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  1. inlinesix

    Electric cars

    i8 is a hybrid sports car. i3 is an EV unless REX is added.
  2. inlinesix

    Electric cars

    Most of these cars are SKD. The saving on excess duty is not a lot due to low local content. It’s the tax rebate that push the cost down. Nissan Leaf cost RM190k. The only tax is Sales & Service Tax. Hydrogen cost more than electric now. It’s about the same per KM as ICE. It address the issue of range anxiety.
  3. inlinesix

    Sdp pofma case

    It sounds like NK le
  4. inlinesix

    Sdp pofma case

    Look at this https://tfc-taiwan.org.tw
  5. inlinesix

    Sdp pofma case

    Rather than having POFMA, why not a factcheck centre? A group of researcher cross check dubious news including eat whatever can cure cancer.
  6. To Gov, these 300k ppl will not cripple the economy. However, any breakdown in Changi Airport will cripple the economy. 🤣🤣
  7. As compared to Changi Airport, it is clear which 1 is strategic importance.
  8. With online white card, a lot of visitor can be moved to self service counter. The only problem is how to educate overseas visitor on the use of online white card.
  9. Singapore white card can be filled online before hand. Self service counter difficult for car la. It will be like bus. All passengers has to q and clear immigration.
  10. inlinesix

    Exercising and losing weight

    A few days ago, my watch went haywire. Look at Strava map, it is out of sync. I reset watch GPS. After that everything is fine.
  11. inlinesix

    Exercising and losing weight

    Upload the data lo
  12. inlinesix

    Sdp pofma case

    https://www.thestar.com.my/news/nation/2019/12/19/finally-dewan-negara-approves-repeal-of-anti-fake-news-act Scraped almost 1 month liao
  13. inlinesix

    Marathons in Singapore

  14. inlinesix

    China GDP grows 6.1% in 2019, slowest rate in 29 years

    It might drop further in 2020