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  1. I rented the Hi-ace van for 4hrs from Namba area to drive from nearby Airbnb site to Rinku Town area few years back. More for convenience sake as quite a hassle to take train as a group as not so near to train station or limousine bus stop. Frankly not so comfortable though space wise definitely more than enough. But the ride difference with Alphard is really huge in terms of passengers' comfort. That is why I am trying hard to steer Atrecord back to Alphard haha. But ultimately he has to decide if it is adequate.
  2. Alphard/Vellfire for rental in Japan only got 8-seater and fabric only. Both rows seems seated quite high. And the last row in last picture should have been pushed forth to the max, seems can put 4 of smaller luggages upright. If can, then the rest can put infront on the floor flat. Best is trouble your friend again to try out with actual luggages you using.
  3. Actually another possible approach is to use only smaller luggages of 24"". For 7 pax, there should not be more that 7 of smaller luggages with backpacks. Advantage of smaller luggages is that you can put them at the foot well of second and 3rd row seats easily, then left 3 to be put in the boot which should be no problem after sliding the seats around. The backpacks can be stacked up in the boot as well. But this need trying out also lah. Try to put a luggage horizontally to see if 2 of them can fit at footwell of each row. Can even put them flat on the floor if got enough space. And all passengers must be ok with this sitting style. Can take off shoes if don't want to dirty the luggages. Also must check the luggage allowance under the airline if can be done.
  4. Actually the best thing you can do is to visit a Toyota showroom with a measuring tape. Option1: adjust the 1st and 2nd and 3rd row to suit your height level. Then measure how much space there is at the boot. You should be able to use that as reference to see if all your luggages can be fitted in. Measure also the space available in 2nd row and 3rd row to see if can fit the smaller luggages there. Option 2: adjust last row to the depth of the largest luggages, then shift 3 row seat to that position. Then adjust 2nd row accordingly. Then measure the space created between first row and 2nd row to see if can fit the rest of luggages. Of course calculation can do at home. Option 3: push 3rd row al the way to the back. Then adjust 2nd row accordingly to the correct knee room for 3rd row passengers. Then measure the space created between first row and 2nd row. Then go back calculate if can fit all luggages into the space. But the above need to have a bit of thick skin though haha. You can also go without a measuring tape and use judgement to decide agar agar also can. Just bring along a taller kid to execute the plan faster. If is marginal, I would say go for it. Else better get Hi ace and a compact car where the formal can take all the luggages and a few passengers. The compact car just need to take the driver with 1 or 2 passengers. The cost I believe would have come close to that of renting a Alphard. Tell yourself you have already done due diligence, and this really bopian. Btw the Vellfire I had did come with storage space under the boot floor board where you can put a space wheel and some tools. But the space is definitely not enough to put the smallest luggage there. Also wrt to air conditioning, hot air will be blown if you set temperature below the outside temperature which is same everywhere lah. Really warm air. I still remember everyone rushing into the car in the open carpark after having meals in restaurants. If have those warm seats function even lagi better.
  5. OK I can only advise on use of Alphard, but not on winter driving as never done that before. Personally I have driven Alphard in Japan with 8pax and have owned a 2015 Vellfire in Singapore for 1 year, but that was when my kids are still quite young. In Japan I rented through the Toyota rental as its rental fleet are very new. I can still remember mine has clocked very low mileage when I collected it, less than 10k. For rental, the Alphard/Vellfire only provide the 8-seater variant, meaning 2+3+3. But with last row being 2 individual seats actually, better do the 2+3+2 arrangement. The code is W3. The triplets are definitely out of question as too small for such a big group. https://rent.toyota.co.jp/eng/service/wagon.html The beauty of 2015 Alphard/Vellfire is that the 2nd and last row seats are slidable forth and back, so it is possible to slide the seats for max cargo load with bearable knee rooms for the rear passengers. What I think can work is, with the tall car height, you can definitely put the 2 pcs of 28" luggages upright at the rear boot space. Then you can slide the last row backward to the max, follow by 2nd row considering enough knee room for the last row passengers. Now you would have created a huge pocket off space between the first row and 2nd row seats, where you can now try to stack the remaining luggages up. The 2nd row passengers might have to put their feet on the luggages. Not so comfortable but definitely do-able. Best would be to get help from friends/colleague here who own this ride if they can spare 20min for you to try out first. I would not mind if I still have the ride, but too bad let go since last year already. With such a bug group of people, better not leave room for last minute surprise unless all are your close family and easy going type.. If you are adamant to put all together in one car, the next feasible alternative to rent a Hi-ace passenger van (V3) which is available only in the japan site: https://rent.toyota.co.jp/service/car/class/charge.aspx?searchKbn=6 The car is only 4.7m long, 1.7m wide, and 2m tall, so definitely drive like a car. As shown in the attached file, it can accommodate max 9 passengers and still have huge space for many luggages. But downside is seats not as comfortable as Alphard/Vellfire which is obvious. But it can definitely do the job. Hi-ace Space.pdf So in summary, better do a try out on a actual Alphard/Vellfire as it is the best option. If option 1 fail, and if still want to keep to 1 car for whatever reason, then Hi-ace passenger car is an option, but can book only through the jap site. If I were you, I would bite the bullet and take the Alphard/Vellfire option as I do not like to split the family when going holiday if possible. But that is just me lah haha. Do not blame me if you follow and did not work out haha.
  6. Heartlander

    Volvo 1 for 1

    Why nobody actually go down showroom to ask? All speculating here. Scarly really goood deal with used cars that left few years haha.
  7. Heartlander

    Singapore Motor Festival 9/10 Nov 2019

    Just now cycled along Changi Coastal Road saw many cars in the CEC premise, with cars taking turn to revv, so this is the event. Abit inconvenienced as many cars refused to stop to let cyclists pass the entrance as well as exit. Should have stationed traffic marshals there to manage the safety aspect.
  8. Heartlander

    C180 owners! how's the reliability of your car?

    Beside model, do spend abit of time to research on the significant model change and facelift for that model of your condition, and compare. Sometimes one of the models might be a new or facelifted model with significant improvements compare to the other option of similar cost. Or even if you have settled on a particular model, do check if there has been a model change or facelift just before the used car of particular year that you are buying. As an example, I was looking for used B class of about 5 years old when I researched to find that it would be much more worth it if I buy newer model of 3 years old, due to significant improvement in safety (AEB as standard) and aesthetic (LED headlight and rear light, colour and bigger dashboard LCD). But of course there is no ending to this end of justification, important is that your budget allows.
  9. So you think the rioters are trusting the hkpf as it is now? I rather hkpf put law and order back first, then build the trust slowly. Anyway it is not that hkpf is rogue and will do bad things to hk citizens so what is there to worry about trust? If a place is in chaos like hk now, how to move on? If officer having wedding celebration rioters also want to disturb then what nonsense is it? As I said many time, this just 下三滥的手段, 明的不能赢就来暗的。 Just like in Cologne where the rioters cannot win argument will just proceed to try to drown out the voice of China lady. Zero respect.
  10. Heartlander

    If Name different between Passport and Air-ticket

    My bad. Think I missed up with another matter about ESTA.
  11. Heartlander

    If Name different between Passport and Air-ticket

    Thanks. But name change is not an option as need to pay lawyer fees and the cost would be similar to getting a new ticket, not to mention the inconvenience that ensue to do rectification for those not done automatically. The worse part is that automatically need to do new passport that will come with new passport number issued, so need to ask Expediia to re-issue new ticket, but it will reject and the effort would be for nothing haha.
  12. Actually it is obvious the tear gas and rubber bullets are not leading to anything, especially the later if they are not aimed at the rioters. If real bullets had been used in the beginning, as is standard in western countries, then we will not be seeing what we see now. The rioters know that the hkpf's hands are tied so they are emboldened to escalate their violence as no consequence what. They know even if caught, can always bank on the judges to be sympathetic and lenient to them. A good example is spoilt brats at home knowing their daddy mummy will not cane them only just scold them, you think they will guai guai do homework or study? It is one thing to be fuelled by anger due to bad social condition, it is another to die for it. With real gun loaded with real bullets pointing at you, the natural instinct is to duck for self-preservation. If only hkpf had been allowed to use the necessary resource, and not the half-bake measures imposed by the circumstances as is. It has a job to do, and it should not even trying to use appropriate level of force. 杀一儆百 means you have to be aggressive and quick in order to scare the rest to retreat. If it need do it gently with so much consideration, how to do it you tell me? You want hkpf to be a even bigger international joke than now?
  13. Heartlander

    If Name different between Passport and Air-ticket

    Happy to report satisfactory ending to this bad episode. Remember I had specifically asked for sharing of real similar experience only? It is only because I had already intended to go down airline office to "bang table" to see if there is any solution to this, such as changing ticket or topup to get subsidized ticket or even more outlandish options. So was looking to gauge how the outlook is before heading down. Ticketing agent confirm cannot help, so have to approach airline to beg. And did learn something along the way so can handle similar incidence better next time.. The Lufthansa office staff at T2 gave a lot of hope. He explained that for Lufthansa for air tickets to be valid, there must be a first and last name. Eg for Adam Tan Ah Cow, so long as the Adam and Tan is put down, the passenger is safe. But if only Ah and Cow is put down, then sorry have to issue new ticket since it is considered a wrong name which will incur cost or might not be possible depending on ticket class. So our case is safe, no need to issue new ticket. And the airline cannot issue new ticket for our case as multiple airlines are involved on code sharing basis. And as multiple airlines are involved, we were advised better go SQ counter to confirm. But he assured us that worse case can put us on alternative flight operate by Lufthansa if SQ reject boarding though it will be super inconvenient, but at least better than nothing right? The girl at SQ ticketing counter then gave bad news - for SQ so long as name on air ticket is different on passport then sorry no boarding. She was firmed to explain that this is SQ policy, too bad. And after listening to our sob story on how this had dragged for more than a month by Expedia blah blah blah, she pointed us to the service counter at check-in for clarification. The girl there after listening to our story that had been repeated for the umpteenth time, reassured us that there should be no problem boarding. Then she let on a industry secret. When passenger do checkin, the counter staff can actually choose to print the name on boarding pass to be from booking site, or from passport. Just need to request to print from passport, then ok already. But if wrong name entered in air ticket, then sorry have to do name change to be issued new ticket. But throughout the whole process, something is clear is that there cannot be any discrepancy in name on passport and ESTA. If that happens, cannot even board the plane from Singapore. So now can sleep better at night already. And hope this bad episode of mine can help you to deal with similar incidence if unlucky to happen on you or close ones. But really stressful siah.
  14. You are guilty of what you accusing people. Did I say that? Please read my words carefully with a calm mind. If you want to win any argument, as obvious you want,, please put your points clearly across. Do not spew a quote and expect people to know what you want to say. You are the one who has so much faith in that quote, then please show us the basis of your confidence.
  15. Heartlander


    Just rad through the thread and saw this. This flower also called 曇花 as in 曇花一現 as it blooms only at night and last for a few hours supposedly, thus coining the verb. At home I have 2 pots. Really nice smell when bloom. Used to eagerly anticipate when the bulb got bigger and checking at night if bloom already haha.