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  1. Better run before they keep getting fed good food but sewage system kena block... mask or no mask don’t matter, 1k headcount of dung per day no joking matter...
  2. Hahaha. Who says Xi dada no humor....soft padding first then feel the thunder if boh hiu him...
  3. Those area cleaning dudes were not from飞虎队 but 非唬队...they were there to show a clear signal and warning...they mean business...
  4. weri safe....got airbags...
  5. It appeared to me both cars were rushing...bike was wrong to change lane at bend...slowed too much to negotiate the turn...merc seemed to close up gap to prevent volks to make lane change...thus cheekatbom...luckily the volks stopped in time...
  6. No lah.... I think that TP luv you much ...asked you to join him in lane 1.
  7. You’re so kind...I’d smack her before she opens her mouth. set fire on people, stab mata mata, block people from going to work to earn a living... 民主my foot lah 名猪rather
  8. TS choked a few times from the rubbish that got into his ears
  9. I couldn’t help but played the clip several times....love the sound of the car horn and the beastie exo note....on top of that “stoopah” 🤣
  10. Yet to see one....if a toddler can do it...
  11. IKR I also “huh?!” when my PRC colleagues told me this...they even ensured their old folks able to use the smart phone for payment...one even made a purposeful trip back motherland just to coach her aging parents on the ‘how-to’... “pork meat” bao made out of cardboard...seaweed made out of plastic...村姑 can turn into 风花丽人 with makeups...money is not a problem but a motivation...
  12. Huh!? What I know is epayment thrives in China becos locals don’t trust their own notes...or did you pay back in USD?
  13. mersaylee

    11.11 and Black Friday Loot 2019

    Definitely worth it. Research on things to buy prior then wait for the sale...something can be sold out fast though. That’s why I’d made early order and payment FOMO...lesson learnt...car stuff won’t get sold out so fast one, can wait till actual day for better price offer
  14. mersaylee

    11.11 and Black Friday Loot 2019

    was still at a big fat zeeelow last year since inception but gotta start off somewhere sometime... now it’s almost everything also want one want one