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  1. Beregond

    What did the pig do to deserve this?

    alot of ppl abuse animals everywhere. but there is no defending this. this is downright low level..
  2. koenigsegg all hyper level?
  3. Beregond

    Why plastic straw bans aren’t the answer.

    https://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/asia/single-use-plastics-china-phase-out-environment-12284718?cid=FBcna&fbclid=IwAR3363T2LPG9cxdWLZZJOhoygDtrZryrNRaqKf1Uu-fSg29pFaSV-AONVUE The National Development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of Ecology and Environment, which issued the new policy, said plastic bags will be banned in all of China's major cities by the end of 2020 and banned in all cities and towns in 2022. Markets selling fresh produce will be exempt from the ban until 2025. Other items such as plastic utensils from takeaway food outlets and plastic courier packages will also be phased out. when are we going to take tough approach on this...
  4. Beregond

    Australia drought, fire and heat wave

    first fire. now ice........
  5. really double standard. 8 years old, they show attacker face? did they get approval from the girl father?? kill me i also dun believe they trying to protect minor in the previous case.
  6. its easy to grow from level 1 to level 7. 7-8 will be hard, 8- 9 or 10 will be 10 times harder. we facing more or less same problem
  7. Beregond

    EPL- 2019/2020

    https://www.skysports.com/football/news/11667/11910942/bruno-fernandes-man-united-close-to-60m-deal-with-sporting-lisbon Bruno Fernandes: Man United close to £60m deal with Sporting Lisbon this mean pogba is leaving?
  8. Exactly ppl just buy the car they like, and most important as long u like your car then its ok. dun need go every where to de-mean or belittle or laugh at other ppl choice even if they buy different brand from u . some ppl really need to grow up, even if its a forum.
  9. Beregond

    Donald Trump US President: The next 4 years

    better then watching 'the house of card'😁
  10. if we cannot change anything mean we cannot ask and find out. might as well dun have parliament or opposition. they rule close door enough?? nothing change for now, dun mean we dun have the power to change anything, its exactly the opposite, we have the power to change thing, thats why the respond form keechui. and i want to know the detail, how many % of the top pme job go to local, how many to ft, all i want to know.
  11. confirm count, its the total number of vehicle sold by brand right?? now that i mention dyna, dun forgot hiace. this 2 model dominate their group. even the nissan cabstar f24 selling at lower then dyna, most company avoid it. other jap and korean brand also got their own vesion of 10f lorry and van. but simply no 1 want to buy, like the mazda 10f lorry already die out. hyundai and kia use to sell alot of van last time.
  12. i think the dyna numbers is very high also.
  13. Beregond

    Beautiful Music

  14. Beregond

    Singapore Motorshow 9 - 12 Jan 2020

    i ask u another way, if now the altis is price the same as a cerato or avante. which will u choose?😁 or will most ppl choose