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  1. Aim for the traffic light or lamppost
  2. Wow... Good car but fark up driver. If a few sec later, the car would have hit any of the pedestrians. 6mth no pay road tax, I think cannot tahan the 2500cc COE car tax.
  3. 2 things, 1) the lorry is an idiot, go so fast not intending to stop while blocking Honda the view that there is a pedestrian crossing 2) pedestrian panic to avoid the lorry by dashing across into path of Honda who is unable to react in time
  4. Yeshe

    Malaysian commando shot dead in live-firing demo

    Kam lan has no cure.... Live round in demo on a live person.....
  5. Cannot tell its a man or woman driver...
  6. Besides that, why is the farking dumptruck on lane 2?
  7. Brake failure or faint
  8. Yeshe

    2034 World Cup - A Realistic Goal?

    There is a thread on this already. @radx do your clean up
  9. Esports is the trend now. Surely they are referring to that
  10. Waste time. Which parent currently has the mindset to prepare their kids for professional sports when they cannot be sure the child will reach World stage competitiveness. NS is another hurdle. To form a world cup capable team, u should have at least few players in European leagues or J league, NS can disrupt?
  11. Yeshe

    2019/2020! Recession coming

    U forgot rubbish tax
  12. This kinda farker will meet his end. Just matter of time.
  13. 2 things, 1) driver was checking clear of traffic from right side not know the auntie was crossing into his front when he drove off. Worst thing is, after he knock the auntie at slow speed, he still continue to drive through... Seriously wtf. 2) auntie simply boh chap when crossing road, machiam own the road. Unfortunately unable to learn this lesson as she pay with her life. On point 1, I have kena before this kena stunt. After check clear traffic and upon moving off, suddenly pedestrian appeared in front out of nowhere. Really shit in pants feeling.
  14. Yeshe

    Manchester United 18/19

    Pogba overplayed too much at times. Losing unnecessary possession.