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  1. If ALL the foreigners are of high intellect and has much to contribute here, I rest my case But, you just read the conversation below Form your own conclusions
  2. interesting read on GDP and how billionaire play a part in it I am so impress with the GDP video that show Singapore GDP at one stage was 78k, am going to congratulate my regular cashier friend at SPC killiney road who is earning 1700 per month or 22100k per year including bonus ,where his remaining 55900k been hiding or the security guard over at my place who is earning 3000 per month or 39000k per year including bonus , where his remaining 39000k been hiding https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.cnn.com/cnn/2019/01/20/business/oxfam-billionaires-davos/index.html https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.independent.co.uk/money/is-having-individual-billionaires-good-or-bad-for-a-countrys-economy-10467258.html%3famp https://www.milkenreview.org/articles/billionaires-and-growth https://knoema.com/wqezguc/wealth-of-the-world-s-richest-people-vs-gdp-of-countries
  3. I am truly appalled by our judicial system, just because someone is from an influential family with connections, the judge can brush off the responsibility of convicting the perpetrator and kick the can down the road for someone to pick up his case why is a convicted pedophile from Philippines still allowed to be in Singapore
  4. Staff69

    Exercising and losing weight

    you'll never know how far you can go till you push it. 12km and not even a tickle of muscle ache,the entire day, felt my body seems lighter and more agile. would I run 12km per day, no too time consuming, 6km per day is doable went and cleared my annual body check up, fit as a fiddle 🤣🤣 lim pei ready for 2020 , wishing all singaporeans bro a healthy future
  5. Staff69

    Exercising and losing weight

    round 2 total 11 or 12 km within 1 day , spread over 2 sessions second session was surprisingly a breeze, felt that I could push another 2km but the thoughts of muscle strain refrain me from pushing on
  6. Staff69

    Exercising and losing weight

    hello bros hope that everyone would be going for their cardio every day. end of part 1 part 2 will resume after finishing my brunch damn, I should have sign on in the army 🤣🤣
  7. Staff69

    Exercising and losing weight

    hello fellow bros, remember to burn off the calories and keeping the temperature in your marriage hot🤣🤣 having gotten the cone shape, adding a little 6 pack to finish up the project. peace out to everyone
  8. Staff69

    Where are you now...

    thanks for remembering me, doubt the KTV gals would ever miss my disappearance 🤣 found the love of my life shu qi in HK, now busy making little 6969696969😅 in the midst of expanding my business so won't be coming in so often. if i don't reply to you, hope you understand
  9. Staff69

    Watch Part V

    sold. btw not a flipper, just an impulsive purchase on top of his purchase so much salt here 😅😅😅
  10. Staff69

    Watch Part V

    now i know your profit margins when you sell your rolex😜
  11. Staff69

    Watch Part V

    asking for a friend that is keen to sell it off, brand new dated today . anyone keen can pm me