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  1. Ct3833

    LTA Vehicle Inspection

    Wont fail as long as the tyres do not get protruded beyond the budguards. Refer to the tyres section ......... The tyres must not protrude from the vehicle body laterally. ........ https://www.onemotoring.com.sg/content/onemotoring/home/owning/modification.html#Type_of_modifications
  2. Ct3833

    LTA Vehicle Inspection

    They are doing the right thing, now at night when I get woken up by loud exhaust noise , I know who.😄😄
  3. Hi, Carbon filter vs a HEPA filter...... HEPA filters are capable of removing dust and other allergens, such as mold, while carbon filters are capable of filtering out smoke, fumes and other chemicals. Both, however, are necessary for improved air quality across many different industries. and if you want to know more about why and what is HEPA, refer to here for reference.... https://www.hardwarezone.com.sg/feature-air-purifier-buying-guide-what-to-look-out-for
  4. Dont stir lah. Bikers are human being too, have family , have parents, wife and children like many of us. Just like drivers or even pedestrains , there are good guys around, not all bikers are bad. If those bikers have a better option, trust me they wont ride a bike. Can whack me too, no need to hold back. 😄😄
  5. 驾驶盘在谁的手上就是谁的问题。请问为什么你不靠近你的亲人?
  6. Ct3833


    The power of sperm. The smallest impact would be to cause a COW to have an bloated stomach, anything more severe than that could be an explosion .
  7. wah, right most unit😃😃
  8. Speaking from an experience hand👍. Agree, the guy is taking his own sweet time, how could a car be picking up at the same pace as a big truck by leaving so much empty space in front of him when he was already surrounded by so many big vehicles.
  9. Thanks. And I notice the truck swerved to the left , which was the casue.pf the accident, some may say because of the blind spot of a truck but there is no excuse for the truck to move left this way. Or unless is see wrongly.
  10. Some are new drivers on the road, some are not familiar with the place, some are distracted by Google map, some are distracted by their demand pings, life is tough for them but all of more they need to be careful. How to help them ? Not much but when we see them, try not to get too close to them, for those errant PHV drivers, report them up. If it is a small genuine mistake, forgive and forget.
  11. His left, right and rear are all truck, there is nowhere else for him to escape except to speed up. But why are the trucks travelling on lane 1? And suddenly moved to the left lane?
  12. Sadly he did it, that is not the way it should work.
  13. You mean last round of the last round not many people get their COEs ?☺️☺️
  14. It depends on how much the extended warranty would cost and the coverage of the warranty.
  15. I hope someone have reported him and I also hope that he would use the same explanation like what you have cited. 😄😄