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    so far so good, but most likely got to sell the car sooner than later and buy a minivan ... wife is expecting twins ... lol ... so now i need 3 kid seats at the very minimum ...
  2. Sp4wn

    Mixed development with retail and F&B

    cos replying to a damn old thread lah 😂
  3. think if buy @RadX itll scare the car straight. wont even need to service the car or change tires. it'll .. just work
  4. shouldnt happen with any car at all ... never had this issue with bmw, merc, nissan, lexus. porsche is the first one to ever tell me go buy rainX or something and apply lol. still cant forget their email .. just pull over and wipe when safe! 😂
  5. headlight fogging could be a sign of water ingress. but unless you post a picture, cant really say for sure... where did you buy your macan from?
  6. Sp4wn

    1.5m condo owner scold security guard

    even if paying the $10 was the issue, instead of marring what was supposed to be a happy occasion, just pay, get receipt, and bring up the matter to mcst later on. some mcst can be reasoned with, and some cannot. take it as ang pao for diwali .. pity this guy was penny wise pound foolish ... hwz has photos of his entire family up but with that .. the guards are not saints either by posting up the video on social media. generally body cams are meant to be used an evidence in arguments / cases and not as social media fodder. hopefully they come down hard on whomever leaked the video as well.
  7. so far all ok .. thank god. the car is probably worried ill unlease @RadX on it ... so its on well-behaved mode.
  8. i think after the last vomit inducing ride ... my wife is enjoying a slower pace of life .. and with the baby, well, gotta train him to love cars and the sudden acceleration ... then we can talk about changing cars haha ... but seriously .. over my dead body will i ever buy another porsche or any car from trans euro kars ... and judging by the PMs i got, I'm not the only one!! according to porsche their can exhibits absolutely zero faults le ... and their solution is just wind down the window and wipe lah .. this forum have table wiper ... now also have side view mirror wiper it seems
  9. the funny part is more than 120 pictures + videos sent to them, still insist its the phone lah, depth of vision lah, everything except the car which is faultless haha... ok lah, hopefully after this round, no more problems. damn leceh to keep taking out baby seat and moving it around also. else need @radx to perform exorcism on the car liao
  10. original was 5 years and extended by 2 for a total of 7 now. parts i think i read for major part replacement they do give warranty, i think a year iirc from the paperwork
  11. didnt even get a pinky promise
  12. collected the car today and the scope of work done as per the job sheet; 1. troubleshooting of rear power windows (maybe they are worried its a matter of time for the rear windows?) 2. front motor for window replaced 3. a/c heating/fresh air unit removed & reinstalled 4. changing of aircon distributor unit and replacement of battery since its almost kaput (surprising, since its 2.5 years old but its at their cost anyway, or could be a precautionary measure) so far driving home, seems all ok. dont see any issues. ill have to say a few prayers and hope for the best lol.
  13. unbiased review (forgetting that i ever owned a macan from SA for a few minutes) -ride is smooth, they gave me a v6 diesel -acceleration is pretty good after 2nd gear, given the torque-iness of a diesel i assume. if you floor it at first gear, there's a slight but noticeable jerk. -seats were comfortable, sitting position, steering etc very good. responsive. -mileage also v good (because its a diesel) -car came with retractable spoiler, which was pretty nice (but im sure is an expensive option) -car even had additional a/c vents behind on the A pillar for the rear passenger, and im sure baby appreciated -handling is far superior to the macan, i assume because the CG is also much lower -the bt was rubbish, dont even have audio streaming, phone wise not very good as the screen was resistive and not capacitive. need to press hard on the screen, but i guess this car must be at least 6-7 years old, so expected. -paddle shifters were rubbish, as they were the +/- on both sides, and the shifting is a very loud click. (not the traditional kind of shifter). hated it for sure. if i didnt have a kid, might be a good choice(or if the kids were a lot older). 3.5* out of 5.