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  1. All New Zealand schools are closed. is not so much a matter of kids getting sick, more a matter that they can transmit / carry the disease. And we all know how good hygiene is for kids. the whole point here is two fold 1. You can have Covid-19 for two weeks before show symptoms 2. Kids may be totally asymptomatic You want to stop community transmission Dad catches from colleague, passes to child, child passes to 3 school mates, 3 school mates go home and pass to maid, mum and two grandparents - then how? As already said - either safe or not safe, this is a half fark measure that is not going to go anything
  2. Where'd you get this from? It came through to my phone - YES - I'm good thanks, in the office all alone as we practise social distancing. So far we're doing pretty well here - as of yesterday 200 or so cases, it will be going up, but hopefully manageable
  3. change job oreddy. ...we supply equipment for food safety...if our stuff not available then food factory close. for car rental...no tourists allowed to come in so no car rental now.
  4. New Zealand is in total lock down from today - all non essential business closed (including takeaways and restaurants) Schools all closed from tomorrow Everybody supposed to hide at home My work considered to be "essential service" so I will be in office as per normal
  5. Disagree Not to say I recommend a full on sports car, but something slightly sport with better handling in safer. Even your most basic B&B car can quickly hit dangerous speeds. Something a slightly sporty is going to corner, brake, avoid and accelerate out of trouble better. Something more nimble that stops faster is safer
  6. Fark me - the england!! From a communication professional - is this the best they can do?
  7. Darryn

    Bullying in a Pri School in Punggol

    I'm not sure if there is an "avenue" via the MOE to step outside of the school chain of command (if that is the right concept) But as you can see from what Turboflat4 has said in an earlier post - all too often such things rely / depend upon the level of knowledge, the "skill" with words, the way that the parent approaches the issue. People that are very well versed, with great research and critical thinking skills will find those solutions and get a great outcome. People that may not be so well educated, don't have the same sorts of talents don't do so well. In general, I've found that putting in place "programmes" and "feedback channels" is something that Singapore does very very well. Making those channels accessible to those that most need them, to those that don't neccessarily feel so comfortable writing emails and talking to officials is not something they do terribly well
  8. Darryn

    Bullying in a Pri School in Punggol

    this sort of response is in itself a form of bullying - terms like "char bor" and "yapping" are perjorative - you're not so subtley belittling the sister. "Yapping" is what a noisy little dog does, it is language that you may want to consider when talking about such issues
  9. Darryn

    Bullying in a Pri School in Punggol

    Sounds perfectly logical to me - it very much reflects the tone of my experience with the sme school
  10. Darryn

    Bullying in a Pri School in Punggol

    Maybe difficult to eradicate - but the important message that we send by making bullying an issue (instead of ignoring or sweeping under carpet) is that it's not acceptable
  11. Darryn

    Bullying in a Pri School in Punggol

    Easy for me -- my kid faced racial bullying there (PSLE in 2016)
  12. Darryn

    I raced electric b&b car vs Lambo and I won

    I'm in middle earth. we got hot indoor plumbing last year...this year 28kbps dialup internt!
  13. Darryn

    How many of u r changing holiday plans?

    We were in Hong Kong in early January. Going to Disney Land and Ocean Park totally rocked. No queues. The sprogs would finish a ride, run round to entrance and go again. It was wonderfullness
  14. Vezel driver likely driven overseas - No space to pull left so pull over right on hard shoulder to give ambulance space to "lane split" Very normal and common practise for emergency vehicle here - I blame ambulance in this situation as well as the ambulance chaser
  15. Good skills from the motorbike!