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    CHC Leader Released from prison!

    me want go use your swimming pool can or not
  2. Staff69

    A few good men

  3. Staff69

    CHC Leader Released from prison!

  4. Staff69

    CHC Leader Released from prison!

    Errrrr......I know the reason, but not nice to share. All I can say is, everyone has a weakness and once someone has the solution or can fulfill/ satisfied your needs....SOLD. Mine is shu qi
  5. https://m.facebook.com/631471193872448/posts/944950752524489/?notif_id=1566290823050817&notif_t=page_highlights&ref=notif
  6. https://m.facebook.com/groups/619433731888232?view=permalink&id=676380416193563
  7. Staff69

    CHC Leader Released from prison!

    got 1 acquaintance got brain wash by them....she was invited into their inner circle of power cos she was in the legal profession, even went to the extend of matchmaking her with one the member....me thinks, is to ensure the high valued members stay in the church
  8. Staff69

    Toa Payoh tragedy

    if one thinks positively....they went off on the same day....not a lot of couples can do that
  9. She just wanted the other ice cream ....the one that doesn't melt.
  10. Staff69

    Retirement Age to be 65 (2019 update)

    there are many, many ways to get rid of employees so long you know how to walk the grey line