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  1. Beregond

    Haze Updates 2018 / 2019

    the haze is very heavy , i at jurong west area, small drizzel. i think the rain super dirty better dun get caught in it
  2. Beregond

    1st SG U18 to rank top in ITTF ranking

    ya, we can delay our career and study, but sport cannot delay. last time me and my bro also sec school level, too bad super hard to advance. i start my career very late, no issue at all if really got potential in sport, cannot wait 1.
  3. Beregond

    Haze Updates 2018 / 2019

    like the whole world is buring up. sumatra burn ,brazil burn, europe burn https://www.vox.com/2019/8/22/20828219/amazon-rainforest-wildfire-photos-fire-greenland major wildfires have ignited across Europe, Asia, and Latin America
  4. Beregond

    1st SG U18 to rank top in ITTF ranking

    if u are chasing sport, really national or world standard, still need study meh . every thing push behind liao. thats why to be a sportman /woman parents support is the most critical issue.
  5. Beregond

    1st SG U18 to rank top in ITTF ranking

    those really got potential de sportman i feel should go ns asap. as young as possible, finish it during training period. come out only 20, then wont effect the completeion or match if any changes, maybe let them enlist as early as 17
  6. Beregond

    1st SG U18 to rank top in ITTF ranking

    Exactly, mindef compromise alot for our top sportsman. but it work both way, the sportman himself confirm need compromise also and make some sacrifice . i will cheer for pang and chase his game even if he didnt win any thing, he just need to play and represent sg, i think that is more then enough. medal is not everything
  7. Wtf was that? Is that a guy?
  8. The coach super important, sometime i see them play. cannot even do 3-5 passes together whole game.
  9. the thing is they will to sell meh?? sure alot of opposition
  10. how many game we suppose to play in the grouping?? 8 games???
  11. Beregond

    Donald Trump US President: The next 4 years

    The guy that trump sack might be coming back. Damn drama 😂
  12. Beregond

    Worth to be a Grab Driver now?

    there are already shop in sg doing fully syn servicing 4l for 50 buks. no point going jb for the same value
  13. that is no need to race there, that stretch limit is 70 only. if u caught above 120 i think ko?? i myself kenna many year back also. the TP off his light and park at the road side, i speed pass, suddenly i see blinking light behind me i auto on hazard light and stop, i tell them i max point never kenna b4 , very safe driver, pang chance pls. but no chance, lol😂
  14. my bro kenna there about 2 years back, 3 years ban also. tp place a mobile speed cam at the road side . my bro speed during night time, didnt spot the cam . kenna many time during weekends without knowing. jitao suspence 3 years
  15. Beregond

    Korean drama free site

    i thought will have an ending like the deity make her a normal woman again, and she will age normally and happy ending, instead come a very realistic and real life ending, haiz took me a while to get out of it lol