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  1. Stratovarius

    Alamak bo tai bo ji kenna summon meh?

    I got one a couple of years ago. Quite innovation. I still keep the slip in my car.
  2. Stratovarius

    YOLO - SG to Europe in a $11K van

    Truck or off roader. Good to have low range gear. Def more exp. but I think is an investment that is necessary.
  3. Stratovarius

    YOLO - SG to Europe in a $11K van

    Nice. I applaud what they are doing. Like many others, it's one of my dreams to go for an extreme roadtrip with either a good friend or a small convoy. But my partner should be a confident driver as well. I can't be the only driver since one needs a contingency/backup in times of a crisis. Actually I think they've did some planning by not going through Afghanistan/iran/irag. But then, Mongolia and Russia are not easy too. I hope they have heater in the van. One big mistake is the vehicle they choose. Other than ensuring the engine is in great condition, I think they should have chosen a 4X4 or AWD vehicle which are more robust and more capable and reliable on uneven terrain. Forgo accommodation in vehicle. The vehicle should be loaded with batteries, spare tires and other important spare parts and supplies since your life on the road depends on the vehicle. To me, a diesel van will not work. Still, I hope they can fulfill their dreams by overcoming all the obstacles. It's not easy when you are out there on your own. A cool mind is very important.
  4. Stratovarius

    iPhone 11 - launching 10th Sep 2019

    Bored...same with the new note 10. No offense to Apple & SS. Smartphone technology is reaching a plateau.
  5. Stratovarius

    Do You Mod Your car?

    Any changes you do to your car, be it aesthetics or performance is counted as mod. For my previous ride, I installed front splitter (for looks), CF hood, intake, exhaust, chipping, rims (to fit wider tyes), coilovers, camber kits, all sorts of bars, short throw gear stick, FD, etc, For current ride, front splitter (again), dechrome, intake, rims, bbk and bars. Next in line is improving flow to the TC and finally chipping. I always mod my ride mildly to my liking. Both aesthetic and performance.
  6. Stratovarius

    Your loot of the day

    Just came back from japan. Bought the new mudman. Quad sensor, no multi band 6 and no tough solar. Haven got the chance to play with the bluetooth feature though. The new carbon core tech really makes the watch much lighter. But surprisely, the watch din come with a master of g box. Here pictured with the old mudmaster, frogman and gulfmaster which i brought along with on the trip.
  7. Stratovarius

    Jollibee buys CBTL

    I tot CBTL is quite big. Acquisition only at 350mm? Anyway i dont really like gourmet coffee.
  8. Stratovarius

    Which photo looks best? Photoshop post processing

    A for me. I think colour works better for wide angle city shots, can bring out the depth of view more esp u got the leading lines right into the Allanz tower. But its a tad too blue to my liking and too much reflection on the tower. Ez fix using LR. Just my preference though. Nice composition btw. What focal length u using btw? Need to learn from the master.
  9. Stratovarius

    D1 Spec Brake Pads - Don't be fooled.

    From stoptech webpage: "If there are no thermal concerns with the rear brakes (and on a front-engine street car there rarely are) then by installing a rear big-brake kit all you are doing is (a) spending money and (b) adding unsprung weight. This is not usually viewed as favorable, unless you like driving a heavy, expensive car. & Of course, if you decide to upsize your rear brake system components you can also impact the front-rear torque relationship, and consequently you can "bias" the "balance" more toward the rear. Go too far, and the rear brakes could lock before the fronts. Again, not the end result you were expecting, right?" Up to you to evaluate if logical or not.
  10. Stratovarius

    Sad case of the Woodlands murder

    i believe both parties are to blame. Husband pay not enough, wife choose to stay at home and smoke even when pregnant. Husband used to earn 8 to 15k and is top agent in the company. It's a sales job, so how his earnings dropped we don't know. Honestly, his debt is not alot. I have a friend who owes more than him managed to get out of it within a few years. It's a family matter. I'm not going to comment or speculate on this. But it's really sad for the little girl. Yahoo news showed the family photo with the little girl putting up the V-sign. So cute.
  11. Stratovarius

    Your loot of the day

  12. Stratovarius

    Your loot of the day

    Thanks. My living room no space to place the dock so I've put in the adjacent room. Strength is okay i guess. I've went to the options menu before. No timer option but there is a dnt option. Description is start at the setting period for each day. Going into the option. There is a start time and end time. Which I find weird.
  13. Stratovarius

    Your loot of the day

    tried again last night and i can view the status when out. But after go back charging dock, the connection was lost. Still cant seem to find the timer options on the mihome app though.
  14. Stratovarius

    Best fried chicken in singapore

    Tenderfresh or ke ai ji. Quality varies. But nice ones are quite good.
  15. Stratovarius

    White Tiger exhibit re-open at Singapore ZOO

    After Omar, there were 2 more. After that left one and was closed last year when i visit. They are probably the most photographed exhibit after inuka. Took the above pic when there is only one of them.