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    SG Presidential Election 2016/17!

    instead of giving all the millions to 1 puppet, y dont they continue to improve the lives and communities of Malays? Anyone who has worked with blue collar malays will know the problems they are facing. Equality is for all, not just 1 puppet.
  2. Duckduck

    SG Presidential Election 2016/17!

    I want a non-malay guy on our $50 notes since a Malay face has been there for so long already
  3. Duckduck

    SG Presidential Election 2016/17!

    hes not malay right, or does his NRIC say so? wah can anyhow twist n turn his race just coz he practices malay at home? like that TCB wear songkok also can right? lol
  4. if there was an lky standard oppo leader, wont b surprised he gets more votes than miw. right now nobody can match miw standard yet. CSM was supposed 2 b that guy, but not sure whether he has the drive for next level or just happily collecting $15,000 p mth salary like every other backbencher
  5. the real world is that most of the time, the right person for the job usually never gets the job coz of politics, relationships etc which are more decisive when choosing the right man for the job. lky was the right man for the job which is very rare, so lets not expect sunday mornings everyday by hoping all our leaders will be as great as lky. On a relative basis, pinky is much better than jibby or joky or duterte etc etc watever happened pinky was totally expected as hes not a natural politician but a natural math whiz, rightly as u pointed out. In fact alot of man on the street including me n u can be better politicians, but my first sentence above applies.
  6. Lots of cloak n dagger happened during pre-internet age. Nowadays much harder to hide as info travels in seconds. I expect many more secret committees as pinky knows he needs to be much more cautious as the next GE is coming up. I'm glad the LHY brought up this sagat as pinky n river green will have less chance to abuse power, if they ever think of doing so again... I mean if ever!
  7. the 70% also forcing themselves to the reality by reciting this 100 times everyday: "We, the citizens of Singapore, pledge ourselves as one united people, regardless of race, language or religion, to build a democratic society, based on justice and equality, so as to achieve happiness, prosperity and progress for our nation."
  8. nooo.... they have succeeded in silencing them!! i wonder if the erectile organ of the state was used to dick slap them into silence...
  9. this is south east asia, in fact SG is probably the most politically progressive nation in SEA, thats why rich FTs keep putting $ here. As long our neighbours r still doing dumbass things, we will always be better relatively :) kishore is ok lah i thk hes middle right n no left so theyll deem him as harmless
  10. asian culture means dont rock boat n let superpower politicians run the country indefinitely by trusting they r forever perfect? I duno man about having 3d world politics in a 1st world society & economy... but i agree that there'll b unknown repercussions if this saga doesnt die off... but how will they keep LWL & LHY quiet?
  11. i support going court coz the allegations r serious enuff 2 render that. Tis is not abt 1 family issue anymore, its abt our country's stability. The world is watching. if Theyre not taken 2 court, his integrity will b unclear no? but imo he takes them 2 court, he may well not have favourable judgement?... i truly dont envy his position now.
  12. " unlock the value of her Executive Condominium through an equity term loan at a desired time" How will mortgager view leasehold properties over time? Reduce the term loan value over time? Expect equity topup if leasehold value is depreciated?
  13. we got marlboro tan, lemon lim, father son & holy goh, teo ser fark, tuck u, what do u think, edmw got many more
  14. population decline is coz garmen close the tap. we were growing super fast until 2011 GE u dun remember ah? as long as jibby n roast ma continue their antics, we'll benefit