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  1. I have observed this in many videos. When the protestors destroying some properties, they will open umbrellas, sort of like a license that give them indemnity against accountability. Spray the signage also must open umbrella, really funny.
  2. Heartlander

    Sharing of Good Lobang Sale

    Precisely. Thanks for pointing it out. My son asked me the other day why my wife charged few dollar for each craft she selling as the basic cost very low. I told him to go after those selling bak chor mee as their profit margin also very high haha.
  3. Heartlander

    Sharing of Good Lobang Sale

    I think you should set up a bak chor mee stall, profit margin even higher. Ingredient cost less than $1 yet charging $3.50 nowadays. Really huh!
  4. Interesting! HKUST just endorsed for hk indepedence right?
  5. He did not offer any substance at all leh, hiding behind legality front. He definitely feeling the heat now.
  6. Thanks for the fast reply. But this is from official Beijing mouthpiece, I am wondering how the ordinary hk citizens feel about the tycoons. Are they standing with them despite knowing that they have a important role to play resulting in current shithole? Now they just focusing on hkpf but the tycoons are one of the main culprit in the sense and should be harassed accordingly. After reading the article, I find it made sense and the property tycoons really have a lot to worry now, maybe breaking into cold sweat. For sure, the future in hk does not look bright for them even in near future, no need to wait till 2047. CL will be pressured to act fast and might even be forced to do the dirty act on behalf of CCP to invoke the LRO to recover the rural landbanks to build houses. That is by legal means, no less.
  7. I am not following the hk forums. Curious if anybody calling for the property tycoons to donate their landbanks or sell them cheaply to the government for redistribution back to the hk people yet? They have benefitted so much from this unfair practice over the years, and this housing being one of the fundamental issues that push the people out to protest. To me they stuck out like sore thumbs yet seems like no one is tossing them into the pan to fry. If I am a property tycoon in hk, I will, with great urgency, either donate the remaining landbank to the government or sell them cheaply to avoid being a prime target come 2047, or quietly move my asets out of hk and run road soon after. I do not predict good ending for the tycoons if they are to hang around after 2047 if they not doing anything with their wealth or assets.
  8. Heartlander

    Is Singapore General Election Round The Corners ?

    I would not want to read too much into this GDP thingy. There are many external factors that we cannot control, always be mindful that we are just a small country so we cannot control how the world goes but do try to do what seems right and keep our fingers crossed that nothing bad will change the course. The ongoing trade war is sure to cause damage so can expect it to go worse. I would not be too unhappy if we are not that worse off compare to the countries around us.
  9. Heartlander

    Is Singapore General Election Round The Corners ?

    I have stated before that I am not the government. If you have burning issues that keep you awake at night, why not approach the correct entity to post your questions? You can send the questions by emails or approach your town council to seek for appointment with the MP to have face-to-face chat. I do not believe in voting for opposition just because you are not happy with the current policy, as there is no guarantee that who you voted in will be able to do a better job. Why not try to channel the energy to right the 'wrongs' properly. There is never ending to changing government if you are just looking for a perfect party that can make a prefect government that only make perfect policies. Agree? Put in effort to participate if you are really righteous to right the 'wrongs', and not just easy way out to vote for the oppo and hope for a miracle to happen. Has anything significant improved since WP took over Aljunied GRC?
  10. Heartlander

    Is Singapore General Election Round The Corners ?

    The GDP improvement has more or less due to current economy cycles and more with past policies from previous administration. Can you name any policy from Trump that has helped the US economy? If you have followed development there closely, you will come to this conclusion that Trump is a complete idiot when it comes to governing the country! His current trade war with China is another glaring example. He thought he could force China to pay the tariffs by acting tough, now end up China imports from other countries and US farmers becoming the biggest losers. And he bailed the farmers out this year by paying them billions thinking can get them from the tariffs collected but as not happening, so the country is further in debt of the billions. He cannot be giving the farmers billions next year as US people will sure wise up to this smart guy who is really dump and vengeful. Look at his petty and ignorant behavior this past week. Would you be ashamed to have this as your Prime minister? I am sure USA will be brought to its knees if it is to have Trump for another term.
  11. Heartlander

    Is Singapore General Election Round The Corners ?

    The carparks near my house have those small humps before the gantry that slows down the car considerably to capture the IU when entering and exiting, so that should do the job of charging the cars when leaving the carpark. Tweak the system that any unpaid charges will be recorded in the system, or log in the IU, such that when the car enters another carpark, it will be deducted immediately or gantry lowered to prevent the car from leaving the carpark till the charges are paid. Just need to pay once for tweaking the algo which should not be expensive and it can be applied to al public carparks, why not? We are going towards being a smart nation, what is this that cannot be solved?
  12. Heartlander

    Is Singapore General Election Round The Corners ?

    I always accept that we are living in an imperfect world, there is no need to be perfect as that is totally impossible. So long as most of the things are working, I am ok with it. An example is every Sunday when I enter HDB carparks that are free parking, I always feel frustrated that the gantry still operate even though it is not collecting money. Why not just let it be in upright position throughout the whole day to conserve some energy and reduce mechanical tear and wear? But I can accept this imperfection so I will not cast my vote to oppo party of my town just to voice my displeasure. If I really cannot tahan, I will write in to my town council. Maybe it will happen one of these days as it really make no sense haha.
  13. Heartlander

    2018 Nissan Serena e-POWER

    May it means aircon very cold.
  14. Side track abit. Recently during a student exchange programme sharing by a vendor, he mentioned that subscribers of local telco overseas data roaming services can bypass China's firewall thus allowing the banned apps like Gmail and Google map to work normally. My girl proved that with subscribed Singtel data roaming service. So there is still a way haha.
  15. Heartlander

    Is Singapore General Election Round The Corners ?

    I am glad you have turned out well, else I am sure the political scene here would have become more vibrant or richer haha. I am sympathetic to those who might have become doctors but were turned away because of quotas imposed. But I am not going to this quota thingy as I would have gladly become a lawyer or architect or whatever that can earn big bucks, as I am thinking those bright students if they are rejected due to quota issue would not be given a place in engineering instead unless their results are not that good. My apologies for my simple mind. But I really have deep respect for those in the medical field, having gone under a minor surgery just last week and doing another major one next month. This explain why I am so free now. As for democracy, my thinking is that every country is different due to its history so no standard democracy formula that can fit all situations. If we can still prosper under current climate, then we are getting most of the things right which is good enough for me. We are not living in a perfect world, so I do not think we can have perfect policies all the time. So long as everyone is given opportunities to grow, that would be good enough for me. Focus more on the positive things we have here. But you really relish replying with WOT haha. I will stop here as not really my business to answer on behalf of the government which must have some good logic at that point in time but looks bad now on hindsight, which everyone seems to have one now. Lets not get too fixated on the discussions here. I am pulling myself out haha. Have a good day.