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  1. Lorry driver kam lan also, got such background still wanna try the system. Cyclist laughing at the end, must be enjoying paying the fine.
  2. Kam lan cam car.
  3. No problem, should be very rich. Can scrap car n pay for new estima.
  4. Yeshe

    2018 Nissan Serena e-POWER

    Wah, so dun need to worry about batt replacement cost over 10yrs?
  5. Yeshe

    2018 Nissan Serena e-POWER

    Anyone know the batt warranty period and cost of replacement? If batt spoil, engine cannot power drivetrain right?
  6. Literally fire and forget?
  7. Dear gurus, need help with 1 question. If one owns a Hdb and subsequently a private pty. What will happen when the HDB goes under enbloc? Does the owner get another HDB unit thru enbloc exercise or he will be force to return to HDB without the new unit as he already has a private pty?
  8. MILF?
  9. Compensate in terms of protein?
  10. Chio or not?
  11. Can consider as honest mistake according to some?
  12. Stupid vw driver 1) he should not be in the yellow box 2) putting aside he committed first offence and if he doesn't want to give way, he should fill the gap in front to avoid confusion 3) while he still leaves a gap, giving the impression that he is letting the taxi go first, why wind down passenger window? To tell taxi he wanna go first? 4) once moving off, if he still insist his right of way, he should drift right to clear from the taxi path instead of swiping pass. Sibey kuku driver....
  13. Guess a kid didn't wear seatbelt
  14. In this case I have to be fair to the tourist. U know in India, its normal to overload everything, bus, trains, etc. Cannot blame them