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  1. Typhoonz

    Diff between Honda Stepwgn G & Spada

    How's the Stepwagon working out for you? Looking to downgrade a bit from my Odyssey to reduce my overall expenditure on the vehicle... At the same time I don't want to lose out on the space (considered the X-Trail but the 3rd row is a literally non-existent)... Looking at the Stepwagon Spada but should be aiming for a 2nd hand one...
  2. Typhoonz

    10th Generation Honda Civic (2016)

    Bought my Fit 1.5RS in 2008 without test drive too... Just sat in the back to get a feel of the space and went on to talk about price. After that just signed. Less than 30 mins in total...
  3. Typhoonz

    2014 Honda Odyssey

    I know that both KM's and PI's warranty cannot be compared but is the PI's warranty as good as nothing? Anyone has any experience claiming warranty via the PI's "warranty" package?
  4. Typhoonz

    Tengah New Town

    That won't happen bro... Tengah is a full military base so they won't let anyone look inside... Huh that's Tengah? I learn something new today...
  5. Typhoonz

    Tengah New Town

    Not that same area ah? Sorry haven't seen the map...
  6. Typhoonz

    Tengah New Town

    Tengah Airbase moving is very unlikely... Where else are they going to move to? Also the location is not like Paya Lebar which is deemed as valuable...
  7. Typhoonz

    With and without ABS @ 120kmh

    "Hopefully" no one should have to brake so hard at such high speeds... But then again my "hope" is futile...
  8. So the points from the petrol topups quite kao right?
  9. Typhoonz

    Tengah New Town

    Where else can Tengah Airbase shift to? They sure won't "combine" with Changi Airbase like Paya Lebar...
  10. Typhoonz

    With and without ABS @ 120kmh

    Maybe the test just want to get a close to the OEM specs as possible to get "real life" results...
  11. The Trajet itself is extremely unpowered with the small 2.0L engine...
  12. Typhoonz

    With and without ABS @ 120kmh

    In this case for the Vios with or without ABS it's the same... But perhaps result might differs with a full load?
  13. Typhoonz

    Peeping Tom Must Undergo Treatment

    Yes... XMM magnet...
  14. Typhoonz

    With and without ABS @ 120kmh

    First clip forward to 30 sec mark unless you like to see grown men standing around... 2nd clip 10 sec mark...
  15. Typhoonz

    JB Angry Bird Theme Park

    Wah they can attract even Six Flags? Impressed...