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  1. Ingenius

    2019 12th Gen Toyota Corolla Sedan

    If the Avante and Creator are bigger, better than Altis, why do you think the AD is not selling them at the same price as Altis, I wonder? Will people buy ?
  2. Ingenius

    2019 12th Gen Toyota Corolla Sedan

    The factory head unit is removed when imported, so as to reduce the OMV, otherwise if it exceeds 20k, it will fall into Cat B, making it out of reach for more buyers, not to mention the higher Coe price. It is the same reason as to why Borneo doesn't bring in the 1.8l or even 2l version which is a better engine. This is marketing strategy and as long as it sells well, that is their objectives.
  3. Ingenius

    Should I get rid of COE car and Change ?

    1) itchy backside say itchy backside la 2) everyone is different, how do we advise you without taking into account of your financial background and commitment etc ? 3) there are one hundred and 1 cars to recommend, each has its characteristics and budget. where to start from ? Lol.
  4. Ingenius

    2019 12th Gen Toyota Corolla Sedan

    Time out Do you think the new Altis will sell well ? What do you like or dislike about it ?
  5. Ingenius

    2019 12th Gen Toyota Corolla Sedan

    Surely you understand that the Altis is positioned as a b&B car in the cat A Coe segment, it has to keep its engine output and OMV within the limits, that's why it cannot be higher than 1.6l, and parts have to be trimmed down or locally fitted. Not every car has to be the bestest and most expensive it can be, no thanks to our tax structure.
  6. Ingenius

    Toyota C-HR

    Indeed this CHR is one of the nicest looking car around, beside the Kia Cerato.
  7. Ingenius

    2019 12th Gen Toyota Corolla Sedan

    He is just a troll with a hidden agenda, and highly suspicious of being a clone account of someone. Just ignore him.
  8. Ingenius

    2019 12th Gen Toyota Corolla Sedan

    The world doesn't revolve around you, your opinion means nothing to them Statistically, Toyota is the top car selling brand in the world for 2018, and Corolla is the top selling model in the world. And it doesn't look to change.
  9. Ingenius

    2019/2020! Recession coming

    Kusje, I admire your spirit of caring for the less fortunate. Once I took a taxi, the driver chatted with me, and he said that Singapore's success is done to 2 main factors, 1 is the government realised the importance of attracting foreign investment, and that was what they did, 2 is the adoption of meritocracy. These 2 factors largely contributed to SIngapore's economic success. However, meritocracy carries with itself a set of problems, i.e. income disparity. Some people will be less successful, and will fall through the gap. These less well to do people, will least enjoy the fruit of success of the nation. This is the characteristics and hallmark of a open economy, i.e. widening income gap. To mitigate this, the government creates a ground of fair opportunity, for individuals to succeed, and entrepreneurs to venture, whether how well they succeed, is up to individual. For this group of low income earners, from what I know our government actually gives them a plateau of help and support. Personally, I have friends from different walks of life. Two of them are of the lowest income earners, one is a single mother of 4, and another is a single mother of 2, both of them makes little to no money. Surprisingly, both of them told me vehemently that they are staunch supporters of the ruling party, and they will always vote for them. I was surprised, and asked them why. They told me that they actually receive a lot of aids from the government, like free money every month, free education and pocket money (even after they kids repeat and fail), almost free housing ($120 per month rental), and subsidy in everything. They actually live quite carefreely. On the contrary, my friends who are rich businessman, well to do professionals living on landed property and owns a few car paid with full cash, they are all strongly oppose to the ruling government, blaming them for the demise of the lesser fortunate. These people have shown no gratitude to the nation for their success, but instead blames this and that, without realising how fortunate they are, and how much they have benefited from the opportunities made available to them due to sound governance. Just to share with you some insights I have.
  10. Ingenius

    2019/2020! Recession coming

    Which government in the world will be so stupid to want to purposely bring in foreigners to take away jobs from the locals, depress wages, and as a result lose their popularity and votes? Isn't this moronic if this is what they want to achieve ? Why not leave the labor shortage problem as it is, and let the locals enjoy the artificially created high wages ? This is only because a responsible and long sighted government knows that long term planning and a sustainable economy that will grow, is the right way to go, albeit a painful one. Without fixing labor shortage to address the need for digitisation, Singapore won't become a financial hub, and we will lose it to other economies which are catching up, nvestment would have gone elsewhere where cost is lower, and there will be no job creation. With artificially high wages due to shortage of labor, we will lose out in terms of value as compared to other countries, and investments will shun us. This is exactly why today, Singapore despite a country with no resources, can thrive and develop into a first world economy with first world per capita income, lowest unemployment rate, low inflation etc. Before we complain we must look at the big picture.
  11. Ingenius

    2019/2020! Recession coming

    It is easy to say FTs take away jobs from locals, but the stark realiy is that the economy needs to fill the void of certain trades like IT specialist to grow our economy, failing which there is nothing even for the locals to thrive in.
  12. PMDs already pose so many problems, can expect flying cars to be worse, right ? Going to JB, though, will be a breeze. Lol.
  13. So many companies around the world are building flying cars. Do you think they will eventually become a mainstream mode of transport , in our life time ? Why yes and why not. If not, then what does it take to overcome inorder to come to fruition ? Discuss, thanks.
  14. Ingenius

    Visit Hello Kitty Land Town Malaysia

    If want to eat nice local food, Ipoh is good, the kueh there is truly traditional and original.