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  1. Agree. Man City is the defending champion and still the best team on paper. While its good to look forward, I am worried about TAA's fraility in handling pacy wingers who loved to cut inside... Sane did it a few times to him over the past 2 seasons? TAA has to learn not to commit when the wingers is heading for the corner flag... lets take it one game at a time... i hope Klopp rotate his squad for Napoli and put his strongest side forward for Chelsea...
  2. Maybe Klopp will push out his strongest team to grab an early goal... if we can score 2 to 3 goals early then.... can take the foot off the pedal later in the game.. sub in players like Ox or Lallana or Shaqiri to get them ready for duty against Napoli..
  3. https://www.90min.com/posts/6449482-ranking-the-success-of-every-liverpool-first-team-player-sold-or-released-under-jurgen-klopp?utm_source=RSS Happened to read this article... dunno how true.. Didnt know that Luis Alberto is involved in so many goals and Lucas still playing a key role for Lazio. Maybe Luis Alberto is like Balotelli. Just not suitable for english league... As for Klopp, he made his name at Dortmund by plucking relatively unknown players and putting them together in a team... no doubt he has some stars in his teams... but losing one or two of them will not derail the team's performance a great deal... while some are impressive after leaving Dortmund.. some are just average e.g. Nuri Sahin... Shinji Kagawa... they did not do as well outside the Dortmund set up
  4. Think must be Milner Fabinho and Henderson and maybe Lovren fault... Elliot probably took over TAA slot as TAA can kelong into List B
  5. Can probably more heart pain about the UCL winner medal he missed out a few months ago... haha
  6. Elliot named in champion's league squad... looks like Klopp thinks very highly of this fella...
  7. Ryan Kent also moving to Rangers for 7M. Add on to 20M for Ings and 8 M for Mignolet plus some fee for H Wilson It was said that Liverpool made 44M this window. The numbers dun add up.. maybe Coutinho contributed as well lol I know liao... Rafa Camacho also left for a fee
  8. Rumours... Dortmund interested in Bobby Duncan????
  9. Ya man.. just saw the video again... he twist and turn until the ball was on his right foot and there was a gap just nice for him to push the ball onto the path of an on rushing Firminho... then Salah tried shooting on his weaker foot....
  10. Yes. I was impressed with Firminho's assist for Mane as he waited till 3 defenders close him down then he slot the ball to Mane. A goal on a platter. Mane also squared the ball for Salah's tiang of the day... through a packed defence...
  11. Wow guess who is Third on the table after Liverpool and Man C? Brendan Rodger's Leicester city.....
  12. Agree that Mane is very important... more important than Salah... Its ok for Salah to be selfish meaning that if he can pass or shoot, he can opt to shoot... however, if he does not have the angle to shoot, he needs to pass the ball to his team mates who are in a better position... he forgot that he scored many goals two seasons agp because the front 3 were creating chances for each other...
  13. Mane probably angry with Salah
  14. Tonight we travel to Burnley.. a difficult place to get all 3 points.. will it be the end of our less than perfect but 100% start to this season? Will we see Shaqiri appearing in first XI? Is OX starting in midfield? Will we see youngsters on the bench?
  15. Oh ya. Keita still far from returning. Guess Ox will play and maybe Milner will appear at Left back? Just realised thatLewis is not in first team and not sure if Larouci is back from injury. Maybe we will see Elliot coming in as sub? Klopp might still put VVD in defense and start one of our attacking trio for Brewster to come in as sub.