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  1. When Singapore went out of of Malaysia Cup, we were literately lost and forgotten, it's good to have a Sushi coach to instil confidence and team morale to the lacking fire dragon or Lions, does size matters in football game ? maybe yes, maybe no, it play a part when defending taller opponent, i suppose. Wish them luck
  2. Meanmachine

    Is Singapore General Election Round The Corners ?

    There is nothing fair or just in this Terrible & Cruel world, it is Who you DO know, the more you know, the more hurts & Pains it bring to you.
  3. Meanmachine

    2020 Land Rover Defender

    Rugged & fierce look SUV, In Singapore not many SUV enthusiast will go out and get one Defender due to our congested terrain and driving behaviour
  4. Meanmachine

    Najib Announce VEP for Spore cars!

    if that was so, LTA and relevant authority can't do anything about it, no more Govt will do whatever it can push the boundary further What pisses me was" How can I allow JPJ to collect my car data to Bolehland ", who knows later on . . . maybe a data leak or kenna hack into their system, I can tolerate a certain amount of system being hacked and Govt rectify asap, given current scenario, I really cannot accept it. ( Apply VEP on line , wait for email confirmation, tag appointment to stick FRID tag ... all this while its inherent from their system, make appointment to go in selected loction to have it installed . . . Sian Sian and frustrating . . .
  5. Meanmachine

    Malaysian commando shot dead in live-firing demo

    Remimd me of our own Aloy Pang's case, we are equally careless, in peace time, training can be exasperated to next level, May he RIP .
  6. Meanmachine

    Najib Announce VEP for Spore cars!

    The crux of the problem is to catch foreign cars with outstanding summons, their own people can be handled later on, with freebies discount etc, Simply Boleh !
  7. Meanmachine

    Najib Announce VEP for Spore cars!

    After reading so much of the posts, there is still a lingering feeling come Oct1/19, all lockup, screw-up and strawberries jam will exist, nobody has the slights clue where, how, when and who can really help despite the fact upon registering VEP, tag registration blah blah, the system does don't makes sense to us motorists . . . I will wait 2 weeks after official date and take it from there.
  8. Meanmachine

    Hainanese Mooncakes might be disappearing here.

    MeanMachine reporting in as a local Hainan Ah kor
  9. Meanmachine

    Man steals basin tap from police station

    Confirmed Ah Seah did not steal the tap, he merely borrow and forgot to return . . .
  10. Meanmachine

    Najib Announce VEP for Spore cars!

    I have not surrender to them yet, i don't intend to pay even RM10/ for not getting inside Johore
  11. Meanmachine

    Mother of ALL JAMs in at Checkpoint

    Bro Sop, you're absolutely correct and spot on, Why inadequate and unprecedented ? simply they do not anticipate such crowds, even if it was on any PH, we are used to 4-6 hours jammed - ' Worse than Sardines in a Can ' in 5-10 years ahead, unlike our URA master plan of 10 years planning and we review every 5 yrs known as " Concept Plan ", after crystallisation. This is not to fault their Gahmen for not doing their work, as a matter of fact both Gahmen should ideally have regular meeting to shape both Johore and Sp causeway to welcome visitorship - to enhance, to reshape and reduce unnecessary the slip-up of the channels car would enter properly, for instance, an observance of car entering any custom check-point to have the passport verify and check would more or less resulted in minor kerb-rash of rims, tyre, wing-mirror and in particularly bigger long wheeled base cars. What would makes us motorist/s happy with glee when such a scale of both Nation and country merged together to reshape the checkpoint will be welcome, hover i doubt it would happen ! If both party can do the simple thing correct, both would go a long way to work live and enjoy visitation graciously, perhaps their top priority is security and more than border movement, however whatever it takes, these setback must be addressed first. For that to happen, we shall wait for the old Woodlands Centre to be rebuilt, looking forward to a more easy access of checking and high-technology screening of person in a car, hence cutting down wasted time.
  12. Meanmachine

    Mother of ALL JAMs in at Checkpoint

    I can ASSURE YOU with the new VEP endorsement, going JB will still be jam, simply said, their transport minister do nothing with additional RC , their deployment of manpower to manage visitation on every weekends/ P Holiday has not shown result to cope with high inflow of cars into Johore and other parts of Malaysia. 1/ Lack of CIQ custom manpower officer/s overwork and their faces tell a story of poor working environment & well fare. 2/ What has both countries benefitted from Visit Malaysia and Singapore ? A: Literally only both Govt's pocket in terms of usage and poor lightings in and around CIQ 3/ Singapore motorists may be well behaved to tow in line and Q ordering, other q-cutters spoilt the market, the fines is nothing to these ppl. The display of Ugly Singaporean still exist in Bolehland. 4/ What makes you think that when LTA increases ERP Gantry fares by double will ease the Jam? , Well, the road still a hazard & menace to others road user, it does not deter traffic control any better, so come any PH or Super Long Weekends, going to JB or HSHW will NEVER EVER be a Breeze. Hence, the Mother of All Strawberry to Peanut Jam will continue to apply. I hope the VEP fail and many cock-up in Oct/ Nov period. Huat Arh !
  13. Meanmachine

    Manchester United 18/19

    Year in year out , new season has fresh beginning, and I believe young guns are firing well ahead of the hectic schedule, pre season helps to shape the team, just be careful of not exerting too much may caused injury later, pretty concern for Aaron Wan and David James. Prefer thy play their own game and enjoy the comradeship instead of truing too hard to please the fans and journalist. I believe the young guns pay attention to asst Coach M Garrick and Sols's style of play, it will pay dividend.
  14. Meanmachine

    Car's roof's lining/cloth

    Mr Foo first did my E200 AvantGarde on the driver seat auto seat fault, i reckon the actuator kaputed, C&C quoted me $1500 for new actuator and labour. I went looking for Ah Foo, ( my old friend now and old customer ), he changed a new Bosch Actuator including labour & installation in less than 25 mins, cant remb how much it cost, it's was about $100/ . We don't have to be Rich to be Clever. He and his brother specialises in Car Audio accessories; car seat, leather and synthetic fabric roofing installation , cannot compared to more established set-up, their biz is honest to goodness, rare find. The shop is next to a corner coffee-shop.
  15. Meanmachine

    Bali Thieves

    Yes I can be very " Mean : if i want to, juz don't bulldoze their way in a Q, if sillyporean do that, I'd give em a hard stare as warning, any foreigner who try that in Sunny Sp, will get special treatment. So long never got so angry liao