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  1. Kiario

    Opel Astra 2016

    Yah, my 1.0 astra reaching 2.5 years and still problem free..maybe people will say its still new and problem will surface soon..
  2. Saved penalty! Seem like script written for adrian to be hero...
  3. Beginning of the era of more trophies under klopp..
  4. Switch clubs, wah seh, how can...I support since the good times of KD, near 30 years no win still loyal till i die.. Reminds me of the current ad i hearing on class 95, the ad is about some football apps and the person predicted man city to win the epl this year, then his friend ask him, ‘i thought you are a man u fan?’ Then that guy say he support whoever win. To me, this ad is a mirror of man u fan in real life, pui...
  5. I think i aged 10 yrs after the 4th goal...
  6. No champions league for man u, serve them right and especially for their fans that wishes for city to beat them instead of letting liverpool win the league. I hope they can play in europa league forever..
  7. I am actually hoping for everton to beat man u. Especially after Gary Neville said that man u should rest their players for the city game if they beat everton. Now i hope they go on to miss qualification for champions league totally.
  8. Kiario

    Opel Astra 2016

    I consider these as wear and tear. Not an issue with the korean or jap made ride. For astra, the worse i saw is actuator issue which require 1 or 2 days for AG to replace.
  9. Kiario

    Opel Astra 2016

    Yah lor, so far already got astra goes nearly 100k km lor. Naysayers just go on giving stupid comments lor.. yes, you can give me dislike if you want, unless you can tell me 1 brand 10 years 100% confirmed and chop no issues.
  10. Last summer, he also kept saying we don’t need a new keeper. I think its just to make sire the price is not inflated.
  11. Kiario

    Opel Astra 2016

    Its not active because owners are all in the watsapp chat.
  12. Kiario

    Opel Astra 2016

    $230 exclude gst to change brake pads front and rear for astra at outside workshop still consider expensive? Quite a few done at stocklist united motors.
  13. Kiario

    Opel Astra 2016

    My 1.0 still going strong. Vibration at idling, AG tightened the engine mounting tensioner, much better. Otherwise problem free, going for my 40k servicing soon.