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  1. Yeshe

    2014 / 2015 BMW 2 Series Active / Gran Tourer

    Seems so on mine too...
  2. I disagree, they just want more competition for Nobel prize for peace. Cannot let HK go unchallenged
  3. This kinda pedestrian I dun blame them as they cannot afford to drive, so dunno traffic rules. So yeah, I pity him that he act like a fool.
  4. All got potential to excel in life, pls pan chance
  5. Can car should also have stopped...
  6. U cannot blame drivers who honk. Many blur fark drivers always looking at phone or preoccupied with something. Light turned green already for 2-3sec n still not moving. Just a short honk to wake him up should be reasonable?
  7. I would say, we were made the minority with so many FT coming in. From wat I know, almost all FT will vote for incumbent.
  8. Yeshe

    Is Singapore General Election Round The Corners ?

    Becos PMD rider no potential to excel in life??
  9. Becos they love to be farked?
  10. This has become terrorism IMO. Terrorist starts with reasons in the name of God. This crazy farks starts in the name of freedom. Gg Hong Kong. I m surprise China gov still not acting.
  11. Yeshe

    Who here is part of the 40k Telegram group?

    Becos u won't in it right?