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  1. Vid

    Weird thing happened to me-Need feedback

    Q7 big car. Very jiak yew Sorry I have nothing to contribute 😜😅
  2. Driver saw SLOW on road mah 🤣
  3. Teksi lau says thank you. All his medical problems got money liao
  4. She can say goodbye to her job as well
  5. It's normal if it happened at Yishun. See strange not strange
  6. It's very simple actually. If your brother calls you an idiot, it's ok. If a stranger calls you an idiot because your brother called you an idiot, what will you do? Hantum him of course. I think that's the layman thinking 😂😂
  7. Jonathan Chan becomes first diver in Singapore history to qualify for Olympics https://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/sport/jonathan-chan-singapore-olympics-first-diver-history-qualify-11885268 Well done! 👏💪
  8. She's in HR, this is definitely a very bad PR for her company. Good luck to her, she needs all of that and more.
  9. You turn I turn