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  1. Ake109

    2019 3rd Generation BMW 1 Series (F40)

    Actually yes I think. But they not doing it as cleanly. IMHO, RS was first brought in as RS2 which was really special and in the class of 'M competition' or 'M CSL' etc when it appeared while the S2 was enough to fight the M3. But nowadays EVERYBODY IS TURBO AWD it is so boring! I liked it when Audi was quattro turbo, Merc was big hammer engine and BMW was NA RWD purity. Each had their USP. Now all turbo awd yaaaawwwwnnnnn....... Trivial : Did you know it is properly displayed as : RS 4 but S4. A6 but RS 6 and S6?
  2. Ake109

    2019 3rd Generation BMW 1 Series (F40)

    Answer : Its an Alpina on 20 spokes. IMHO, I rate the Alpina badge on par with M at least. Lets hope they don't go and do Alpina Sports... TMD!
  3. Ake109

    2019 3rd Generation BMW 1 Series (F40)

    You driving F40 M135? It is transverse engine, not longitudinal. Or you driving something else then yes, Aisin also have 8spd longitudinal.
  4. Ake109

    2019 3rd Generation BMW 1 Series (F40)

    Well, the M that put M on the map was a 4-pot S14 leh.
  5. Ake109

    2019 3rd Generation BMW 1 Series (F40)

    Dunno why cant edit to add to my post above. Just to add, I would be perfectly happy if my previous and current car : S4 -> Call it A4 3.0T but all else same AND CHARGE ME LESS M140i -> Call it 130i but all else same AND CHARGE ME LESS!!!
  6. Ake109

    2019 3rd Generation BMW 1 Series (F40)

    OK, my viewpoint on M fake M and AMG half AMG etc. Audi : S and RS. So far very good! Clear cut! Even have S line. BMW : Ignore what the model name says. Does the engine start with an S? Yes is real M. Anything else is half fark marketing spiel. Mercedes : Engine hand built with signature or not? (note: C43 and A35 don't have). Yes is real AMG. Anything else is half fark marketing spiel.
  7. Ake109

    2019 3rd Generation BMW 1 Series (F40)

    Walao my 140i has a more (IMHO) B&B interior then a 116/118/A180 lor. Those have leather but I get fabric smlj checkered pattern sports shit. And the rest of the car like dash also same. Anyway, 99.9% of people wont tell the difference at the lights but that's the price of wanting a bigger engine (but bank balance 53-54) in our little red dot. Sianz.
  8. Ake109

    2019 3rd Generation BMW 1 Series (F40)

    TaIk about pushing price up. I still feel kinda like goondu lor, go for the bigger engine which pushed 1 series (F20) price up to nearly 520i level. Pay near 520i price but get low rent interior. Everytime see the full decked out leather in the 3/5 series like so comfortable after staring at my budget shoebox interior.
  9. Ake109

    Unusual or Rare Cars

    Owner's bank accountS also on steroids lor.
  10. Ake109

    Unusual or Rare Cars

    Window motor jam.
  11. Another reason is some chao kar AD only give the 5 year warranty if you take loan. *cough*pml*cough*pml* When it comes to car management, have they ever been long-sighted? its one whole slew of nonsense and knee jerk reactions and adjustments and crap after another
  12. Loan loan loan loan loan. This is why COE is high and cars are expensive. Too many people stretching their arse to take car loans. I fully support ZERO loan allowed.
  13. Ake109

    Most Improved Car Brands

    Kia - yes big improvement. Not just exterior design but the quality of their interior materials are competitive now. New Cerato has great interior for that price bracket. Subaru : Good that they finally got out of the EJ engine after 30 years. Bad that they using CVT which I dont like the feel of. Interiors improved but nothing fantastic. The coming Legact is TERRIBLE. I remember when the beautiful Gen 4 legacy came out, Subaru had an advert mocking the ugly Kia Magentis. How the tables turned. Now Kia Optima is so much prettier than Legacy. Toyota : New Camry looks not so Ah Pek. Interior still a bit ah pek though. But still nice (I semi ah pek) and comfortable. Overseas Camry also got quad exhaust wor! Mitsubishi : We mock at them for building crappy Attrage and boring SUV. We remember the Jackie Chan Thunderbolt 3000GT and the Evo III to Evo X and (for older buggers) the Colt Starion Turbo and all the other 80s Mitsu Turbos. But guess what, they are selling more than ever now. Its just the fact that majority of consumers want annoynig SUVs and Crossovers. 3000GTs and LanEvos look good in magazines but they dont help car makers make that much money. Not the engine though :) Is it? I dont know of any. Can intro?
  14. Ake109

    Perfume and Nice fragrance inside car

    Do grab hitch choose all the chiobu after a while their combined perfume will overpower the current smell.
  15. Ake109

    advice for a 'new' car buyer?

    If you can afford the 6k and feel 'song' then do lor. Otherwise if you are loan free now, I would say dont take on that extra 50k loan. Lun and save a couple years maybe then get a newer Merc if you really want.