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  1. Thy juz dont want to KNOW
  2. Meanmachine

    3rd JB-Singapore bridge?

    I must admit both causeways arrival / Departure lane are badly drafted, if we l;ooh back at history days since LKY and LaoMa's era, it should have improved better, what crooked bridge he was thinking, 1/ Buses, coaches and lorries cannot be land side by side & coincide with car lane 2/ Built 3/4 lanes carriage way to facilitate motorists entry points 3/ Custom check by bi-metric scanner / iris eye check faster 4/ Heavy duties vehicles should always be lower tier or basement 1 check. 5/ Use satellites technology at checkpoint/ CIQ check to determine no.of pax for all incoming /outgoing vehicles No rocket science la
  3. Meanmachine

    Najib Announce VEP for Spore cars!

    I anticipate this happening, that's why I had registered but don't want to make appt with them, and more thing unexpected issues coming up later . . . e.g., Change of Bolehland Gahmen, ( scrap the VEP ) some Sp car due to scrap in 1stQ2020- How ? Really can't expect their side can explain things proper- this are big big issues facing us motorists here, every month we have many cars coming to the end of COE cycles.
  4. Meanmachine

    Selling property in Malaysia

    Hi, I have a few of Singaporean who had bought, stayed and some rented it out , Best to look for a Malaysian property agent. Likewise my BIL in KL and his family a more than 700 acres of agricultural land for sale too, located in the State of Johore Bahru, titled is Freehold Tenure, I understand one can start planting Durian tree or any of others fruits too PM me for more details/ information.
  5. Meanmachine

    2020 VW Golf is coming

    That was what I heard too since my last cc up lorry, if d german is sincere about it, thy should step in to get a damn old engine and throw out, DSG megatronic full of nonsense , even the korean KIA has 10 years engine warranty. knock knock !
  6. Meanmachine

    2020 VW Golf is coming

    I have driven 3 models VW respectively . . . 1/ VW Passat 2.0lit more than 10 years ago- no issues does not mean no problem. 2/ VW Passat CC1.8cc 7sp- more than 3 years ago - Megatronic crashed, repairs numerous times, same old gears 3/ VW Tiguan 2-0lit- few repairs EPC lighted up yet can still drive, Manifold valve main culprit, can't be resolved, repairs done, w/s boss said: "" Carry on, No probe." Don't know whether to cry or giggle. Can I trust the new model of any VW car launch? not necessary Golf, the bone of contention is Germany don't give a s*^t to resolve the problem, it's world wide issue and concern for many VW owner/s p/S : VW literally means " VISIT WORKSHOP "
  7. Meanmachine

    Najib Announce VEP for Spore cars!

    Not a Q of scare or not scare, if all got balls, the hair will drop once cock-up pop-up
  8. Meanmachine

    Najib Announce VEP for Spore cars!

    Good you have checked and reverted, Q is how often thy check, it has been constantly updated and yet system failure and loses integrity, current VEP is one, fingers machine never took off, died a silent death, white card forms being used, thousand of trees cutter down etc etc
  9. Meanmachine

    over 40s... if you were retrenched tomorrow...

    You know why you were not selected ? simply all these job were taken over by female Singaporean ( literally Auntie ) like your age, I know coz some of them applied and kick U out. Some job as security or female ICA officer/s is required to perform check on female passengers etc places like cruise centres, Sea of port centre and immigration custom officer/s, Aetos and Auxillary officers are being filled up by Malaysian. as Sillyporean shunned this job.
  10. Meanmachine

    over 40s... if you were retrenched tomorrow...

    T5, T5 won't be ready in 10 yrs down the road, What talking you . . .
  11. Meanmachine

    Najib Announce VEP for Spore cars!

    I cannot imagine VEP application on Sp Cars, can we trust them with all our car date information ?( Unlikely ) WORSE PART IS BOLEHLAND DOES NOT HAVE PDPA . . . THINK AGAIN !
  12. Meanmachine

    Najib Announce VEP for Spore cars!

    I reckon by now all testing should have been completed and done with, any failure is no fault of theirs , thy will blame it on the technology and system failure. Simply boleh ! Never trusted on e-wallet and only use T&G card for deduction, hardly drive anywhere further than JB, not even Yong Peng, so e-wallet is unnecessary. My T&G card has less than RM100/ S$33+ nia, any loss or multiple deductions, I take it as well spent on meals on Chicken rice, YaWang ducks or BKT for 2 pax
  13. This Guy issue is over and done with, who is Ben anyway ? his parent is to be flamed for not allowing his son to endorse NS liability, while My parent has no issue whatsoever of me performing NS, I have grown up to be a better person, adult and fatherhood, the basis principle of life is lost if one do not appreciate NS/ Reservist 13 yrs cycles, while I cannot agreed i have had my best years in NSF, mostly kenna " tekan " by superiors, those were the days of my youth/adolescent and adult years< too bad I guess Ben were born to an Ang Mo father who has little or no apathy for his son's future and consideration.
  14. Meanmachine

    Najib Announce VEP for Spore cars!

    Did anyone wonder why Bolehland custom office were switched off daily ?, even on night shift duty, I could recalled it started beginning of Month Oct/19 Some counterswere operated by lone male or female staff, with Male counterpart sitting nearby . . .
  15. Meanmachine

    Najib Announce VEP for Spore cars!

    Bizman massage only the tie and mouth piece, the bottom part can be underlying motion undetected protocol.