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  1. Meanmachine

    What did the pig do to deserve this?

    I pray to all human mankind to treat all animals, especially poultry animals that provide foods on the table for us, with fairness, kindness and humanity. Please please conduct oneself properly or else after your death, thy will be reincarnated into one of them. " Om Mani Pahme Om X 3 "
  2. digging out a 9 yo thread, Car Lite la.
  3. Meanmachine

    Petrol Price Movement in Singapore

    I don't expect them to impress me either, neither I'm not equally impress with em
  4. Y2020 will never be a good year, we'll witness more Fire Water Heat and Major exercises Fire means explosion, Bomb, Bush fire, Water means Flood, Heavy downfalls wreaking living things and Major Exercises - Volcano eruption, Typhoon, Big Protests round the Globe, Strike and unnatural death . . . Be blessed with what we got here in Sillypore
  5. Being smaller Nation is much easier to handle and solve some sticky issues, problem . . One big country like C can marvel the world with technology and big mega projects where the world stood still while I took two steps backward and low and behold, the buses, trains and flying gadgets can be quite a mouthful, let alone solve 0.0003% issue, no wonder their I gahmen would focus on the bigger things than the smaller issue/s P/S : My mentor taught me to solve the smaller issue 1st then bigger issue can be solved much better.
  6. Meanmachine

    Petrol Price Movement in Singapore

    sea-hum always not steady coy, small tension or a hump can caused them to be anxious and raised prices in knee-jerked reaction? Not impress with this coy .
  7. I dont hate nor disliked such ppl except their cultural differences and lifestyles copied form their forefathers . their population is one of the biggest in the world yet living in a country needs loads of education when travelling abroad, thy see one thing yet practise another.
  8. The bus / lorry has been badly assaulted, abused and poorly maintained, one fine day will surely breakdown
  9. Meanmachine

    PHV Bank Loan Help for my Dad!

    fully agreed, no body actually buy brand new car as Grab usage, Just Gran / share not too sure, if anything happens during the course of driving, juz report for repairs work and touch-up. Less hassle !
  10. Meanmachine

    Najib Announce VEP for Spore cars!

    Latest on VEP implementation to be deferred until next year over FRID installation issues : https:// www.channelnewsasia.com/news/asia/malaysia-vep-enforced-2020-anthony-loke-transport-ministry-11984574
  11. Meanmachine

    Makan in Thailand

    Welcome back Stevelu. Seems like you had a great Y2020 New Year Parte celebration, that is why the Thai styled porridge, simple and delicious prepared, I liked
  12. Meanmachine

    Makan in Thailand

  13. Meanmachine

    Najib Announce VEP for Spore cars!

    it show you are ill-prepared to cross border, no disrespect to you less one or two of sic ppl is good for us, If NS / reservist in camp training does not teach u good, i cant expect much 1-3 hrs jammed.
  14. Meanmachine

    [Spyshots] 2020 Kia Optima

    At times the less we see those same old cars especially Hondas, Toyos, Nissans parked at HDB car park are proof of motorist enthusiasts are simply playing safe with low maintenance parts and servicing cost. If I were to get a KIA saloon, will be the Cerato or Optima, however my eyes zooming on on SUV le.
  15. Meanmachine

    Najib Announce VEP for Spore cars!

    What do you expect from Sp ICA routine check regularly, going on is one thing, coming out is another, our ICA men will take time to counter check all cars are chicly accordingly to their regulations so long as they deemed fit, it may be a wee bit longer than usual however I'm used to it, Sp side is always cautious due to our small island being targeted by terrorists attack, in land sea and air, yesterday, I saw Singapore troopers armed with ICA security in 4+1 formation in later noon. Malaysian side, once I clear CiQ check and i can tell their Custom opicers sitting down toying with their mobile phone watching Utube video or playing video games, I knew thy simply lack-off security check, that is the difference between em & us.