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  1. VellfireS

    Audio Shop Recommendation

    Mine I did with Dats Auto.... so far so good...
  2. VellfireS

    Reviews/Comments needed on the Jaguar XJ

    Ouch.. yes same like my 7... air suspension... gearbox part scary.. really wow
  3. VellfireS

    Reviews/Comments needed on the Jaguar XJ

    Hello Darling <3 <3 I'm sure you won't have the heart to right wah so bad ah.. care to share more details? HAHAHAHAHAH... Cheeky ah LOL... hello boss long time no see
  4. Good day fellow brothers. It's been long guys. Hope all of you are doing fine ;) I wanted to know, anyone here is driving the Jaguar XJL 3.0 SC? I'm looking at getting one as it's quite attractively priced in the used market to replace my ageing F02 730Li. However, since it's quite a "niche" brand, not too sure about the wear and tear, plus the parts availability. Was looking at the S400 too, but depreciation still too much for me to swallow. Would appreciate valuable input as it would greatly assist in me making up my mind. Thank You
  5. VellfireS

    Arsenal Fans Fall in here... SEDIA..

    Honestly thought would have ended as draw yesterday. Sigh. Last min Fellaini...
  6. VellfireS

    Celebrities & The Cars They Drive

    I remember Prof Yaacob was driving a Camry Hybrid. Mr Tharman with his trusty old maroon Estima. COE renewed one..
  7. VellfireS

    Arsenal Fans Fall in here... SEDIA..

    It's indeed a heartbreaking season. Sigh.... I believe what Gunners going thru now... is what Reds went thru a few seasons ago... really can lose the determination one..
  8. VellfireS

    Legit or dodgy?

  9. VellfireS

    Legit or dodgy?

    chey i tot some lupsup topic
  10. VellfireS

    Vellfire/Alphard Owners.. Come in..

    Hahaha.. the depre for used one not bad le boss..
  11. VellfireS

    Vellfire/Alphard Owners.. Come in..

    Hahahah.. changed to the newer one bro :p lai lai lai... more than welcome.. It's a great ride..
  12. VellfireS

    MCF Members Introduction

    mine nothing that great to say about myself. sighpie.. cum onnnnnn...... I mean come.. sorry iPhone typo :p
  13. VellfireS

    New 2015 Toyota Alphard and Vellfire

    Bros.. Those of you who are not in our groupchat yet, please PM me.. lots of poison awaits. Also with general advice and TCSS..