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  1. Whitemorning

    How to enforce the law for PMDS?

    I think the officer was right to use force to stop the errant PMD, but his decision to deliver the kick was inappropriate. Use of force is indeed necessary in this incident, n there r several options available for the officer (eg. push the rider off balance to make him crash). However, the officer chose to kick, which may result in grave consequences if things go wrong. Then again, I can’t blame the officer as it was a split second decision (probably similar to Captain Sully’s case, who decided to land his plane in Hudson River). People were not trained for an incident like this. I feel that this incident was mainly due to poor training and insufficient equipment for the officers tasked to such duty. The authorities should seriously look into the SOPs on how their officers should handle different kind of scenarios in a safe n professional manner. N also sure the officers are properly trained and equipped. Another mind boggling question in my mind. Does anyone think that the officer had overstepped his legal boundary? Certis was engaged by LTA to enforce the AMA, which I believe covers footpaths only. This joker was riding on the road, meaning the offence comes under RTA. Does the officer have legal powers to enforce the RTA in this case? If he isn’t, will he be deemed as a normal civilian causing intentional hurt to the rider, n possibly be charged with voluntarily causing hurt or rash act? Any legal experts can give some insights?
  2. Whitemorning

    How to enforce the law for PMDS?

    I think a push to make the PMD lose balance is more than enough. The PMD’s action doesn’t warrant a kick. And assuming the officer’s intention was to stop the PMD, he would probably deliver a hard kick to make sure the rider drops. That kick itself may cause serious body injury to the rider if hit at a wrong spot. Unless the officer is a highly trained martial art expert, it is unlikely that he can aim his kick accurately to hit a non-vital spot. I may be wrong but just felt that excessive force was used in this incident.
  3. What I meant was since this imposter is so cheapskate to forge someone else’s car plate, it will be surprising to me that he is willing to pay the parking charges.
  4. Whitemorning

    How to enforce the law for PMDS?

    I agree that the officer’s action was professional, by trying to stop an errant PMD user (esp when he’s riding on the road). But the method he used was questionable. While the PMD was obviously trying to escape the officers, there was no imminent threat to others. So to me, the kungfu kick seemed to be an excessive use of force. The kick itself might cause serious injuries to the rider, since it was done when PMD was moving at considerable speed, n not yet considering how the rider would crash land (he almost crashed into the trafffic light pole at full speed). Probably, a simple nudge to knock the PMD off balance would suffice. The rider may still sustain injuries, but it shouldn’t be as serious as being kicked off his PMD.
  5. Just sharing some of my observations. BJ10 is the open air carpark of Blk 234-241 Bukit Panjang Ring Rd, which has no night parking. This explains why the summons were issued (around 2am as at stated in the 2 pink reminders). Do note that for carparks without night parking, the car need not be parked in a red lot to be summoned. The nearest carpark with night parking is Blk234A mscp (BJ33), which is not very far away. I guess the imposter must be lazy to walk from the mscp to his block, so conveniently parked at the lots nearest to his block. Based on the 2 pink slips, both lots r quite near to one another, n probably for the other 2 summons as well. With this, one can roughly know where to find this ghost car, or probably even narrow down to where he stays. Lastly, I’m curious how the imposter exits the carpark in the morning. Does he tailgate or guai guai pay parking charges? 😂😂
  6. Not sure whether there is minimum fuel spending needed. I pumped $60 fuel, wanting to use the usual $5 voucher. The counter lady gave me one sheet of $6 off vouchers n was very nice to use one voucher on the spot. She returned my $5 voucher n told me to use it another time or elsewhere 😊
  7. The station doesn’t seem to be undergoing renovation soon, shelves still full with stuff. Usually, those vouchers given out before renovations can be used at any SPC stations. The ones given at Jurong East r different, ie. valid only for JE station and $6 off (unlike the usual $5 off). Might just be a marketing campaign to compete with the new Caltex station in Jurong West.
  8. Just pumped at SPC Jurong East this morning. Got vouchers ($6 off for $60 fuel) for Dec to March. But can only use at the Jurong East station.
  9. Whitemorning

    Petrol Price Movement in Singapore

    Just collected the coupons earlier. Do note that the station is closing from 14 June
  10. Whitemorning

    DSP Amp with stock speakers ?

    I’m currently using Morel Tempo series for front and rear. Didn’t install the S1000a eventually as I’m quite satisfied with the current sound, and also didn’t like the digital-sounding Pioneer. If u r considering a DSP, may wana check out the Boga P1. I’ve listened to it before and find the sound pretty decent, though more pricier than the S1000a. Just my 0.02
  11. Whitemorning

    Rinai Gas Tumble Clothes Dryer

    I have not used an electric dryer before, so couldn’t compare the efficiency. I believe gas dryers run hotter than electric ones, resulting in shorter drying cycles n lesser energy consumption. Been using the Rinnai gas dryer for many years. Each drying cycle is normally 40-50mins (depending on the load). My monthly gas bill is between $15-18, which is mainly for the dryer (thrice per week) and boiling water. Not sure whether this is more economical than electric dryer.
  12. Whitemorning

    Rinai Gas Tumble Clothes Dryer

    Hi all, The Citygas “Bring a Buddy” promo is back. 50% off 2nd unit (must be same item), 6 mths extended warranty and free installation. Offer ends 21 April. I’m planning to get the gas dryer, preferably the Elba one. Anyone keen to buy and enjoy the discount together? Pls pm me if interested. Thanks for viewing.
  13. Whitemorning

    2019 Hyundai Avante (Elantra Facelift)

    U guys may wish to check the prices of the original parts at Hyundai stockists before deciding which servicing option is more worth it. Normal servicing just need oil filter n aircon filter, n sometimes spark plugs (don’t have to change on every servicing). For engine oil, not necessary to use Shell anyway. For me, I opted out from the 1yr free servicing when I got my Elantra n gotten $400 discount. Bought Mobil 1 10W30 engine oil n oil filter on my own n brought to my ws for 1k servicing. Paid slightly more than $100 in total. My main reason for not taking the free servicing was the long waiting time at kmc service ctr. Usually takes half a day, unless u got the 1st slot of the day. Another point to note is the items covered under the 5/7yrs warranty. From what my SE told me, only engine n gearbox r covered. Other parts only 1yr warranty, if I rmbr correctly. I may be wrong, so better confirm this with ur SEs
  14. Whitemorning

    Unusual or Rare Cars

    Not sure if same person owns both RR, but should be from the same family. The entire row of about 15 lots is reserved for cars with the same car plate numbers.
  15. Whitemorning

    Unusual or Rare Cars

    Posted the Rolls cabrio previously, but her siblings was parked beside her today. Not rare cars but surely a rare sight