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  1. Vextan

    HDB REsales price

    good weekend to you too.
  2. Vextan

    Why SG cannot have porno?

    What's so nice or the big deal about porn ? only those who are deprived and innocent will be curious and yearning, and they are usually the young ones. For the grown ups, you can have it almost easily at home or outside.
  3. Vextan

    Ng Boon Gay.. Too much details revealed..

    absolutely agree with you.. that is the face of many people, especially the anti-gahment. that's why so many postings of criticising the gahment, it is just finding fault for the sake of opposing.
  4. Vextan

    Ng Boon Gay.. Too much details revealed..

    Whatever happened to those who said that he is sure to be convicted base on how bias the court proceeding went ?? As it is, it is very difficult to defeat the man at his own game which he is the master of it, being chief of cnb and cid.
  5. Vextan

    Obama State of the Union speech

    I was told (but not verified) that the huge debt of USA is in small parts attrubuted to the bonds they sold to china and japan, and the main part of the debt is due to they have actually depleted the socia security bond, akin to our CPF. Dont know how true is that.
  6. Vextan

    Obama State of the Union speech

    Yeah, and fyi United States' total national debt is about $220 trillion. Nice words are easy to say and pleasant to listen to, while unpopular policies are always frown upon, only time will tell.
  7. Vextan

    Govt unveils plans to support population growth

    Good points, taken.
  8. Vextan

    Govt unveils plans to support population growth

    Thanks for your amicable opinion.
  9. Vextan

    Govt unveils plans to support population growth

    Guys, allow me to interrupt, in good faith and intention. I know all of you hate the ruling party to the core and whatever they do or say, will interpret as evil and downright wrong. I urge you not to let your hatred deny you of reasoning and rationality. Has it never occurred to you why is it that in such threads, everyone is singing the same tune and no one has spoken for the gahment ? I have participated in discussion forums, e.g. channel news asia, and i have known some friends in person there and here. These are very respectable and really wise people, whom a few forumers here actually know them (one of them also knows Damienic and i am very sure he will agree about that person if i am to tell him the names). They all tell me the same one thing, with a tinge of despondency, that many forumers who are anti-gahment in the forums, are so paranoid and cynical, that they have totally lost their reasoning, rationality and objectivity. They often tell me ( i have lost count the number of PMs and words in person), to quote the exact words from a few, that " there is no point in reasoning or arguing with them about the government" , because they are already completely obsessed,and chooses to see things as what they want to see it as. At the risk of putting myself in the line of fire, I am saying this is because, unlike them, i hope, that you all can find the level-headedness within yourself, and not let your heart be poisoned by your hatred for the gahment, for the life it has brought onto yours, and every 'bad' thing they are perceived to have done and are doing now. I apologise if i antagonise anyone , but take it from me that, truly, there are many people out there, keeping silent, are feeling sorry about this situation. Think about it.
  10. Vextan

    Changing New Car for CNY

    Talk about what car you drive during CNY is so superficial and shallow.
  11. Vextan

    Govt unveils plans to support population growth

    ok , point noted, thanks for the insight.
  12. Vextan

    Govt unveils plans to support population growth

    i would think there is nothing wrong if they seek their venture here and we can benefit also. Isn't it crystal clear that people moving across nations to work has long been a norm around the world aready ? Many SIngaporeans move to other countries to work, stay and migrate, just as Malaysia and about every other country. I used to work in USA (Oracle), and there were as many foreigner workers as americans in my company.
  13. Vextan

    Govt unveils plans to support population growth

    Obviously they know that this will cause more unhappiness with many people, and you think they are stupid to shoot themselves in their foot ? Look at how the recent years we have ride though the global economic termoil almost unscathed. Not enough evidence of solving problems ? We should be thankful when we have enjoyed what we have today. Jobs, car, houses, security, infrastructure, a system that works, effective civil service etc . Sure we can complain about the relative emptiness of the cup, but let's give credit where credit is due, and be more contented. I feel that many of the unhappiness of the people is mainly due to such people living above their means and so find it suffocating, and so pushes the blame to the gahment. If one learns to be more contented and on the ground, life can be so much better.
  14. Vextan

    Govt unveils plans to support population growth

    The fact that the gahment still plan to increase the population despite just losing out in the BE, shows that they are not populist whose policies are to win votes, but to do what is good (albiet painful) for the long term. This is exactly the reason why the country has prospered under their governance, and how they are admired as the best in the world.