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  1. Yes, got the coupons yesterday at SPC Tg Katong Rd. Must pump at least $30. Closing on 10 Sep. hurry!
  2. Camrysfa

    2019 MCF Revamp!

    It feels like christmas? everything is so white😄
  3. Camrysfa

    Man steals basin tap from police station

    this station super leh, fit such opulent basin taps ..... wonder what they get for stationeries
  4. Camrysfa

    Man steals basin tap from police station

    wow, i lost a few minutes of my life googling for a tap which costs $170.00
  5. A letter published in Straits Times on 2 Aug 19…….The best thing that Joseph Schooling and his supporters can do for our Olympic swimming champion's quest to retain his 100m butterfly crown at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics is to stop making excuses for his run of losses at the world level. When he lost to Caeleb Dressel at the 2017 World Championships in Budapest, Schooling said he had slacked off training after his Olympic triumph, even though he appeared confident about breaking Michael Phelps' 2009 world record heading into the competition. Now he blames the tough transition in his personal and professional life from the US to Singapore for his ignominious exit in the heats of the 2019 Fina World Championships in Gwangju, even though once again, he appeared ready for battle. How Schooling has handled Dressel's meteoric rise - from being his Bolles high-school teammate to the greatest swimming sprinter of all time - stands in sharp contrast to the easy calm and confidence shown by the reigning Olympic champion in the men's 100m freestyle, Australian Kyle Chalmers. Like Schooling, Chalmers rose from relative obscurity to stun the world in the Rio Olympics in 2016. Unlike Schooling, he has kept his head down, recovered from heart surgery two years ago, and gave Dressel his sternest test in Gwangju to claim silver and a new personal best time. Chalmers will retain his Olympic title in Tokyo next year if he can improve his dreadful start. Schooling stands an outside chance to repeat his Rio heroics, despite his current poor form, if he and his supporters can start getting real and honest for a change, including over the unnecessary distractions in his life since 2016, ranging from his many public engagements to his swim school. The young man needs to understand that his lucrative endorsement deals, for example, will disappear as fast as they came if he fades further away from world-class competition. The same goes for his national service exemption right up till the 2024 Paris Olympic Games if he fails to meet certain performance criteria in Tokyo next year. Beating Dressel will not be easy, to be sure. Whether our Olympic champion is up for the fight to try and retain his crown with a bang, or surrender with a whimper is entirely up to Team Schooling. Toh Cheng Seong
  6. uphill... his best time since Rio is 50.78,,, but mostly he is doing 52.xx
  7. Camrysfa

    My Favourite Bath Soap

    know this?
  8. i like this kind of package, at least can hope to have some money back.....
  9. Camrysfa

    Taxi driver post video of drunk girl with no money

    Got money to go partying and no money to pay someone earning a living.... yet so many many are siding the drunkard!
  10. Camrysfa

    Avoid Rexy Motors

    $37K for a 208k mileage car? really expensive for that kind of mileage. I should have sold my car in the market rather than trade in to the AD. It was only 80K mileage and 6 years old.
  11. Camrysfa

    Boleh Land Election 2018

    Look who turned up to wish happpy 94th birthday to TDM.......
  12. Camrysfa

    10th Generation Honda Civic (2016)

    Petrol engines are on the chopping board, but the Japs may have the tech to save it.... https://www.businesstimes.com.sg/hub/bt-motoring/can-japan-save-the-petrol-engine
  13. Camrysfa

    2018 Kia Cerato K3 / Forte (BD Series)

    it is not a Kia. The SE didn't mention the paint coating during the sign-up. During the collection I think I heard ceramic and no need to wax. I have to wait until about 20 days time at 1k svc - hope i will get to know what product they gave and who did it.
  14. Camrysfa

    2018 Kia Cerato K3 / Forte (BD Series)

    i have a 2 week old car and on collection day they told there is a coating. I bought a car wash without wax to wash it. Don't know long the coating will last. For the old car i regularly do DIY waxing after washing the car. With the new car, it was a relief not to spend so much time.. Hope the coating lasts.
  15. Camrysfa

    2018 Kia Cerato K3 / Forte (BD Series)

    really? i nearly bought