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  1. There are many drivers out there who once get into expressway must chiong immediately to the right lane. This BMW driver seems to be one of those kind and he has the mentality that when he signal other drivers must give way. Spoilt kid I guess.
  2. LTA just need to require seller to declare mileage with photo of odo before transfer and make it an offense for tampering or falseful declaration. Just a simple eService away. But like many have said, no money no talk?
  3. Unfortunately life is unfair. When the BMW is fully into the lane, insurance most likely view it as the taxi driver at fault. Taxi driver may report BMW inconsiderate driving to TP and maybe BMW driver gets a fine and demerit points. That's about the only recourse.
  4. The cam car drive must be practising defensive driving. He is defending his right of way furiously.
  5. What about those 19 yo who started smoking legally last year? Need to quit for the next 2 years?
  6. Dark

    Tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS)

    Looks good. Internal or external sensor? I'm looking for external sensor.
  7. Not only that but your parf will be gone too. If got coe refund will become a major loophole to bail out of high coe.
  8. Dark

    2015 Forester 2.0

    Yes and they paste the bright red motul servicing label on the windscreen.
  9. Dark

    Nissan QashQai 2014 Part 2

    When you send in did you ask to test drive to locate the sound? Usually more effective this way rather than describing the sound. Just that need to spend a bit more time there.
  10. Dark

    New Subaru XV

    I dun own one but during test drive I ask the SE and he says timing chain.
  11. Dark

    Upgrading stock horn

    I change to bosch at e-rev. Good workmanship and highly recommended. At highway speed, u won't feel anything is too loud. Just dun press the horn fully when there are pedestrians around.
  12. Yes just pumped $30 and collected one booklet. Counter staff say must pump at least $30.
  13. Dark

    Dyson Fan

    Can buy from kdk distributor at 9 Tagore Lane. https://www.kdk.sg/contacts
  14. Dark

    The loans thread!

    The outstanding amount (43556) has already factored in the interest rebate so you have double-counted the 3810 rebate.
  15. Dark

    To Stop or Speed Up at Yellow Light

    For me I always use the cement road surface as the guide whether to pass or to brake. Once inside that zone I can pass safely before turning red and it always works for me. Braking too close to the junction once the lights turn orange is as dangerous as beating red lights when there are cars behind.