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  1. haven't been feeding ?
  2. Nope... Everyone should just carry the American flag and ask Trump for help ... Coz he is a staunch supporter of demoncrazy. If Trump not enough, can ask the Norwegian woman who voted hkg for the nobel prize to rally also... She and her stock pile of salmon.
  3. Conditions can be expected... No one is so dumb to go look for death... Unlike our pmd users.
  4. Ysc3

    playing on the road

    Thank you for the verification! 👍 But aside, how the residents going to get back to their houses ?
  5. Ysc3

    playing on the road

    i was thinking more like ... kampong spirit !!
  6. anyway back to topic ... Killer who sparked Hong Kong protests agrees to surrender to Taiwan The man whose actions inadvertently triggered months of violent protests in Hong Kong told chief executive Carrie Lam in a letter on Friday (Oct 18) that he has "decided to surrender himself to Taiwan" after he is discharged from prison. Chan Tong-kai, 20, is wanted for the murder of his pregnant girlfriend Poon Hiu-wing during a holiday in Taiwan in February last year. On Dec 3, 2018, Taiwan issued an arrest warrant for Chan. He fled back to Hong Kong, where Taiwanese police have been unable to apprehend him because of the lack of an extradition agreement. The case triggered a proposal by the Hong Kong government to propose an extradition Bill that would have allowed the city to extradite suspects to any territory, including mainland China. The now-scrapped Bill was met with anger and led to months of violent protests as part of a wider movement calling for more autonomy from Beijing.
  7. from what i understand, they do enbloc or reclaim also ... just like SG .... if govt need the land to build mrt or whatever, they will reclaim the land back from the "owner". price wise, it is not indicative. I have read of a SG man who bought land in hainan but was reclaimed by the CN govt for a paltry sum. then i have heard that local farmers became millionaires after the govt reclaimed the farming land from the owners. btw, public housing there is only 65 years.
  8. Ysc3

    playing on the road

    how do we classify this group of "pedestrians" ? Kids play cricket in middle of the road at Tanjong Rhu: 'It's a recipe for disaster'
  9. this actually reminds me of a dog which was langgah-ed on changi coast road (just ouside the country club) a few years back. I still remembered it as a dog carcass on my way to work in the morning ... but then on the way back, it had become like the pic above !!
  10. But this isn't... https://youtu.be/Oe89u3N1G64
  11. It's quite normal everywhere.
  12. i bo-tak-chek one lah ... now some got "Master Potential Lecturer" !! must be very high ranking !!
  13. i have a super duper distant relative (wife side) who is anti-govt since before this fiasco ... he says he rather be a AM dog, than be a CN man. you say lor ... no wonder so many of his relatives also distance themselves from him.