So coincidental, exactly same as yours. Was on factory fitted Pirelli P Zero When searching for tires, non RFTs have BS S007a, Pirelli PZ4(I think), Kumho PS71(?) & PS4s. (Might have one or 2 more)
  2. Thank you Bro. But not yet, it is close and getting closer..... but still have 5 (12) games remaining........ YNWA. My wish (I know it might not resonate with all of you) is to win the league and go the whole season unbeaten. This will surpass Arsenal’s invincible and we might get a “gold” trophy! If by achieving this historic milestone means we dun rotate our squad and risked getting knocked out in CL, so be it. Note : last season when we are Neck to Neck with ManC, we also were not rotating much and we still won the CL.
  3. Akula

    Michelin Pilot Sport 4

    My car came with runflat, thus no spare tire or tire repair kit (foam), and factory TPMS. Decided to take the plunge cause my rationale (read, might not be applicable to you folks), the RFT, is heavy, lumpy and harder. Putting up with the above on a daily basis versus the peace of mind a RFT offers, i.e. tire puncture, that occurs like once every X number or months/years? But to have SOME peace of mind, bought a tire inflator, but did not buy the tyre repair kit. Not to mention, RFT per tire is about $100 more expensive (same brand and size).
  4. Akula

    Michelin Pilot Sport 4

    Understand that PS4s is avail from 19” and bigger. Or at least that’s what the tyre shop tells me.
  5. AM tactics, 2 solid banks of 4, coupled with their early goal set the tone for the game. Diego Simeone side, besides discipline and resolute defending, is also good practitioner of the dark arts. Will frustrate, harass, stop the flow and showmanship are all in evident. All is to play at Anfield! We switched back to PL. YNWA.
  6. Based on reports, it’s from 2012 - 2016. so could be those years. Still, it’s early days, ManC will likely exhaust all legal means. They are solidly back by very wealthy owner(s).
  7. A solitary strike by Mane earns us an away win at Carrow road. For all the possession, the lads lack penetration. Think the 2 weeks break do upset their rhythm. Still, it’s another win, another clean sheet and the RED Juggernaut rolls on. YNWA
  8. Akula

    Michelin Pilot Sport 4

    Just changed out my factory installed staggered 19” RFT tires to PS4S. immediately feels the ride is more cushy everything seems more serene. Surprised at the Threadwear of 300 and it is indicated as Made in France.
  9. Man City's next five Premier League matches include trips to Leicester, Chelsea, and Manchester United..... Coupled with the resumption of CL that Pep is desperate to win.... can expect some surprise results.
  10. A great win (4-0) with a clean sheet. After laboured first half (with Alisson to thank) came out to put 4 goals past the Saints. Saints would feel hard done by. The Red Juggernaut rolls on. That's 42 games Next up, vs Shrewsbury for FA cup replay. We have our Winter break, hopefully the lads will come back recharged ( looking a bit knackered ). YNWA
  11. Looks like the lads have found a way out of Soton press...!
  12. 0 - 0 at HT Soton pressing is very aggressive and organized. Klopp pays them compliments. Last 6-7 minutes we were kinda sloppy. Alisson have to be alert. Dun think they can sustain that sort of pressing for the whole of 90 minutes. Hopefully the lads put on a better show in the 2nd half. YNWA
  13. Somehow, I think it will be lesser.....
  14. YES! Another (Away) win. With the bonus of a clean sheet. Salah n Ox on the scoresheet. We have captured 70 points out 72 in 24 matches, with the only blemish being a draw against ManU. The 41-game unbeaten streak (36-0-5. W-L-D) breaks a tie as second-longest in Premier League history. The RED Juggernaut continues on! YNWA.
  15. Expected to miss 3 games, against Shrewsbury, West Ham and Southampton, based on initial reports.