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  1. Vid

    This Beast Worse Than Any Other Beast

  2. He thought he was driving a motorbike
  3. Vid

    Weird thing happened to me-Need feedback

    Q7 big car. Very jiak yew Sorry I have nothing to contribute 😜😅
  4. Yes, GLC possibly
  5. 😨😰
  6. Driver saw SLOW on road mah 🤣
  7. Teksi lau says thank you. All his medical problems got money liao
  8. "Head" hunter
  9. She can say goodbye to her job as well
  10. I wonder how the GRC will be redrawn this time round 🤔
  11. It's normal if it happened at Yishun. See strange not strange
  12. It's very simple actually. If your brother calls you an idiot, it's ok. If a stranger calls you an idiot because your brother called you an idiot, what will you do? Hantum him of course. I think that's the layman thinking 😂😂
  13. Jonathan Chan becomes first diver in Singapore history to qualify for Olympics https://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/sport/jonathan-chan-singapore-olympics-first-diver-history-qualify-11885268 Well done! 👏💪