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    2019 12th Gen Toyota Corolla Sedan

    ST report 21 Dec 19...... quite good buy eh? below 95K!
  2. Camrysfa

    Where are you now...

    @Carbon82 ....... ya posting very very much less but still around. Cheers😊
  3. Ya, quite sure present ICA building has no parking for public , it looks like a heavy security zone. and ....Ahem… ICA building is not just about doing passport and IC…..Hope they give back the car park space to the public in terms of basement carpark. https://www.straitstimes.com/singapore/ica-plans-to-expand-hq-with-new-building-at-carpark-site Facing increasing operational demands and already constrained by a lack of space, the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA) is looking to more than double the size of its Kallang Road headquarters. It is proposing to erect a new building on the current site of an adjacent carpark by early 2021. The ICA also wants to upgrade the current building and estimates that total works will cost $300 million. Last Friday, the ICA called for a show of interest from firms "to render architectural consultancy" through a Request for Information (RFI) on government procurement website GeBIZ. The RFI closes next Thursday. The current ICA building has been around since 1997. The ICA, which was formed in April 2003, inherited the building. "Over the years, ICA has continued to take on new initiatives and functions to augment operational capacity," it said. "All available spaces have been exhausted and the present building can no longer sustain ICA's current and future operating needs. It is a less than ideal operating environment as the current space available has been saturated." The site occupied by the current ICA building is approximately 0.8ha with a gross floor area of about 36,300 sq m. The land area ICA is considering for its new building is about 1.1ha and can achieve a floor area of around 46,200 sq m. The documents state that the new ICA building will house service centres, a heritage centre, the Registrar of Societies and the Casino Regulatory Authority. It will also "function as a convenient one-stop centre offering public services as well as provide enhanced capacity for the projected increase in workload". The ICA told The Straits Times: "With the increased volume of customers over the years, more space will be required to cope with the demands for ICA services. This (RFI) is part of ICA's capacity and infrastructure planning for the long term, with the aim to serve our customers better." amirh@sph.com.sg
  4. sure about that? the current ICA building does not have car parking for the public right?
  5. ICA could have included car parking in the new building. Afterall this is a public service building. Pro car-lite?
  6. For those who are interested to get coupons from the Jurong East SPC..... I got one sheet there this morning. Pump $60. The $6 off coupons are until Mar 20 but can only be used at the same station.
  7. Camrysfa

    SEA GAMES 2019

    much talk to trim down 🤨
  8. Camrysfa

    Refrigerator conked out, please recommend.

    yes, i could consider panasonic or LG. My hunch is LG is better in home appliances than Samsung. A Toshiba 2 dr got my interest too until I read that Toshiba has exited the SG mkt, so it means there is no svc ctr here,
  9. Camrysfa

    Refrigerator conked out, please recommend.

    tks....good to hear LG serving you well
  10. Camrysfa

    Refrigerator conked out, please recommend.

    wow, your advice very sound.....tks
  11. Camrysfa

    Refrigerator conked out, please recommend.

    Thinking of getting the Samsung 2DR 453L refrigerator. Model RT46K6237DX/SS. About $1149. Any views on Samsung fridge? Are they reliable? Presently having a Hitachi Japan made fridge.....thanks
  12. Camrysfa

    2019 12th Gen Toyota Corolla Sedan

    what is the launch price?
  13. Camrysfa

    1.5m condo owner scold security guard

    Like many I am upset by the behaviour of Ramesh. In subsequent viewing of the video i closed it in quick time as the vulgarities and the arrogance were so disgusting. Then the news of the securiy company replaced was totally a movie twist beyond my expectation. But then, as I pondered I began to see the thinking that might be harboured by these condo populace. Their grounds are a private sanctuary. It is like a castle with a wall enclosing it. And yes, there are guards. So they will not be pleased that some argument that happened within their confines are spilled out to be dissected and got the common man and ministers weighing in. And it was done by their palace guards.....😙
  14. normally out of the way for me too. But today I heading for Changi Jewel for that burger....😁
  15. going tomorrow, hope still in time😃