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  1. Justdaniel

    Disc brakes vs Drum brakes

    I have upgraded from drum to disc. Inspection no problem because inspection do not test brakes. When you have both front and rear disc brakes, the braking is so much better. The braking force is pushing the car down ward instead of jerking forward. For insurance they are concern about the cost of replacement when accident happens. You can don't declare to them but if accident happen they will only replace stock brakes
  2. Justdaniel

    Malaysia: Road Trip to Desaru.....

    If you have installed RFID, you could go to some booth and auto deduct from eWallet. If you don't have RFID then good luck. Can't even turn back to Singapore.
  3. Justdaniel

    Malaysia: Road Trip to Desaru.....

    There are Touch and Go sellers in Carousell.
  4. Justdaniel

    Affordable Parking at EW MRT Line

    You can park at IMM in Jurong East and catch a train to town. Season parking as stated online is $96.30/mth. Coming from Tuas to PIE and exit at Toh Guan Road. You can park your car without worrying in these huge sheltered car park.
  5. Justdaniel


    Only their specific buses are allow to go up the mountain. You have to go to designated bus interchange and take the bus up the mountain.
  6. Justdaniel


    The tour agency will only bring you to the foot of the mountain. The rest is up to you. You must plane whether to trek from front mountain to the back mountain or visit the back mountain. If you have problem walking long distance and trekking the mountain, I would suggest you only visit the back mountain where it is easily access by cable car. BTW there are a few cable car station and there are of different location. You need to decide where to go up and where to come down. How many nights are you going to stay in the mountain.
  7. Justdaniel

    Driving up North during the haze season

    Don't worry, when driving in hazy condition, just don't follow too closely to the car in front and back. On your head lights and fog lamp if you have. I was in Genting Highlands during national day holiday. The fog was very thick and visibility is only 20m. Drive slow and keep bigger gap between cars. Let vehicle over take you. Drive safe
  8. Justdaniel


    Been there end of march. Very nice place. Got front and back mountain. You have to plan your timing because quite a journey up. If you want to take cable car up during peak periods could take hours queuing up.
  9. Justdaniel

    Audio Shop Recommendation

    Foon Audio is good but prepare to wait longer time for your turn as they are careful with their work and usually take a bit longer to finish the installation.
  10. You can go to the VIP counter if the queue is too long. They will still entertain you when you hand in your passport.
  11. They have to restrict the types of food that can be consume inside the cabin. Imagine someone eating stinky tofu inside the cabin. I have experience that when taking a bus from Shanghai to Ningbo previously.
  12. Everyday meet this types of people where ever you go. Very important is to have effective brakes when comes to e-break situation.
  13. Justdaniel

    New shock absorber not comfortable (Tokico)

    I am also driving 12 years old COE car. I have upgraded stiffer shocks and added strut bars. Yes I can hear & feel every single small stone that the tires go over but not that bumpy. I have recently replace all engine mount after 11 years but that does not reduce the bumpiness. I have also did sound proofing at both front and back wheel arch and it reduces a lot of road noise. Identified whether discomfort from the car jumping up and down or road noise.
  14. Justdaniel

    New shock absorber not comfortable (Tokico)

    That shows that your car tires are firmly gripping the road. That is good. Did you installed strut bars into your rides?
  15. Justdaniel

    Inconsistent RPM

    I have similar problem like yours. Done throttle cleaning but still problem exist. Finally fault is spark plug housing crack. Your spark plug might be new but when the mechanic over tightened might cause crack.