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    Step right up with a new Lexus IS

    Looking to celebrate a big milestone and take the next step up into the life of automotive luxury? The Lexus IS will tick all the right boxes for you. The passage of time is a fundamentally inescapable reality of life, one perhaps most easily marked by the annual celebration of your entrance into this world - birthdays. But marking the passage of time should be more than just plotting out one day in the calendar. Life should be celebrated in milestones. Milestone moments in life represent significant changes - changes that elevate and enhance our lives for the better. Starting school is a big milestone. Getting your first job is a big milestone. Turning 30 is a big milestone. Getting married is a big milestone. And, buying your first premium car is a big milestone, too. Taking that next automotive step requires a fair amount of deliberation - the car needs to deliver notable improvements to your quality of life, and at the same time still needs to be practical, usable and reasonably financially accessible. And of course, it must be exciting - a fitting celebration for a grand occasion. Here are four ways the Lexus IS is the ideal choice for the next step in life. Impeccable quality Arguably, the most important thing about a premium car is its quality - from the materials used to the level of craftsmanship. The Lexus IS is appealing both outside and inside, with its sleek sporty exterior that cocoons a cabin that is faultlessly crafted with hand stitched seams and premium materials, creating a luxurious and lavish ambience. Sensible utility Sharp styling and fine materials are all well and good, but a car must fulfill its fundamental purpose well, and the Lexus delivers. Enter the driver seat and you'll feel a sense of familiarity accentuated with quality, making this car an easy driver that's ideal for city living. Parking is an effortless and anxiety-free endeavour due to its compact size, but don't let its stature fool you - the IS cleverly disguises comfortable and ample seating for up to five, and also boasts a sensibly sized 480-litre boot that will accommodate a young growing family. Easy accessibility Stepping up into luxury obviously comes at a cost, but that doesn't mean it's not achievable. In fact, with a list price of $176,800, the Lexus IS is in fact one of the most affordable cars in its segment right now. The Lexus IS also makes enhanced performance accessible. The turbocharged 2.0-litre delivers 241bhp and 350Nm of torque to the rear wheels in silky smooth fashion. And, that enhanced performance doesn't come at a significant compromise on fuel economy - the car is rated at 13.3km/L. Fitting eligibility Ultimately, celebrating milestones and taking the next step in life is all about the feel good factor. Whether it's buying your dream car, the Rolex you have been aspiring to, or even your dream guitar, these are all celebrations of personal accomplishment, and must imbue you with a sense of joy and pride. Behind the wheel of the Lexus IS, there's no doubt that you will feel good. With its effortless power, sweet and assured handling and ample refinement, the Lexus IS delivers a heartily luxurious and emotional experience perfectly suited for the modern gentleman. As a proud owner of the Lexus IS, there's no doubt that it will enhance your life is a multitude of ways, and will capably take you on to your next big milestone in life.
  2. Not only is Gazoo Racing the face of Toyota's motorsports endeavours, it is also an important arm that helps to improve Toyota's lineup of cars. Here's what Gazoo Racing is all about. Toyota has been deeply involved in motorsports throughout the years. In fact, Toyota has an illustrious motorsport history that traces all the way back to the early 1970s. Toyota won its first-ever world championship title with the Toyota Celica in the 1990 World Rally Championship (WRC). It then went on to snag the 1993 title as well. Toyota's success was not limited to the WRC, the Toyota GT-One was a formidable Le Mans' racer in the 1990s, which held the lap record for the Circuit de la Sarthe up until 2006. Additionally, Toyota was also involved in NASCAR as well as the pinnacle of motorsports - Formula One. In more recent times, The Japanese carmaker has been concentrating its motorsports effort under the Toyota Gazoo Racing brand to much success. Gazoo Racing snagged the World Manufacturers' Champion in the 2018 World Rally Championship, a one-two finish at the 2018 24 Hours of Le Mans endurance race as well as the current fastest lap record at the Circuit de la Sarthe with the TS050 Hybrid LMP1 race car. From circuits to the streets By competing under extreme conditions at motorsports events around the world, Toyota Gazoo Racing has developed the technology and passion to make better cars. The extreme environment of racing makes it the ideal training ground, between the occurrence of unexpected events and the split-second important decisions that are made, both drivers and the cars are pushed to the limit. These experiences inspire and push the development of Toyota cars. As Toyota Gazoo Racing continually fine tunes and improve its skills in car development to maintain their dominance in motorsports, this experience and innovation is also shared with the larger Toyota entity to create 'ever better' cars for the drivers like you and I. Toyota create cars that drivers feel comfortable in, this is as important on the street as on race tracks. A race driver will only be able to perform when they can communicate with the vehicle using all their senses. Likewise, a driver-centric car will not only be comfortable, but also safe and enjoyable to drive on the streets. The result of this can be seen in the newly released GR Supra, which is designed with sports performance and dynamics in mind. The most gruelling of tests brings out the maximum potential The Nurburgring, also known as 'The Green Hell' is an extremely challenging circuit located in the northwest of Germany. The Nurburgring consists of two tracks, the 5.1km Grand Prix track that hosts F1 and World Endurance Championship (WEC) races and the 20.8km Nordschleife. The Nordscheleife has a layout that resembles European back roads, apart from the fact that it is a whopping 20.8km long, it also features more than 170 corners - more than ten times the amount of corners on Japan's Fuji Speedway circuit, as well as a maximum elevation difference of 300m. It is littered with low speeds as well as extremely high speed sections. Due to its challenging and gruelling nature, the Nurburgring demands the most out of not just the drivers, but also the cars that run on it. As such it is known for single-lap time trials carried out by production cars to show their prowess. Manufacturers often develop their cars on the Nurburgring while attempting to best one another by setting the best record. Toyota Gazoo Racing started competing in the 24 Hours of Nurburgring from 2007. By competing in the world's most demanding race, Toyota is not only able to refine its cars, people and teams, it also enables them to experience and craft a unique flavour of its car that had been perfected through the races. Naturally, many of Toyota's sports models were refined at the Nurburgring, this includes the revered A80 Supra, Altezza, 86 as well as the all new Toyota GR Supra. In recent years, this treatment has also trickled down to standard models such as the C-HR. Journey on the pursuit of making a better car Toyota Gazoo Racing embarked on Toyota's five Continents Drive Project in 2014. Toyota's employees drove through Australia in 2014, North America in 2015, Latin America in 2016, Europe in 2017, Africa in 2018 and finally for 2019 - Asia, starting from the Middle East and eventually back to Tokyo just in time for the 2020 Olympic Games. This project stems from Toyota's belief that each road trains it to build better cars. They believe the road is the greatest teacher, showing what a car should be like - roads build people, and people build cars, which is why testing is also done on different kinds of roads around the world, as each road has their intrinsic differences and poses different challenges. Traversing through the different continents, Toyota's drivers have been amazed by the importance of a car's performance. In the wilderness, the car's performance and reliability can mean the difference between life and death. Travelling through the continents also puts Toyota cars to the test in situations that you and I face daily, such as congested traffic in city streets - the cars have to be able to withstand the heat and start-stop driving conditions. As a matter of fact, Akio Toyoda, the President of Toyota Motor Corporation also takes part in the drive. He also competes in rallies and other races that Toyota takes part in, striving to create better-driving cars through the experience gained. By driving through these roads, the drivers are able to experience intense stimulation of all senses - something that can't be replicated on test courses and race tracks. Such a drive project not only tests Toyota's cars to the limit, they also provide a valuable experience for Toyota's drivers and technicians, which in turn aids in the development of Toyota cars.
  3. Many are unfamiliar with the benefits that come with their car insurance plan. Thankfully, Aviva provides a comprehensive guide for all motorists regardless of age! Whether you are a new car owner or have racked up years of experience on the road, it is still worth ensuring that you are protected against any sort of car troubles you may encounter. We break down the typical car troubles that different age groups normally run into, so you can check if your insurance plan delivers the exact sort of coverage you need! The young millennial go-getter You may be new to driving and eager to embark on some adventures behind the wheel. At this age, heading up North for driving excursions may become part and parcel of your holiday plans. However, you may still be uncertain of what to do in an accident. If you're afraid of getting stranded in an unfamiliar location, consider getting an insurance plan that provides a towing benefit. With Aviva's insurance coverage, you get to travel with the assurance that you are protected with unlimited towing benefits, giving you the peace of mind to better enjoy your holidays. As an additional bonus, Aviva's insurance plan comes with a claims promise that no upfront excess payment is required, and that your NCD will not be penalised if you are not at fault in an accident. This empowers you with greater control over your overall car expenditure. Use that extra money to save up for that housing loan you might be about to take on, or to plan for yet more adventures in the future! The young family with children At this stage of life, your children are your top priority. Ferrying the entire family around is now part and parcel of your weekend duties. Don't let your child's antics in the back of the car distract you from what is important - getting to the destination safely. Start off every journey on the right foot with Aviva's child-seat cover of up to $250 and ensure that your precious ones are safely tucked-in and prepared for any unforeseen circumstances. Even if you are not entirely up to speed on the inner workings of your car at this point, fret not. Aviva's complimentary roadside assistance service is open all day and night, every day of the year, so you can receive the best assistance to get your car working again, whether it be a tyre change or a dead battery. With the Standard and Prestige plan, Aviva will even tow your car to a service centre of your choice within Singapore if the breakdown is too severe for a roadside repair. With domestic expenses mounting, you do not want to be spending on unnecessary items. If you are a MINDEF or MHA group term life policyholder, you and all family members will get to enjoy an additional 15% discount on your Aviva car insurance plan, on top of any ongoing promotions. Save up on your outgoing expenditures with Aviva and ensure that you always have spare cash on hand for those extra diapers and milk formula! driving The older families with driving-age teenagers Watching your children grow up can be richly rewarding. Having them go on their first drives, perhaps not as much. Take the edge off that inevitable nerve-wrecking experience by signing up with Aviva's Prestige plan and be assured that even if your teenagers do get into an accident, professional assistance is but a call away with Aviva's Quick Emergency assistance, eCall. Thanks to an easily installed Bosch safety device, real-time crash detection will automatically alert Aviva's emergency team with data about the crash severity and the car's location if you or your teenage children get involved in an accident. The emergency team can then call you or utilise the information to send accurate information to emergency services immediately. Think about this: In a severe accident, those precious seconds and the delivery of accurate data could genuinely help to save the lives of your precious ones. Not convinced? Then also consider this - Aviva's Prestige plan also provides coverage without any additional excess for young or inexperienced drivers, allowing you to cover every driver in the household without incurring high auto insurance costs. The retirees You most likely have experienced your fair share of road rage and reckless driving at this point and have probably seen it all. Even if nothing on the road fazes you anymore, a good car insurance plan is still a must to ensure that you do not end up facing mounting medical expenditures in the event of a severe accident. Plan and make sure you do not have to face that harsh doctor's bill head-on with Aviva's high medical expense coverage of up to $100,000 on their Standard and Prestige plan. With the Prestige plan, you still get to enjoy the benefits of eCall, ensuring that Quick Emergency assistance is always on hand to render assistance, just in case you get so shaken up that you fail to note down all the information you need to report on the accident. Getting involved in an accident can be a nerve-wrecking and time-consuming event. Thankfully, Aviva's comprehensive range of car insurance benefits ensures that there is something for everyone regardless of what stage you are at in life. Don't get caught without the necessary assistance if you do get involved in an unfortunate incident behind the wheel, check out Aviva's suite of car insurance plans and find something that best fits your needs today! See what benefits you stand to enjoy with Aviva Car Insurance!
  4. Mobil 1 is a name synonymous to many and has a longstanding history. We check out three automotive establishments, which have trusted Mobil 1 over the years. Who is Brenntag? Brenntag is the global leader when it comes to the distribution of chemicals. Its diverse operations span across 580 locations in 76 countries. One of the products that it officially distributes is Mobil lubricants, which range from commercial vehicle lubricants to passenger vehicle lubricants (including motorcycle oils), with the latter branded as Mobil 1. How Mobil 1 works with Brenntag? As the Authorised Distributor for Mobil 1 engine oils in Singapore, Brenntag has a strong focus and understanding of the automotive landscape in Singapore, as its Asia Pacific headquarters is based here. Brenntag has been partnering with car dealers and automotive workshops that allow consumers here to have the best Mobil 1 products to choose from. Why Mobil 1? Because automakers trust Mobil 1 - more than 70 of the top performance vehicle models roll off factory lines with Mobil 1 motor oil. We check out three successful automotive workshops that have built trust in Mobil 1 products over the years. MBM Wheelpower: Automotive maintenance grandeur Since 2001, MBM Wheelpower's vision is to be Singapore's premier independent workshop, offering a very high level of service, with none of the expected high costs. And when you turn up at the sixth floor at Sin Ming Autocity, you'll know MBM isn't mucking about - we dare say that it even tops the service outlets of authorised dealers. Its intricate fittings, such as lounge sofas, and a cigar and wine bar, isn't a grand hotel lounge, but the waiting lounge of MBM Wheelpower. MBM Wheelpower is one of the trusted and leading independent car workshops in Singapore. With over 38,000sqft of space, it can serve up to 80 cars daily, providing a one-stop solution to all. From bread-and-butter models like the Honda Vezel, to rare and exotic cars like the Lamborghini Aventador, MBM Wheelpower has the skills to handle various makes and models. Besides the usual service routine, it has a body and paint centre, with a state-of-the-art chassis alignment system that is able to correct accident vehicles to OEM standards. With its high levels of service and hospitality, Mobil 1 is the lubricant used for MBM Wheelpower's services. It complements MBM Wheelpower's abilities with its top-quality service and expertise. As Mobil 1 has different levels of specification and approvals for its lubricants, it caters to the various makes and models that MBM services and maintains every day. To find out more about MBM Wheelpower, head on down to its website, here. Juzz For Cars: A partnership over decades For those au fait the BMW brand, the Juzz For Cars name is probably one many will know of. As a preferred car servicing outfit for BMWs and MINIs, Juzz For Cars also offers state-of-the-art diagnostics, bodywork repair and aftermarket support all under one roof on the third floor of Sin Ming Autocare. Juzz For Cars prides itself with its high levels of care and expertise in handling its customer's cars. This includes the little details, from making sure car seats, steering wheels and body panels are protected before work begins. Founder of Juzz For Cars, Amos Mok, has a strong passion for cars. Since its inception in 1999, there has been one brand of oil that Amos and his team has trusted, and that is Mobil 1. "Mobil 1 sells by itself with its longstanding history in the industry," says Amos. "We know that it works, and as car enthusiasts ourselves, we only trust the products that we would use ourselves on our customers' cars." And it is that level of trust that the customers at Juzz For Cars have expected from Amos and his team over the past two decades. For example, it provides a pickup and drop-off service for customers with busy schedules. It means customers can have their cars picked up from their preferred locations. With follow-up calls to ensure customers are at ease, customers can trust that Juzz For Cars takes care of their rides - the same way that Mobil 1 is a trusted lubricant brand. To find out more on Juzz For Cars, check out its official Facebook page here. AbwinM9 Service Centre: A new outfit with a long history AbwinM9 Service Centre covers all aspects of car servicing, from parts replacement to repair and diagnostics for all makes and models. AbwinM9, strategically located in the East at Premier @ Kaki Bukit, might be a new outfit, but it is no stranger when it comes to our local automotive landscape. Abwin's experience with commercial vehicles spans over two decades, from the sales of new and used commercial vehicles to servicing and bodywork repair. And with AbwinM9 Service Centre, it is through its new passenger vehicle service offerings using Mobil 1 lubricants that the AbwinM9 team and its customers have seen positive results. This brings a new level of value added service to its clients. According to Hong, AbwinM9's Chief Mechanic, his recommendations for Mobil 1 to customers has seen positive results. "One of my customers switched to Mobil 1 fully synthetic, which gave him better fuel consumption and quieter engine operation. He came back to buy eight servicing packages using Mobil 1 with us immediately," quipped Hong, with a smile. That customer, which Hong says is a private-hire driver, is one of many examples he shared on his customers' experience with Mobil 1. And for private-hire drivers, fuel consumption is ever so important, as it can have an impact on revenue. "Mobil engine oil brings about a positive experience for our customers, including myself. I'm using Mobil 1 products for my own car," said Jack Goh, Managing Director of AbwinM9. "You don't need to be a car enthusiast to know that Mobil 1 works, and it needs no introduction - everyone knows it is a very good lubricant brand," added Jack. To find out more on AbwinM9 and its services, head to its website, here. Power Up for Singapore with Mobil 1 If you're looking into getting a Mobil 1 service at any of the three esteemed workshops we've mentioned, well, Brenntag has a promotion for you. From now till 31 October 2019, purchase a Mobil 1 Servicing Package from the three above-mentioned workshops and you stand a chance to win a pair of Luxury Cruise Tickets! To participate, SMS: Mobil1 [space] Your Name [space] Receipt No. [space] Workshop name to 9010 2322. Terms & Conditions apply. To find out more, click here.
  5. The Type S concept that Acura is showing off at Monterey Car Week is basically the blueprint for the next-generation TLX sedan in its top-performance trim — minus some of the design flourishes that make it a concept. "The Type S concept sets the stage for re-introducing Type S performance variants to the Acura lineup after a decade hiatus, and will heavily influence the character of the upcoming, second-generation TLX Type S," the company said in a statement. Acura, which is harking back to its performance roots with edgier looks and go-fast parts, released images of the concept prior to its presentation at Monterey Car Week on Thursday. The next-generation TLX is likely to be shown in the coming months for sale as a 2021 model. The production car will have door handles — unlike the concept — along with larger side mirrors and an interior similar to the redesigned RDX crossover, which last year became the brand's first mainstream model under the new design direction. Acura's remake began four years ago with the second-generation NSX supercar. Acura designers say the concept to be shown in Monterey already has many of the engineering details worked out, suggesting the production car won't be far off in terms of overall design. The concept will also heavily influence a second vehicle with the reborn Type S trim, although Acura hasn't said which one. "The return of Type S is instrumental in our mission to return Acura to its performance roots," said Jon Ikeda, Acura brand officer. More recently, Acura brought back A Spec appearance trims, along with a new pentagon grille for all models. It also confirmed a new turbocharged six-cylinder engine is in the works for Type S models, excluding the low-volume NSX, which has a unique powertrain. "I don't have the direct numbers to give you about the exact performance," Ikeda said at an event last week. "I guarantee you that just as exciting as these [Type S] vehicles were in the past, we are definitely going to have the performance upgrade, whether its brakes or handling or performance of the engine." The luxury brand has said it will get down to four core vehicles: two sedans and two crossovers. The RLX full-size sedan is set to be discontinued given its poor sales. Moreover, Acura is refocusing on the NSX as its halo vehicle rather than a big sedan. The Type S trims are seen as the bridge to link the NSX to the brand's more attainable models. The "brand pyramid" consists of the NSX at the top, followed by Type S performance trims, A Spec appearance trims and regular models. Up next for a full redesign after the TLX are the MDX three-row crossover and ILX compact sedan. That will complete Ikeda's promise, in the short term, to bring Acura back to its roots as a brand that is deeply involved in racing and reflects that racing heritage in its vehicles. "What we did promise our dealers and our enthusiast friends is that as we go back [to our roots] you're going to see a transformation happening to their brand through our products and designs, and not only through performance," Ikeda said. He promised that "big changes" in product are coming "very quickly."
  6. BMW has been supplying safety cars to MotoGP for 20 years now, and its latest is this M8 Competition. It debuted at the weekend’s race in Austria – where Andrea Dovizioso recorded a vital win to keep in touch with Marc Marquez in the rider standings – thus starting its role in the job partway through a season. It’s perhaps fitting that MotoGP has employed M Division’s most powerful car yet to work on a grid of 200mph bikes, with the 616bhp M8 Comp capable of 0-62mph in 3.2secs and a 186mph top speed. While the standard car comes with a wealth of tech, including Drift Mode-equipped four-wheel drive and almost all the electronics under the sun, BMW has understandably given it a small makeover for circuit duty. There’s a carbon-tipped titanium exhaust system to ensure the M8 sounds nearly as good as the bikes around it. A roll cage, fire extinguisher and race-spec Recaro seats. Cup tyres and motorsport-spec bonnet catches. A ginormous wing nicked from the BMW M8 GTE racecar. And last but certainly not least, lots of MotoGP stickers and a whopping great light bar on the roof. Safety’s never looked so aggressive. The M8 replaces a 592bhp BMW M5 on MotoGP marshalling duties, while Formula E now uses a fairly unique BMW i8 Speedster.
  7. A Tennessee-based Ford dealership specializing in Roush-tuned Mustangs has developed a real corker to celebrate this year's 50th anniversary of when a GT40 in Gulf Oil livery won the 24 Hours of Le Mans. That was back in 1969, though the same car, also wearing the Gulf Oil livery, was also a winner at the 1968 24 Hours of Le Mans. The special Mustang honoring those wins has been developed by Brown Lee Ford of Nashville, Tennessee. It's called the Brown Lee Performance Gulf Heritage Mustang, and just 119 examples will be built, each priced from $139,995. That's a steep price to pay for a Mustang, especially with the Shelby GT500 offering up 760 horsepower for just $73,995. Well, Brown Lee Ford's Mustang goes further with an output of 808 horsepower and 677 pound-feet of torque generated by its 5.0-liter supercharged V-8. Paired with a 6-speed manual transmission or 10-speed automatic, the engine will rocket the car from 0-60 mph in as low as 3.3 seconds and past the quarter-mile in under 10.7 seconds. Beyond the supercharger, the Brown Lee Ford team upgraded the fuel injectors and added high-flow intake and exhaust systems, as well as intercooler. There's also track-tuned suspension, carbon fiber aero elements including a wicker bill spoiler, a few unique interior appointments, and of course the famous Gulf Oil livery. And for a bit of peace of mind, the car even comes with a 3-year/36,000 mile limited warranty. “We are incredibly proud to have this opportunity to honor the Ford and Gulf racing legacy in such a special build,” said Brock Patterson, Brown Lee Ford's global specialty vehicle manager. “With over 800 horsepower carrying this licensed icon from 0-60 mph in under 3.5 seconds, the Gulf Heritage Edition Mustang pays homage to the accomplishments of the Ford and Gulf racing teams from 50 years ago, on all levels.” The Brown Lee Performance Gulf Heritage Mustang will be presented on August 18 at the 2019 Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance. The event caps Monterey Car Week which is currently under way. For our complete coverage on the event, head to our dedicated hub.
  8. A classic Aston Martin V8 Vantage will star in the new James Bond film. As much was confirmed after an amateur video surfaced on social media showing the car on set during filming for 007’s next outing in Norway. The video provides confirmation that the latest Bond movie will feature a petrol-powered Aston, following recent speculation that Bond would be seen behind the wheel of the £250,000 all-electric Aston Martin Rapide e. There’s nothing to suggest the Rapide e won’t make an appearance as well but now we know for sure that Bond will get his V8 hit. Bond last drove the classic Aston in the 1987 film, The Living Daylights, with actor Timothy Dalton at the helm. Both a convertible and hardtop version of the V8 Vantage appeared in the movie.’ The ‘Q-branch’ hardtop version featured a range of upgrades, such as retractable skis, spiked snow tyres and an afterburner hidden behind the rear number plate. Like all Bond cars, Dalton’s V8 Vantage was also fitted with a host of gadgets, including a pair of heat-seeking missiles, a police scanner radio, laser beams built into the front wheels and a self-destruct function. Whether or not similar toys will appear on the Vantage for the latest Bond film is yet to be confirmed.
  9. Deeq


    Whether you are a driver or not, chances are you recognise Shell. And it isn't just due to Shell's extensive involvement in motorsports, or its association with arguably the greatest car manufacturer in the world - Ferrari. It is instead, due to Shell's quality fuel, service, and the convenience which Shell stations provide to the everyday Singaporean. Let's have a look at why we all love Shell stations here. Innovation partner of Scuderia Ferrari Shell has been involved with various motorsport teams for the longest of time, the most notable one being the technical partnership with Scuderia Ferrari Formula One team. Its relationship is also a unique one. In 2015, Shell and Scuderia Ferrari extended their relationship to an Innovation Partnership. Since 1947, when the first Ferrari road car was produced, every single vehicle that rolled out of Ferrari's Maranello factory has been powered and protected by Shell fuels and lubricants. This partnership does not stop here. Shell works with Scuderia Ferrari to improve its products which will in turn improve the race team's performance on track. These technology advancements are then translated from track to road, benefitting everyday users of Shell's premium quality fuels. Scuderia Ferrari race drivers gain an edge over the competition with Shell. Thus, you too can benefit from using Shell fuels. Not just for the cars - recharge yourself while you refuel Majority of Shell stations in Singapore are open 24 hours (with the exception of Shell Woodlands Mandai and Tuas), giving drivers the convenience of refuelling at any time of the day. While refuelling, you can also browse through a wide selection of food and drinks. You can pick up a range of delicious freshly baked pastries and drinks to keep you energised on your journey at Deli by Shell, which is available at certain Shell stations. Perhaps the most interesting petrol stations in Singapore will be the Shell stations located at Tampines Ave 2 and Hougang Ave 3. These are the only petrol stations here with a 24-hour McDonald's outlet that also includes a drive-thru. Feeling the hunger pangs while commuting at any hour of the day? Why not check out these two unique Shell station, we are sure you'll love it. All under one roof We've established that a Shell station is the perfect place to refuel both you and your car, but what if your car needs a little something more? Fret not, many Shell stations also feature car wash and Autoserv workshops, providing a one-stop servicing experience apart from the wide range of services you get to enjoy at Shell stations. With 22 Shell Autoserv outlets located in Shell stations in Singapore, you can get your car repaired and serviced with ease. Shell Autoserv outlets use Shell Helix Ultra engine oil which provides the best engine protection and performance. With your car's maintenance in good hands, you can keep driving on with no worries. Continuous innovation - New Shell fuels with Dynaflex Technology Dynaflex Technology is the latest breakthrough formulation by Shell. Dynaflex Technology took five years of research and development and has been tested over three million kilometres, on more than 250 cars. The result is the most advanced Shell fuels that meet the harsh demands of modern cars. It is able to reduce wasted energy in the engine while cleaning and protecting it, allowing greater engine efficiency to be achieved. Reaping the benefits of this cutting edge fuel is easy. You can simply proceed to any Shell station and fuel up your car with the new Shell fuels with Dynaflex technology. The new Shell FuelSave 98 and 95 with Dynaflex Technology contains 20% more friction-reducing molecules than before, instantly forming a shield that protects against friction and dirt. Meanwhile the new Shell V-Power high-performance fuel with boosted Dynaflex technology contains three times more cleaning and friction reducing molecules than Shell FuelSave petrol, to help remove up to 80% of performance-robbing deposits! If you are driving a diesel-powered vehicle, you can benefit from the new Shell FuelSave Diesel with Dynaflex Technology as well. It contains new dirt busting molecules for a clean and efficient engine while protecting against dirt build-up through a new deposit control additive.
  10. Deeq

    Check out this Lego BMW M1

    You must have heard of Lego Ideas. It’s a platform where people are invited to submit ideas for new Lego sets. Get to 10,000 ‘supporters’, and something called the ‘Review Board’ seriously considers offering your set for sale as an official Lego product. And yes, you do get commission. This BMW is one of those sets. Blocky cars always translate well into Lego models for, well, obvious reasons. And because the M1 hails from an era that curves (mostly) forgot, it’s blocky as they come. Frankly we’re surprised nobody thought of this sooner. There are loads of ace cars from the Seventies and Eighties that we’d love to see as Lego models. Someone get going on the Lamborghini Countach and Aston Martin Lagonda, stat. Made from around 1,000 standard Lego bricks, user TOMOELL has rendered BMW’s first mid-engined car as either a standard road car or Procar racer. It has opening doors, an opening engine compartment and working steering. Looks like you can separate the body from the chassis too, for a better look at the engine and interior. At the time of writing, it’s got almost 2,000 supporters and still over 500 days left to run.
  11. Could Ken Block take a stock Ford F-150 and have a blast ripping it around the desert? Yes. Would that be the Hoonigan Ken Block way? Absolutely not. First, he needed more speed, more lights, more graphics and more custom off-roading gear. Block debuted this new Ford Raptor at the beginning of the year, but he never gave it the full proper video feature that it deserved. The first portion of the video details exactly what has been done to this beast to make it a supertruck. He relied on California-based Raptor-focused SVC Offroad, which also did Block's RaptorTRAX, for all the work. Nearly every important piece on the Avalanche Grey 2017 Raptor has been altered, including the engine. SVC took the twin-turbo V6 and gave it a new tune, an SVC intercooler, an SVC intake, SPD turbo adapters and a Stainless Works exhaust system. Block estimates power to be around 550 horsepower and 600 pound-feet of torque, up from about 450 horsepower and 510 pound-feet of torque. Giving the truck a meaner look, the Raptor's new exterior parts include a Gen2 Mojave front bumper with a skid plate, a Gen2 Baja rear bumper, a Gen2 Bypass bed rack with tire storage and wide ADV fiberglass front fenders. A 50-inch light bar up top and a 30-inch bar in the front bumper from Rigid Industries will add extra visibility in the dust. The flashiest feature, however, is the HOONIGAN logo graphics that reflect light, for the illusion of glowing in the dark. The real cred comes from the off-road bits. SVC gave it a Mid Travel Kit with Fox 3.5 bypass shocks in the front, and Deaver Suspension leaf springs, SVC traction bars and Fox 4.0 five-tube bypass shocks in the rear. The Raptor rides on 17-inch Fifteen52 Turbomac HDs wrapped in 37-inch Toyo Tires Open Country M/T rubber. Watch it all come together, as Block shreds up some dirt in the Moab desert.
  12. The Infiniti Qs Inspiration concept has been revealed at the Shanghai Motor Show, previewing an upcoming three-box sports saloon The new Infiniti Qs Inspiration concept, which previews a new upcoming production model, has been officially revealed at the 2019 Shanghai Motor Show. The Qs Inspiration concept is a saloon sibling for the QX Inspiration concept SUV, revealed earlier this year at the Detroit Motor Show. The front of the Qs uses the industry-norm blank grille, with a large Infiniti badge, illuminated lettering and sharp headlights. The blacked-out windows and A-pillars give it the appearance of a floating roof, while the handle-less doors continue the streamlined design to the as yet, unseen rear end. Infiniti says that the Qs Inspiration has been designed to offer a high driving position while still keeping the centre of gravity as low as possible for optimum control and handling. Under the metal of the Qs sits a new platform. Infiniti says it is a ‘flexible’ architecture designed specifically for fully-electric and hybrid e-POWER drivetrains, borrowed from sister brand Nissan. In the case of the Qs, the powertrain is a ‘high-performance’ all-wheel-drive setup. Though the concept directly previews a new three-box saloon, we won’t be seeing the final product in Britain: Infiniti has announced it plans to pull out of Europe by 2020. The brand will focus more on the Chinese and American markets, where large saloons are still popular. Christian Meunier, Chairman of Infiniti, said: "The age of electrification presents us with an opportunity to renew our credentials as an innovative challenger brand, ready to move quickly and decisively in this growing and exciting area of the market."
  13. The Japanese auto manufacturer has teamed up with JAXA to design a lunar rover with a cruising range of 10,000km. Toyota has joined forces with the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA), with the aim of producing a manned, pressurised lunar rover. Powered by a fuel cell electric drivetrain, the pair are targeting a total lunar-surface range of more than 10,000km (around 6,200 miles). Should a physical version of the six-wheeled rover reach production, it’ll measure six metres long, five metres wide and almost four metres tall. As such, it would be twice as long, twice as wide and almost five times the height of the Moon Buggy used on the Apollo 15 mission. Toyota claims its lunar rover could comfortably accommodate two astronauts (or four in emergency situations) in its 13-metre-squared living quarters. Other features include a huge retractable solar panel, air-less tyres and an array of communications equipment. JAXA’s Vice President, Koichi Wakata, set out the firm’s plans for space exploration, stating: “Manned, pressurized rovers will be an important element supporting human lunar exploration, which we envision will take place in the 2030s. We aim at launching such a rover into space in 2029.” Toyota seems to have its sights set on a more terrestrial level, and is keen to see how its partnership with JAXA will advance battery-electric and fuel cell technology for its earthbound vehicles. Executive Vice President of Toyota Motor Corporation, Shigeki Terashi, said: "Toyota believes that achieving a sustainable mobility society on Earth will involve the coexistence and widespread use of electrified vehicles, such as hybrid electric vehicles, plug-in hybrid electric vehicles, battery electric vehicles, and fuel cell electric vehicles. “Our joint studies with JAXA are a part of this effort. Being allowed to be a member of 'Team Japan', we would like to take up the challenge of space."
  14. It was only a matter of time. This, ladies and gentlemen, will decimate all. Welcome to the first new A90 Toyota Supra that’s had its BMW-sourced 3.0-litre turbo swapped out for that engine: Toyota’s 2JZ from the Mk IV Supra. Champion Japanese drifter Daigo Saito is the man who has done the honourable thing by dragging the Supra right back to the Nineties, building this special drift A90 for the upcoming D1 Grand Prix. It’ll be unveiled in full in a couple of weeks’ time, but for now, we have a couple of details. Such as the 2JZ straight-six heart producing a nice, healthy 800bhp with help from turbo specialists HKS. And the fact the entire build took just 42 days, “unheard of before”, according to its builders. “I’m so happy to be able to convert Supra into a drift car for the first time in the world,” explains an exuberant Saito-san. He notes the car’s short wheelbase and compact body allow him to control it more “freely”. We suspect having a turbo straight-six with 800bhp makes it feel quite free also.
  15. The Alfa Romeo Tonale is a surprise addition at Geneva, with the compact SUV based on the same platform as the Jeep Renegade. There's a new arrival in the compact premium SUV market in the form of the Alfa Romeo Tonale. The Italian auto manufacturer revealed a concept version of the new model at the Geneva Motor Show, and it slots into the range below the Stelvio. Under the skin, the Tonale is based on the same platform as the Jeep Renegade, but it gets a completely different look to its US sister model. The Tonale looks very much like a shrunken Stelvio. Styling features include a distinctive nose with an extended front overhang, the traditional Alfa shield grille and slender three-bulb headlights. A long bonnet leads back to the rakish windscreen, a low roof and curved rear end. Some of the concept's design touches, such as the slender wing mirrors and small tail-lights, are likely to be tweaked for the final production model. There’s no information on engines or specs, but we expect power units to be pulled from elsewhere within the FCA Group, with likely options including the latest Firefly petrol engines seen in the mechanically similar Fiat 500X, but with the added attraction of hybrid drive. Also, the new Alfa is likely to be one of the better handling models in the class, as the Italian firm focuses of offering a range of sharp-handling models. When it does go on sale, the Alfa Tonale will enter an exceedingly crowded SUV market at the very closely-fought small SUV end. The exact size of the newcomer is unknown but it's likely that the brand will be pitching its effort at the likes of the BMW X2, Volkswagen T-Roc and Audi Q3, as well as more mainstream models such as the SEAT Ateca and Nissan Qashqai. The Tonale follows on from the Stelvio in taking its name from a mountain pass. At 1,883 metres the Tonale pass in Northern Italy is lower than the famous Stelvio, which sounds about right for Alfa’s more diminutive SUV model.