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  1. Suggestion;- Why not take a cruise as it'll offer something for everyone in your family. The cruise staff are well-trained and they have facilities before check-in and onboard. If you go for offshore excursions (which are slightly more expensive) they have staff accompanying and your elderly folks will be well taken care of and special attention is a given, even during the numerous mealtimes. My personal experience.
  2. Locknload

    Manchester United 18/19

    ManU 1 (Martial) - Wolves 1 (Away) Two points lost when the showboater missed a penalty in the 2nd half after Martial gave us the lead in the first. Rashford should have taken it but Pogba wanted to have his name on the scoresheet and Wolves were the winners in this second game of the season of whom were much better opponents compared to Chelsea last week. Ole!
  3. Locknload

    Manchester United 18/19

    ManU 4 (Rashford x 2-Pen), Martial, James - Chelsea 0 (Home) What an impressive start of the season. The wins by Citeh and Liverpool pales in comparison, even though the score line was similar, to this enormous win over Lampard's team. As impressive as Wan-Bissaka, Greenwood and James, I think the main person to be credited for this win was the energetic Pogba who was the main playmaker, especially his pinpoint pass to Rashford, moreso with his transfer not concluded. Glory days ahead!
  4. Locknload

    EPL- 2019/2020

    Apart from being cash rich, it can work both ways as buy high, can sell high or at least get a fair exchange in the process.
  5. If using UOB card at SPC for the additional $3 off, you have to pump minimum of $63.
  6. Locknload

    Queensway to go enbloc

  7. Locknload

    Manchester United 18/19

    ManU 1 (Juan Mata) - Che 1 (Marcus Alonso) Much better passing and conviction from a rejuvenated ManU team and this showed when Mata scored in the 10th minute from a Luke Shaw back pass. However, it was another mistake by De Gea after spilling the ball into Alonso's path to make it 1-1 in the 43rd minute. What made him the best player for 5 years is now undone by his disastrous showing over the last 4 games and Calamity David should be his name from now on, same like Calamity (David) James, leaking 6 goals and with only 2 clean sheets to show for this season. Chelsea were the better team in the 2nd half and subs of Sanchez for Rashford, Rojo for the injured Bailly and Mctominay for Mata having nothing to show for in this crucial home game. Even if we can win the last 2 remaining games, it is the other teams that will dictate if we can eventually get into the top 4.
  8. Locknload

    Manchester United 18/19

    Well said by the young one and Solskjaer should rid the team of the has-beens if he knows what's good for him. For them to play so badly (moreso especially De Gea and Pogba) after a good initial run implies that he may have also lost the dressing room. It's still GGMU for me.
  9. Going by this expert's recommendation, every 30km travelled would be an ideal time to clean the helmet as less sweat if slower-paced. Helmets in wallets not recommended as it's one use only lol
  10. Locknload

    Manchester United 18/19

    ManU 2 (Pogba x 2 Penalties) - Whu 1 (Home) More of possession by West Ham, who had a goal disallowed for a marginally offside call in the 9th minute. A penalty converted by Pogba after Mata was fouled in the 19th minute, put us 1-0 up till the end of the 1st half. It took West Ham only 3 minutes to equalize in the 2nd half with sloppy defending by Rojo who was later replaced by Pereira, Rashford for Mata and Greenwood for Lukaku. Again, a penalty saved us the blushes when Martial was fouled and Pogba made it 2-1 till the end. What Solskjaer needs is to train the players to string passes well which West Ham played with conviction and we were lucky to have won this game.
  11. Locknload

    Manchester United 18/19

    ManU 2 (Rashford / Martial) - Wat 1 (Home) Sluggish start after the int'l break with Watford having more of the chances till a great pass from Shaw to find Rashford to score his 13th goal of the season at the 28th minute. Again, Watford were the better team in the 2nd half and it was luck that Martial scored from a goalmouth melee with Watford having a well-deserved goal in the closing stages. Both Shaw and Jones were better performers as compared to Matic, and Pogba, who should have played simple one-two passes instead of show-boating. A good result for the newly-appointed manager.
  12. Locknload

    Tyre Rotation every 10k?

    The norm for 'normal' cars are 10K km for rotation and preferably alignment, especially if getting new tires. If yours is foc, then why not?
  13. Locknload

    Manchester United 18/19

    But we made amends by our anthem "Glory, Glory Man United - and the Saints keep marching on". Angels will always flock to where the saints are and only the devil is in the details. Alleluia to that
  14. Locknload

    Manchester United 18/19

    ManU 3 (Lukaku x 2 / Rashford-pen) - Psg 1 (CL:2nd Leg - Away) Aggregate score 3-3 and ManU won by the Away-goals system. An sloppy back-pass by PSG's defender was pounced-upon by Lukaku with a goal in the 1st minute. Thereafter, they had most of the possession with us defending in our own turf till they scored in the 10th minute when Young was blind-sided for an easy tap-in. A second goal by Lukaku in the 30th minute after Buffon couldn't hold onto Rashford's shot, gave us hope to look for the 3rd goal for the 2nd half after Bailly was replaced by Dalot due to an injury. As we grew in confidence, a penalty for handball was awarded by the Italian ref after the VAR review and Rashford scored in the final minute and even Carvani could not do any better for the extra 8 minutes added-on. An extremely strong indication for Skolsjaer to be anointed permanent coach. GGMU!
  15. Locknload

    Door falls onto woman at Alexandra Central Mall

    Yes, the previous team has move to Sengkang Hospital and it's now under NUH cluster.