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  1. Ct3833

    Ceiling fan

    6x3.5m is decent size for a 60", maybe go vist some condo showrooms and pay attention to their fan size. The problem is when you visit those fan showrooms, their display area is big, you may not be able to get the actual feel of the fan size. But if you are comfortable with the size, go with your feeling. Enjoy your shopping!
  2. No audio, not sure if the cam car had sounded his horn. In addition, if the cam car did not tail him so closely, this would have been a non event.
  3. Ct3833

    Ceiling fan

    you have long gotten your ROI, time to replace your fan, SGP economy needs some help anyway.😃😃
  4. Ct3833

    Ceiling fan

    this might be another good reason why we should use reverse direction. Ceiling Fans in Reverse: Drawing Air Up When you put the fan into reverse, it draws air upward. Most people think of this as a way to bring the warmer air near the ceiling back down into lower half of the room, where the people are. That’s a great way to use the reverse function in the winter. However, it’s not the only way to use it. If your air conditioning vents are near the floor, then putting the fan into reverse can draw the cool air upward and circulate it around the room so that you can really feel it. It can help you to maximise the effectiveness of your AC, and that will allow you to keep it at a lower setting. The reverse setting can also blow warm out of high windows, creating negative air pressure that will draw in cooler air from lower windows. Sometimes, it’s possible to blow warm air out on the hot side of the house and draw cooler air in on the side that doesn’t get direct sunlight. So, next time you turn on a ceiling fan, give a little thought to what it’s supposed to be doing. Are you blowing air onto your skin so that you’ll cool down? Are you trying to draw cool air upward so that the warm air circulates back into the space you’re occupying? Are you using the fan to pull in outdoor air or to push indoor air out an open window? Next time, give it some thought – and be conscious about using your fans rather than cranking up the heat or AC.
  5. Ct3833

    Ceiling fan

    Haha speed doesn't work that way, but good assumption that you have 9 speeds. The good thing about reverse rotation is that you dont feel the wind coming down but the whole room feels airy.
  6. Ct3833

    Ceiling fan

    If your fan could rotate in reverse direction, it is a DC motor fan. Usually a DC motor fan could have more speed variation of up to six speed also. DC motor fans are a lot quieter than the AC equivalent.
  7. Ct3833

    Ceiling fan

    Hi, are you using DC or AC ones ? My older fans are AC, those that I replaced last year are DC motors, no regrets, AC will become history.
  8. Ct3833

    Ceiling fan

    If you need to replace only one piece and if you really like it, just buy it, it is just a few hundred $ difference from the cheaper range, dont forget you wont get the same design at cheaper price. Last year I replaced 3 of my fans and was in the same dilemma, but the price x3 units was a lot difference, i ended up gotten those cheap one instead. By the way 60 inch is quite big, unless you have a big area to cover, otherwise the fan can be an eye sour. I still have quite a number of 60 inch and I have been thinking should I or should I not replace them with smaller one 😪😪.
  9. Ct3833

    Dear CPF: Give Me Back My Money!

    The purpose of shielding is to move as much of your money from OA acct which is only 2.5%PA to RA while keeping your 4%PA RA money intact, if one intend to withdraw all of his CPF after 55, then there is no need to do shielding.
  10. Ct3833

    Ceiling fan

    Natural air is just one of the mode, there are few other speed you could choose from. But i think there is not need for ceiling fan to be too strong, just need it to push air circulation in the room. If you need stronger wind, you may want to consider 5 blades fan instead of 3 blades, but for aesthetic reason, this brand only have 3 blades ? Their design is one of the best but price is the highest too.
  11. That is CAT B about 2 years ago, depending on your brand, price of some of the CAT B car didn't change much .
  12. Ct3833

    Do you earn S$7,500 gross a month

    So far my 4 years of merc ownership has been good , the auto trans of my friend's w211 only failed at 330k km, not too bad. Hope w212 can be as lasting , my mechanic told me the 7G is not a durable, not sure what is the basis of comparison though.
  13. Ct3833

    Took a walk in Singapore

    The phone camera gave you the best color and optimum exposure, you did a very good framing and excellent composition Job.
  14. The minister said flying form Penang to KL only takes an hour, but from the other article, it says the car could only fly at 60km/h and the battery would last 30 to 90 min. I m assuming 30 min is for full speed 60km/h, the distance between KL and Penang is about 200km, that would mean the flying car will have to land 6 times in between to replace or recharge battery, even if it will to fly non stop, it will take about 3+hours to fly, how to achieve in an hour? but I am sure if they could make it, one day they would improve the speed, provided they could make it.