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  1. So many traffic lights, can be very frustrating drive.... :angry:
  2. advisable to change your timing belt and see what is nesscessary to change, maybe engine mouting also. you can check with cityauto at Sin Ming, they will be able to advise you accordingly
  3. Very nice and good car you got!
  4. Dennisk

    Can you guys STOP talking about COE!

    YEAH!!! ENJOY THE HOLIDAYS AHEAD! No point talking about it!
  5. Dennisk

    New Fiat Bravo

    for my case, hard footer. 9.5-10km/l 70% city driving 30% highway
  6. Dennisk

    New Fiat Bravo

    what sort of problems?
  7. Dennisk

    New Fiat Bravo

    preferably not....
  8. Dennisk

    New Fiat Bravo

    yeah! Still enjoying every sec of it!
  9. Dennisk

    2011-2012 Honda Civic caught in Dubai!!

    how come civic become like that??? very ugly! think won't be that popular compare to current
  10. miss the handling of 323...great car
  11. ok...we meet early next month
  12. Tino car stock? He must be joking!
  13. of course i won't dare to accept...i know i will be the one lagging behind...
  14. Dennisk

    Stock is best

    super light wheel will cause wheel spin unnecessarily at times
  15. Dennisk

    Stock is best

    for NA cars, you can upgrade your suspension and brakes for better driving...