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  1. Either leotard too tight no blood to the head or lost control. Dunno which.
  2. Yup... fines no need pay one. I've learned my lesson 😁
  3. Style is priceless hor 😂
  4. Farking deserved it! 😂😂
  5. Road hogs are wrong doesn't mean installing that kind light is right. Should give that driver demerit points and fine.
  6. Lucky lorry not those transporting workers one.
  7. Uncle: Why you never bang? 😂😂
  8. It is ok to have unpopular polices. We all know that. However, it is not ok if singaporeans are often put in the backseat in the name of "putting country before self" just so that we can kowtow to other countries by employing their "FTs" in favor of locals.
  9. When info is withheld, it is usually politically motivated because it will create/lead to a bad image, not because of "What is the point behind this question?"
  10. Gotta luv our minsters 😂😂 Tell your children to study hard ok? Next time be minister Best job in the world
  11. Anyone planning wedding at Hong Lim Park? Maybe can get news article also 😂
  12. Wah... so long article 😴 I'm not from top British university also can tell you he won't come back to sg EVER if allowed to leave 😁
  13. Where's the chain collision?
  14. Vid

    Royal Family Rumble

    That woman is trouble
  15. Officer steady. Got up straightaway. Can see he is in pain. Hope he is not injured.