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  1. IIRC, New Zealand is in the Ring of Fire. Hence, there is really isn't a good time to visit. IMHO after my visit to South Islands sometime back, while New Zealand wants tourism dollars, the up keep of the tourism infrastructure like rest stops and facilities, on a few occasions, still needs to improvement. E.g. my encounter is that a few scenic rest stops are closed for construction and no rest room facilities at a popular tourist spot. At the petrol kiosk near the tourist stop, they have signs to say rest rooms are for their customers only. That said, I am NZ will do their utmost to repair.
  2. Kklee

    Toyota Owners please come in!

    Maybe but the least is his story. All of us should worry. I saw on the unseen side of the moon there are aliens technology.
  3. Kklee

    Toyota Owners please come in!

    Similar scenario - mileage > 100k and servicing 10k +-1k. No issue as yours. Maybe it is good to change ALL the ignition coil if travel up north.
  4. Kklee

    Toyota Owners please come in!

    I am looking for such an app. 😎
  5. It could cause the driver to think that the rider was slowing down to turn into the carpark.
  6. A question I have is whether the motorcycle had the right-turn indicator on.
  7. Kklee

    High cost of living in SG

    Any idea for the WP paper on housing, who is in the Workers' Party Policy Team ?
  8. Kklee

    My 4th Telco TPG Sim Card

    You can use MAPS.ME as a backup offline map.
  9. Kklee

    My 4th Telco TPG Sim Card

    You applied?
  10. Kklee

    My 4th Telco TPG Sim Card

    You can try using the speedtest app. IIRC, in my previous testing, download speed of TPG 4G was slower than Singtel 3G at certain places.
  11. Kklee

    My 4th Telco TPG Sim Card

    Eh.... want to save cost, look at prepaid - especially M1. 😀
  12. 5 year mark already. 😀
  13. IIRC. It's true for my previous car. The rear shocks lasted > 200k km. The front shocks should last > 200k km as well but I changed it out for troubleshooting at about 150k km. I followed closely to the factory setup of semi-performance tyres using the same rims without excessive over-inflation. Usually go over humps at a higher speed and the load is about 2/3 full. IMHO. For my previous car, I would say that the suspension setup needs semi-performance tyres to match to the shocks. I have tried comfort tyres but they don't seem to match well, regardless of tyre pressure. The shocks and tyres need to work together. One or two I know , those that have upgraded to bigger rims with performance tyres, usually the factory shocks will fail earlier - likely because the shocks have to do all the work because of the performance tyres.