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  1. Ct3833

    Any one know about the new Infiniti Q50

    There is no 7 Gtronic for COE W212 yet, got to wait for 2012 pre facelift model
  2. We all might be laughing but in reality, generally taxi could do one complete odo in around 3 years. 😄😄
  3. Ct3833

    Singaporeans lose jobs to FTs

    I spoke with some property agents, they were in the profession because they were retrenched and could not get back to the workforce of the same profession anymore, and at their age, no one else will hire them into a non relevant field, in order to get by, a few of the options for them are insurance or property agent, in fact I know some of them gave up after a year or so. Go look at the number of insurance and property agents and see how competitive or how easy and comfortable their life is. Among the unemployed group and those who are struggling to meet the end needs, how many are driving luxury cars ? What is the % of the accidents caused by youngsters ? or how many of them are jobless ? Could those isolated cases be used to judge the wealth of the geberal society or the jobless situation to begin with ?
  4. A single peanut is $600k by mdm HC's definition, imagine no inflationary uplift after that many years, a couple of peanuts would still means $2.4mil and above at least. ....if 10 peanuts 😱😱
  5. Not paying fines is a individuals problem, it is up to the Malaysia authority to go after those guys, but I am disappointed that our government authority behave the same as that of the boleh land, this is not the expectation from a tax payer like me , at least.
  6. Yes onemotoring is where we have been taking reference to, the only missing info is the PI and AD breakdown. Here you could get the OMV of PI cars, you can compute the cost using this OMV, but it wont help to determine the sales volume. https://www.onemotoring.com.sg/content/onemotoring/home/buying/upfront-vehicle-costs/open-market-value--omv-.html?year=2019
  7. Ct3833

    Burnt PCB Air Con

    Aircon service guys will replace pcb if they can find refurbished ones but will be a few hundred dollars.
  8. Some bro said there is breakdown by PI and AD but I have not seen any so far. Those motor traders association or PI association may have, but I dont think those figures are publicly available.
  9. Bloody hell SGP TP, allowing them to drive in and out with so many outstanding fines.
  10. Or maybe the odo already have done 1 complete round 😄😄
  11. The row diesel also have the same 4 columns, namely hatchback, sedan, suv, mpv/station wagon , there is no lorry column. Unless I miss out something that is not too obvious.
  12. The way he kup corner quite sui .....until before he hit the van
  13. Comfort is the largest taxi company here and they are rolling out a lot of new hyundai hybrid taxis with good safety specs to replace their existing diesel feelts. I suppose new taxi are excluded from the new car sales figure, otherwise hyundai passenger car sales would be even lower despite the hype about the low price, so called low margin and the atteactive look of their Elantra. Not saying they are no good but the sales figure is not there to prove the buy-in from majority of the new car buyers. Back to the 2019 data, honda and toyota are proven to be the most popular brands, while mercedes being third, the sales figure is quite respectable. Point to note here is mercedes has got the thickest margin among the top three or even among most of the brands, but their cars still flew off the shelves like nobody business. And their car may not necessarily be more reliable than Honda , Toyota or even Hyundai, i just want to highlight that there is no need to be too concerned about who are the TL, HL(Honda Loyalists) or ML(amercedes Loyalists), people will just buy what they like and what they feel comfortable when they spend their money.
  14. look at the row under Tesla one would be able to guess quite safely "others" refers to hybrid and electric vehicles. Yes there is no breakdown between PIs and AD, but we can also guess that quite a big % of honda and Toyota are from PIs whereas Mercedes would probably have much lower %, in relative terms.
  15. Maybe not. Because if you look at the stats from LTA, the counts are sedans, hatchbacks, MPVs and suvs etc, lorries and Van's are not listed, I didnt do the mathes, but if the total of LTA stats matches what is posted here, then the count does not include commercial vehicles.