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  1. Hosaybo

    Rip Kobe Bryant

    Just replace helicopters with cars...... Everyday there will be people dying in car accidents but remain unreported. This is how unpredictable life is. Stay safe everyone.
  2. Hosaybo

    Rip Kobe Bryant

    Sudden.... Sad but that's life.
  3. We did it again.... A win and a step closer to the holy grail. 😁
  4. Stick has the cheek to say that it was a cross..... Poor loser
  5. For sure, this guy got $$$$ to burn and prob got the time. 🤑 I for sure dun fall into this category. T2 maybe.....
  6. I guess the logic is to take out the speculative component where people just renew 5 years to wait out and see. If in 2014, he renewed and waited till now to renew again, he will have save money compared to someone who renewed 10years in 2014.
  7. Hosaybo

    Arsenal Fans Fall in here... SEDIA..

  8. Hosaybo

    Component speakers, no amp?

    Listening to the board is literally a joke. The listening environment is so so different (open) . At most can pick up some clarity characteristic. Best is join the car audio guys and listen to their setup.
  9. Hosaybo

    Where are you now...

    What did I do to qualify for being one of the listed?? Anyway, the new format in mobile (now seldom use laptop to surf) is not as easy to navigate. Fonts appear smaller and now old liao, cannot see properly. The last version got some mobile version that is less cluttered.
  10. Hosaybo

    Suzuki Swift Sports

    Hmm.... But once with 10k coe incorporated, dealer sell like 48k and above with PQP at ard 30k...... This one advantage seems to be the low mileage. Thinking.....
  11. Hosaybo

    Suzuki Swift Sports

    https://m.sgcarmart.com/used_cars/info.php?ID=867762 Any comments or inputs if this is a worth buy for coe renewal? Think can negotiate down but any inputs on the fair value?
  12. Hosaybo

    Audio Shop Recommendation

    No better or worst, and it mainly depends on your liking and preferences. Both are good and have their own characteristic. This is similar to asking which stall sells the best nasi lemak.
  13. Cannot move car.... Then why not design a movable charging point.
  14. Talk about air, I think those near reservoir, forested area best.... Canberra, sembawang, upper thomson, bedok res, upper bukit Timah.... I like but others might not like. As long as not major pollution or really distinct, its not gonna be the main factor. If haze hit, even Orchard road is not spared cos no place is excluded. So I guess other factors like amenities still rank higher in priority.