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  1. I just realized that I suppose to mean the left lane.
  2. I understand that your statements and TP actions are different. If i go by your statements, there is no distinct difference in lane numbering. I would say they are just "mental block" for commercial vehicle especially lane 1.
  3. I keep bottles of water and a small pressurized sprayer nearby because I cannot find a water extinguisher. 😄
  4. Hmm... there was once I was driving a van along bukit timah in the lane 2 of 3 lanes. A bike TP motioned me to go to lane 1. Hmm... maybe he don't like me.
  5. IMHO. If the motorcyclist was not lane splitting, likely it would be behind the lorry. In the same scenario, the motorcyclist would be able to take evasive action to the left. To answer your second question, in this particular video, there are many empty spaces on the left two lanes.
  6. IMHO. If I am from somewhere else, I would have thought one cannot use PMD and e-bike in Singapore.
  7. IMHO. 1) Lax enforcement 2) No where mentioned they cannot. Important question also includes, a) why lorry brake lights only one working? b) why motorcycle lane splitting?
  8. I somewhat agree with you. Sometime back, I saw two young gentle man that became PHV drivers. In the morning, they would take their time to warm up the car and have a smoke break together. After sometime, at times, I noticed one of them start work much earlier. Usually is rush down and drives off. Recently, I saw one of them like no longer PHV driver - he still smoke but at the sheltered car pick-up point.
  9. IMHO. Sometimes one needs to do a stocktake. For example, take a look at the acronym PMD. It is a "personal mobility device" . Notice the word personal. In the active mobility Act 2017, it is indicated that :- “personal mobility device” or “PMD” means a wheeled vehicle that — (a)is built to transport people only (with or without carry‑on baggage); and (b)is propelled by an electric motor attached to the vehicle or by human power or both, In the said Act, there is no definition for baggage. According to one dictionary, Baggage - suitcases and bags containing personal belongings packed for travelling; luggage. In summary, a PMD is to transport people only with baggage containing their personal belongings. Thus, I am bewildered just linking the use of PMD with businesses. P.S. I went to the Grabfood website - Your ride, your choice. Deliver by bike, PMD, bicycle or on foot – the choice is yours.
  10. The effects after self regulation may comes in many forms. If self regulation in your opinion is ridiculous, then you may want to expect ridiculous regulation.
  11. IMHO. I see it as PMD users fail to self-regulate. There were "chances" given but self-regulation still did not happen. Thus, someone else needs to step in to regulate them.
  12. Kklee

    Climate change ...

    They are saying the crew that bring back the boat is not zero emission. https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/9739595/greta-thunbergs-carbon-free-yacht-trip-flights/ If they bring back the boat, how will she return with zero emission ?
  13. I hope that all PMD riders following the method of PDMs riding on grass as away could read this posting. For PMDs riding on footpath, now is "advisory period". For PMDs riding on grass, there is NO "advisory period".
  14. I would say he should be thankful that he is making money using a PMD.... while it last.