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  1. Yeobt

    Toyota Estima

    Hi, am considering to get one. Anyone knows what is the avg fc for a hybrid unit? How much to replace a batt? TIA
  2. Yeobt

    Join the Quit Smoking Club!

    i was a smoker for more than 35 years since i was 15 y/o. i tried to stop a few times but failed. the last time i smoke was 5 years ago on the day after i sent off my late mom in her funeral. i told myself, i'm going to do this for her becos i knew this is what would make her very happy if she could see it. i regretted that i didn't do it earlier for her. don't do it (quit) for yourself, do it for someone you love.
  3. Hi, anyone knows if my son who is one of the named occupier for a 3G unit is still eligible to apply a BTO for his own family after a certain period of years? We are due to attend and select a unit this friday 26 April. need an answer b4 we decide whether if we still want to proceed to take up a 3G or not. TIA
  4. Yeobt

    Stiff Necks & Shoulders

    i bought a massage chair and a shoulder/neck massager for use in my car.
  5. Hi guys, am planning to attend some courses while clearing my leaves from work next month. one of the few i planning to take is security courses. i think this is one of the few trades in our current market that is in high demanding for standard and manpower and of course recession proof. Anyone here can share how the procedure works? where should i register myself for the courses? thanks in advance!
  6. what a waste to lost a bright man like this. this incident is really very sad.
  7. my FIL is a relief as a security guard. his working location is usually ware houses or big corporate office like DHL and etc. his job is just to write down veh number and the visitor's id in out of the building. most of the time when his boss call him up to do assignment in last min, his boss will say 'can you work tonight? just go there sleep if no visitor.' sleep at home no pay, sleep outside $120 per night.
  8. Yeobt

    DSP Amp with stock speakers ?

    What i did was, i went to a shop which carries some mid to high end stuffs. I experienced the SQ of the speakers base on my budget with still using my stock HU. After that, I realised that my HU cannot drive my new speakers to it peak level, so I upgrade my HU. I was told that my powerful speakers need a ppwerful amp to punch them after I spent closed to $1k. Hanging there half way. Bopian, so add a powerful dsp/amp. Now, feel the punch is unbalance. Add another amp and a sub woofer. Still cannot catch the optimal level of punch I wanted. Do sound proofing...still some way to go if i have the time. :) Music is part of a moment i can distress after a hard day work. Enjoy while you can.
  9. Yeobt

    DSP Amp with stock speakers ?

    i was in your situation a few months ago. IMHO, you must know how much you prepared to spend for your entire project. list them down like how much budget for speakers, dsp/amp, woofer, quality cable and etc. i would advice to change your stock speakers first and move on from there. :) just a side note, i was presented by my installer that some really high-end cable which is as thick as a finger could costs couple of thousands.
  10. there are drivers leaving the league and there are new drivers coming to join the league. some ppl make money during the good time, some ppl make more money during the bad time. the earth is round, everyone has diff expectation in life and would not think what you're thinking. enjoy your day everyday.
  11. GJ already setup an office in singapore with many exp staffs from the transport sector.
  12. Yeobt

    Who like dogs?

    toilet train is very easy. i trained my sky myself and it took her 3 days to learn. puppy is very forgetful, must do the punish and reward kind of steps to make them learn. there are some video on youtube you can refer to. not difficult.
  13. Yeobt

    Who like dogs?

    chow x spitz chow x spitz 4.5 years chow x spitz chow chow has purple tongue. ============================================ becos of sky, my wife also have to go thru some cold eyes. some of our neighbours here are not dog lover. one incident that always make me thinking if i should approach this particular neighbour to talk it out. what happened was one day when my wife was inside the lift with our dog after a walk. she went in last so she was standing with her back facing the family of 4 who came from phil. the man (father with 2 teenage daughters) insulted my wife with a word 'f**k off' when my wife was stepping out from the lift. my wife turned back and all 4 were laughing. @#$%&*