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  1. Knighthunter

    Worst Decision ever - buying a Stuttgart Auto Macan

    I had lemon car experience too, W245 B170 in 2008-2009 owning less than 2 years aircon broken down 5 times and burning smell from engine bay. It really takes lots of mental challenges to deal with dealer to solve the problem even I sent email to Daimler AG. At the end I take their upsale offer to get C180 W204 and was the best car I ever owned until someone rear end it badly. Massive loss but I keep my sanity dealing with the issue. Now I am on XC60 old model last batch so far so good....
  2. Knighthunter

    Bone degeneration with pinched nerve

    If not treated may become paralized if the left food nerve damage is getting more serious, the only way is decompression operation. I did scuba diving and few sports including badminton last time, but I think somewhere I have broken bones never detected because I am quite tolerable with pain and healed by itself but it deformed the nerve canal. First opinion too extreme, I hate the doctor he wants to fix L1 all the way to S1 (what an a**hole!) then second opinion discussion is better we discuss pro and cons fixing more than one section. Doctor adivse me either fix L5-S1 or L4-L5-S1, the L4 disc is not healty on MRI but not damaged. So I decide no damage no need to repair. He also sewn damaged nerve casing
  3. Knighthunter

    Bone degeneration with pinched nerve

    Orthopaedic international in Mount Alvernia Dr.Ngian. Covered with Aviva but still came out about 10k from my medisave portion. It's no pain but I can felt slowly lost control on my left foot, sometime I can tripped myself because the ankle suddenly lost power and twisted when walking. I ignore it quite sometime, but I felt something really wrong when it become numb and tingling for weeks and never go away. It was 8 hours operation and recovery in ICU for 2 days before transfer to normal single bed ward. Now after operation my left foot almost back to normal, I can cycle again and do more activity. But recovery is expected 1 year after operation, now every 3 months control and xray so far so good. Now I carry special card for flying because I have titanium implant at my spine but so far it never trip any machine in airport. I still not flying as much as before.
  4. Knighthunter

    Bone degeneration with pinched nerve

    I had numbess and weaken left foot end of last year, after 2 opinions decided to go for TLIF operation on L5 to S1. I was combination of undetected old broken bones that lead to narrowing nerve canal compunding with disc burst pinched left foot nerve badly from MRI. Operation cost me 70k plus at private hospital since I decided to op within 1 week and I don't want to wait. Now long road to recoevery but I felt much better.
  5. Knighthunter

    Hyflux RPCS aka Securities

    I remembered asking questions years ago when they build huge reverse osmosis and presented the model in water week. I am just low grade engineer, but my question was where to get the power to run this power hungry plant? It was bit hard to imagine taking for national grid then they have their own gas fired power plant. In my opinion still not possible to support large scale reverse osmosis plant, since SG is not like Middle East where oil or gas wells are at their backyard. To make it feasible may be need nuclear power plant, if not cost of producing this reverse osmosis water will be very expensive at the end the end user may bear the brunt of the cost.
  6. Knighthunter

    Mercedes C class 2018

    From South Africa or Germany?
  7. Knighthunter

    Volvo XC60 II

    I am running on 20” rim, the last batch of XC60 before new model comes up. The problem was encounter is when u-turn and like other mentioned wet condition, need to be gentle on the throttle. Anyway this car is not a slouch for 1.7 toner.
  8. Knighthunter

    Volvo XC60 II

    T5 FWD
  9. Knighthunter

    Volvo XC60 II

    I am also driving old model XC60 1 year old torque steer indeed is scary. That’s why I still love RWD, sometime I missed my C class
  10. Knighthunter

    2017 Volvo XC40

    The X1 1.5T is bare car with puny engine power, can’t compare with XC40. Should be compared with X1 20i, this is XC40 win with the AWD setup and more power.
  11. Knighthunter

    2017 Volvo XC40

    I think I believe Wearness also know they got *sshole buyer based on the way you are arguing. Phui!
  12. Knighthunter

    2017 Volvo XC40

    You paid 10% share of the price of the item and ask people who own 90% of the share to listen to you and it's to be aware is test drive car that comes with discount. Sorry no logic on this, if you not agree with them walk away which you did decided for new car. Why complaint for something you know you can't agree?
  13. Knighthunter

    2017 Volvo XC40

    When you buy test drive car it will come with additional T&C, at the end of the day what is black and white matters. I learnt hard way too, before sign anything read it and deal agreed for extras write on the agreement. If they refuse walk away, you are the king bring your money to other showroom. There are lots options there. Volvo is not must have car even I owned less than 1 year old older model XC60, sometime I still miss my C180 for the driving enjoyment but I got more comfort in XC60, it’s liife can’t have it all. I just remember I ever got explanation that test drive car need certain amount of km to justify discount given to customer.
  14. Knighthunter

    2017 Volvo XC40

    Sorry to hear about this but as long as the car is not registered to your name it's still belong to the showroom. I have experience also regarding equiring test drive car. As long as COE and loan not secured they will not pull the car from the test drive status, same with other brands. That's why I don't like buying test drive car except it got some serious discount literarrily like buying second hand car. Well even they same group, I also had experience infinity SE said something not nice about Volvo. At the end of they SE need to sell car for them to earn $$$.
  15. Knighthunter

    2017 Volvo XC40

    The 8 speed GB on my XC60 last batch is made by Aisin.