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  1. Wow! That was unexpected ... the question is if the announcement of the withdrawal of the bill was done with the full support of China or she felt a heavy sense of responsibility to withdraw the bill to prevent more violence in the next few days. However, this sets a precedent for China (if they had agreed to withdraw the Bill) that with sustained protests and violence, they will accede to the protesters' demands. The protesters will stay out there and ensure even more chaos to see how far they can push the boundaries. If protests are sustained, they may send in the troops in view that there was no intent in stopping the protests despite the withdrawal of the Bill thereby justifying intervention. I do hope that protesters see the opportunity to stand down and de-escalate the situation on both sides. Interesting few days ...
  2. Hmmmm ... interesting NDP Rally. PM seems to say that the likelihood of flooding is NOT IF but WHEN. The pics he showed were fairly alarming ... it seems that the Sentosa Cove, Downtown, up to Novena and whole East Coast area at risk of flooding so though steps are being taken the risk is there like raising the area. Will that affect one's decision to purchase properties in these areas cos these are where quite a few prime new developments are albeit 50-100 years risk?
  3. Hahaha! I admire these students' drive and verve ... definitely not easy!
  4. I totally agree. I think maybe not soft but the environment is just not competitive. When Schooling was in Texas, he was living in a swimming world 24/7. There was nothing apart from training, training and competing. I don't think he gets that here in Singapore. There is noone in his class nationally or regionally. To be honest ... I think Schooling was very very fortunate that Caeleb Dressel had not peaked in 2016. Dressel's breakout season was in 2017 literally 6-8 months after the Summer Olympics. Dressel was a beast in 2017 World Championships second only to Phelps in the number of gold medals won.
  5. Don't forget me! I'm in ... No need what Euro Supercup, No need FA Cup, No League Cup ... I only want the Premier League! Let me experience that joy again! ... and maybe UCL winners for the 7th time again!
  6. Mcscot

    Honda CRV -facelift with 1.5 turbo

    Dear Bros ... your rides look great! Quick question ... sometimes when you start the CRV ... I have had to press my start button 2-3 times before it starts ... not sure if it is a result of not stepping on the brake hard enough?
  7. Mcscot

    HSA recalls 3 brands of high blood pressure drugs

    Bro ... you're right. Low risk does not mean no risk but then again the compound nitroamines is found in other products as well.
  8. Mcscot

    HSA recalls 3 brands of high blood pressure drugs

    Bro ... though the risk is low ... the drugs are still compromised. HSA will never allow these drugs to continue ... so need to swap. In the long term, I am not sure if other similiar type of drugs will be found to be compromised.
  9. Mcscot

    HSA recalls 3 brands of high blood pressure drugs

    Bro ... the risk as quoted by FDA (America's Food and Drug Authority) is 1 in 100000 if taking the drug for more than 70 years (lifetime risk)! The risk is miniscule ... I think driving a car has a much higher risk lifetime odds of being involved in an accident AND DYING is 1 in 572 (USA stats). Please continue to take your meds until your next appt to see the doc.
  10. Yes ... I think we have until maybe September then better be prepared to see it rocket!
  11. I totally agree with you that the high-end property may not have these issues but usually these are people who have 2-3 properties so I think a potential domino effect. I am very very concerned that this market is set up for an EPIC "dive" but I hope not cos it affects everyone ... noone will be spared. I hope some Bros in here can provide some stats to tell us otherwise.
  12. Sigh ... I hope Salah's form will turn soon. Form is temporary BUT Class is permanent!
  13. I have MAJOR concerns ... in that article ... most if not ALL buyers were purchasing for "investment purposes" which means that they will be looking for tenants in the future. When the market is flushed with condos for lease with few or worse no takers (looking at the current climate!) ... there is only 1 way the property market will go. Sorry ... I don't have stats to back this up (ie supply vs demand) but this is based on a lay person's view of what is the situation.
  14. For the last 29 years (every August) "Hope springs eternal ..." There is no reason to change now - albeit 1 point behind! C'mon you Reds!
  15. I'll have to agree with that though other aspects not soo good e.g. rental yield cos for the price you pay for landed one can get 2 Condos with much higher rental yields. I see landed as my retirement fund ... I am not a big stock and share kind of guy (just got my fingers AND toes - all 10 of them burnt by Ms Olivia Lum). When I retire, I'll likely sell and downgrade.