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  1. Yeah. My previous 6 years old 2.4L 4 cyclinder korean car before this A6 also never changed engine mount before. Unfortunately I think the engine mount by Audi for this 4 cylinder engine is a weak link.
  2. I hope this simulator is as fun as the one I had on Daytona USA in the arcade.
  3. Adrianli

    What Did You Makan Today PT 6

    I am missing the various stops along the highway and the food I had in Thailand.
  4. Adrianli

    What Did You Makan Today PT 6

    My home cooked dinner for myself last night.
  5. Adrianli

    2019 Civil Servant Year End Bonus

    The good horse do not return and eat the leftover grass.
  6. Errrrr.................isnt there an existing thread for this liao???
  7. Adrianli

    2019 Civil Servant Year End Bonus

    Very well said!!!! They squeeze until you mati. I was doing two men job for the pay of one man. When I left, they needed to employ 3 person to cover my scope!!! The person who took over me cannot handle so they had to hire two more to help managed the work load. I think they regretted I left.
  8. Adrianli

    Elderly man killed by falling wine bottle at condo

    Update on this case : https://www.todayonline.com/singapore/spottiswoode-condo-killer-litter-man-charged-religiously-aggravated-act Spottiswoode condo killer litter: Man charged with ‘religiously aggravated’ act By LOUISA TANG Google Maps Andrew Gosling, 47, had allegedly thrown a glass wine bottle from the seventh floor lift landing of the Spottiswoode 18 condominium towards a table near the barbecue area on the fifth floor on Aug 18. Published05 DECEMBER, 2019UPDATED 05 DECEMBER, 2019 644 Shares SINGAPORE — A man who was hauled to court for throwing killer litter in August was handed one more charge on Thursday (Dec 5) that describes his act as a “religiously aggravated” one. Australian national Andrew Gosling, 47, has now been charged with voluntarily causing hurt by means of an instrument — a glass wine bottle that he threw from the seventh floor lift landing of the Spottiswoode 18 condominium towards a table near the barbecue area on the fifth floor on Aug 18. ADVERTISEMENT According to court documents, the bottle struck a woman named Ms Manisah while she was at the table, causing bruises to her right shoulder, and that this act was “religiously aggravated”. No other details were given. ADVERTISEMENT Court documents showed that such an act happens if an offender demonstrates hostility towards the victim — at the time, immediately before or after committing the offence — based on the victim’s religion. The offence could also be partly or fully motivated by hostility towards “members of a racial or religious group based on their membership of that group”. Read also: Killer litter at Outram condo: Man charged with causing death of 73-year-old by rash act Initially, Gosling had been charged with causing the death of 73-year-old Nasiari Suree by a rash act for the same incident. This charge was later upgraded to a more serious one of causing grievous hurt with an instrument likely to cause death. The wine bottle that Gosling had allegedly thrown had struck Nasiari, a delivery man and grandfather of nine, on the head. Nasiari was taken unconscious to the Singapore General Hospital, where he died from his head injuries the next morning. Read also: The Big Read: S’pore’s high-rise littering problem — out of sight, out of mind According to media reports, Nasiari was at a relative’s housewarming party that fateful evening. He was about to eat when the bottle struck him on the head. Gosling, who worked in the IT industry, remains in remand and will return to court on Jan 2. If convicted of causing hurt by a weapon in a religiously aggravated act, he could be liable to one-and-a-half times more of the punishment for the offence. This means he could be jailed for up to 10-and-a-half years, fined, caned, or any combination of the three. If convicted of causing grievous hurt by a weapon likely to cause death, he could be jailed up to 15 years, and fined or caned. Read more at https://www.todayonline.com/singapore/spottiswoode-condo-killer-litter-man-charged-religiously-aggravated-act
  9. Probably same as Shell, they are renovating only the store. The pumps still continue to work and a small container office as a cashier.
  10. Adrianli

    SEA GAMES 2019

    The goals came. SG win 7-0 against Brunei. What a consolation for the Young kitties.
  11. Adrianli

    SEA GAMES 2019

    Looking at Timor Leste at the other group, even they managed to score two goals in this whole competition. If SG cant score more than them, they are really xia xuay. And with 10 men Brunei now. Still cant score the second goal.
  12. 8 Days interview with Ping Hui. He driving a souped up A3 now. https://www.8days.sg/sceneandheard/celebrities/why-does-tay-ping-hui-think-it-s-okay-to-stare-at-bad-drivers-on-10087460
  13. Adrianli

    What Did You Makan Today PT 6

    Quite generous lot of rice.
  14. Adrianli

    SEA GAMES 2019

    At last!!! 1-0 to SG against Brunei.